then worked   (その後働いた)

He then worked at Randwick Fire Station from 1971.

He then worked at the Middlesex Hospital in London.

He then worked as a plasterer, as did his father.

previously worked   (以前に働いた)

She had previously worked with the metal act Tool.

She previously worked in the cargo ship industry.

He previously worked for Raj TV and Kalaignar TV.

worked together   (一緒に働いた)

Cameron and Noble also worked together on "Kirk".

They worked together in the musical "Mamma Mia!"

The two of them also worked together at a drug store.

later worked

He later worked as an engineer for General Motors.

He later worked as a writer for the Calgary Herald.

Finke later worked for "The Dallas Morning News".

worked closely   (密接に働いた)

and that the company worked closely with Denki.

The 2016 season Lukabu worked closely with the linebackers.

Handman worked closely with Roy Turk.

lived and worked   (住んで働いた)

Torfs has lived and worked in Brussels since 1986.

Holup lived and worked in New York and Lyons, CO.

He has lived and worked in Wales for over 35 years.

father worked   (父は働いた)

Her father worked for the local telephone company.

His father worked in a phosphate mine all his life.

His father worked in a repair shop for railroad cars.

worked hard

In , Mantei worked hard to regain his old form.

He worked hard to gain the Americans' trust.

Ward worked hard and saved every amount of money he could.

first worked

He first worked as a bookkeeper for his brothers.

Peris qualified in law and first worked as a lawyer.

He first worked at a factory making sweater sleeves.

worked extensively   (広範囲に働きました)

He worked extensively on the Mk 19 grenade launcher.

He has worked extensively with portraits and medals.

He has worked extensively in both commercials and TV.

worked alongside   (一緒に働いた)

He worked alongside Shane O'Hanlon and Jim Brogan.

He first worked alongside attorney Edwin E. Barthwell.

He worked alongside and pleased Hidenari.

worked his way

Later he worked his way into real estate brokerage.

Teare had worked his way up through the company.

in accounting in 1969, having worked his way through school.

having worked

in accounting in 1969, having worked his way through school.

As a boy, Brallier remembered having worked in a glass factory.

Indeed, he denied ever having worked for any intelligence agency.

worked briefly   (短時間働いた)

He worked briefly with his father as a stevedore.

He has also worked briefly with The Mutton Birds.

He worked briefly in Minneapolis then worked with A.R.

subsequently worked

Mohr subsequently worked in batik for four years.

He subsequently worked in a fish processing company.

He subsequently worked for Warburg Pincus.

initially worked

He initially worked as a writer and became a director.

She initially worked for the ABC News "Nightline" program.

Barks initially worked as an inbetweener.

worked well   (うまくいった)

When the car worked well it was almost uncatchable.

The system worked well during the regular season.

They were: Only the E 3201 really worked well.

worked for several

During the 1930s, Taylor worked for several government agencies.

She worked for several years before attending Brockwood Labor College.

Cojocaru also worked for several of Israel's top rated TV productions.

briefly worked

His father briefly worked in the UK as an engineer.

He also briefly worked as a hotel manager.

He also briefly worked in London, for journals such as Punch.

worked primarily

She has worked primarily in the films of John Waters.

Patt worked primarily as a studio musician from 1970 to 1975.

The villagers worked primarily in agriculture and animal husbandry.

worked with many

He worked with many theatre groups (e.g.

As an actor, he has worked with many leading directors of this film industry.

In 2007, DioGuardi worked with many notable artists, one of whom was Britney Spears.

worked in various

He has since worked in various films and TV series.

In 1938, 4% worked in various sectors of the economy.

He worked in various popular styles during his career.

worked on several

After this he worked on several catalogues – e.g.

Pence has since worked on several documentary and short film projects.

Nyrabia also worked on several feature films as a first assistant director.

mother worked

His mother worked as a farm laborer to help in his studies.

Wright's mother worked as a housekeeper.

His father worked in law and his mother worked as a professor.

often worked   (よく働いた)

As a child, he often worked in his father's sawmill.

He often worked with the actor William Bendix.

He often worked as envoy of his King, Rudolf.

worked mainly

Between 1862 and 1867 he worked mainly in Yokohama.

She worked mainly in watercolour, painting outdoors.

Since 1995, she has lived and worked mainly in Italy.

worked for many

She worked for many years with the American Legion.

Forden worked for many years as a bus driver in Manchester.

Horion worked for many years as a volunteer for the organisation.

years he worked

During these years he worked in 4 committees.

In his last years he worked on "Monopoly Capital" with Sweezy.

In his later years he worked with his son, Philip Appleby Robson.

never worked

However, he never worked in baseball after that.

It was all new to me, I've never worked like this before.

was abandoned and never worked on again by the Beach Boys.

when he worked   (彼が働いたとき)

He was in Indian National Congress until 2014 when he worked as MLA from 2009-2014.

He had another leave of absence from 1967 to 1968, when he worked with planning in Pakistan.

Dunham had first met Lynch when he worked as the film editor for Lynch's 1986 film "Blue Velvet".

both worked

and Just Blaze, who have both worked on his debut album.

Husband and wife both worked at their easels smoking a pipe.

His parents both worked on the land.

worked with other   (他の人と働いた)

Nick Douglas has also worked with other bands and musicians.

Morant has worked with other bands, such as The 4 Of Us, Alabama 3, and Anne Clark.

In the same era they also worked with other producers such as Linval Thompson ("Wailing").

worked with several

He has worked with several producers, PFizzy, Snow Man and Phizy Joe.

Kazic has since worked with several construction companies in Germany.

She was later reassigned to kitchen duty and worked with several prisoners of war.

worked towards

Subsequently, he worked towards a master's in chemistry at the same institution.

He was a considered to be a gentleman of liberal views and worked towards the advancement of women.

During this time, he actively worked towards the creation of Les Creux Country Park, near Beauport bay.

worked tirelessly   (精力的に働いた)

Landau worked tirelessly to find work for Evelina School graduates.

Through spring training, he worked tirelessly for a spot on the roster.

Harte developed a vision for a permanent Y building and worked tirelessly planning every detail.

worked on many

He also worked on many commercials including "Pepsi" directed by Michael Bay.

After that, he worked on many films like "Lekin", "Lamhe", "Chaalbaaz" in the early 1990s.

He has also worked on many hit American shows, with the latest being "America's Got Talent".

worked through

Kosie worked through the society as an archaeologist.

They worked through the night and finished it at dawn.

We worked through it, and after our discussion I wanted to be a part of the film.

once worked

Congressman Chris Lee once worked at Ingram Micro.

He once worked at Gelder & Co., but has not been back.

Burns once worked at CKO, the Canadian news radio network.

whom he worked

Brian Calvert was Concorde's flight manager, with whom he worked closely.

He was, however, permitted to join the FAU, with whom he worked until 1947.

He was a close friend of Isaac Abravanel, whom he worked with in tax collection.

worked in several

He worked in several satellite channels, among them :

He worked in several positions (Barclays Bank, Retco.

Before acting in "Ashta Chamma", she worked in several TV serials.

worked as assistant

In Paris he worked as assistant to Danish painter Anton Melbye.

The next year he worked as assistant to the astronomer Tycho Brahe.

He later worked as assistant manager at Merthyr Tydfil, working under Colin Addison.

worked with artists

There he worked with artists Goudie, Sheryl Crow and ZZ Top.

Gerard Salonga has worked with artists such as Lea Salonga (his sister) and Martin Nievera.

She has worked with artists including TV On The Radio, Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings and Fat Freddy's Drop.

worked to improve   (改善するために働いた)

He also worked to improve public awareness about leprosy.

There, the club worked to improve the education and grooming of local mothers.

Later, with the same panel, he worked to improve rights of Korean-American storeowners.

formerly worked

Doron formerly worked as a linguist at the University of Tel Aviv.

The duo formerly worked together at Atlanta alternative station WNNX.

He formerly worked as a coaching assistant for the Milwaukee Brewers.

time he worked

For a time he worked as a taxicab driver in Afghanistan.

During this time he worked with Take That and Peter Kay.

During this time he worked with Dominique Pifarély and Louis Sclavis.

worked up

"She never gets worked up.

Pelly-Fry formed a crew and soon worked up to the lead position on operations.

For the 1932 film, a fresh adaptation was worked up by Julien Josephson and Maude T. Howell.

people worked

Before the war, most people worked in agriculture.

Now, 150 people worked in the Kiev workshops.

Five people worked in house, furniture and decorations.

worked against   (に対して働いた)

An old feud with Karl Kraus worked against him at the BBC.

Both those factors worked against sonata form, not with it.

Peirce's personal life undoubtedly worked against his professional success.

worked very

These guys here have worked very hard."

The girls have worked very hard.

Although they tend to be expensive, they have worked very well for some.

worked during

Miller worked during the golden age of microbiology.

He worked during 1969–70 as a research assistant for Prof. Leo Kuper.

While playing in the NFL, Ford worked during the off-season in a Detroit real estate office.

worked first

He worked first in Kassa (Košice), then later in Budapest.

He worked first from the script and then from edited scenes.

The scribe worked first leaving spaces for the illustrations.

not worked

She has not worked in television since.

Ai had not worked with DJ Watarai since 2006's "I Wanna Know."

Miles White was the costume designer while Jo Mielziner (who had not worked on "Oklahoma!")

worked within

He worked within the framework of Historicism.

She worked within Britain and Egypt.

The architect and builders worked within a limited budget of £600,000.

worked so

I felt sorry for my crew because they had worked so hard!"

Helen loses one pound and is distraught as she worked so hard this week.

I never worked so little on something and I was never congratulated so much."

team worked   (チームが働いた)

The management team worked as well as the team on the field."

For this bell the team worked 8 months.

Most of the rest of the team worked on maps and coding for the project.

already worked

They had already worked together in a drama "The Railway Man".

He had already worked on the cathedrals at Narbonne and Limoges.

Kamen Petkov arrived in Plovdiv, there already worked one more arch.

band worked

The band worked on as many as 30 songs towards the album.

During 2010 the band worked on the album, as well as performing in various venues over Israel.

In 2003 the band worked with Shalom Hanoch, and later that year released its third album, "Haiot Mahmad" (Pets).

worked on various

Nowels and Cook had worked on various projects together.

They relocated to Brighton in 1815 and worked on various building projects.

Hillstrom worked on various projects as a songwriter and artist for Chrysalis.

again worked

He again worked with Mad Professor on "Discrimination" (1995).

Walcutt returned to Ohio and again worked as a warden until 1869.

In 1970, he again worked with Hopper on the film "The Last Movie".

worked again

In 2001, he worked again with Perry and released "In-VINCE-ible!

She worked again with him on an episode he directed of "Ultraman Max".

From 1974 to 1989 he worked again as a Balkans expert in the Foreign Ministry of the GDR.

previously worked together   (以前一緒に働いた)

The two previously worked together on "Wheel of Fortune".

Hawkins and Adams had previously worked together at Coventry.

The two had previously worked together on a film 11 years earlier.

worked mostly

From the 1960s onward, he worked mostly on his own.

He has worked mostly with CBS Radio since 1985.

He worked mostly in the Academic style.

only worked   (働いただけ)

Mills not only worked in tag teams but as a singles wrestler as well.

This only worked to a minor degree, and the more the character drank, the less coordinated he became.

In 1824, Peter Barlow said that such a system only worked to a distance of about , and so was impractical.

ever worked

It was the loneliest film I've ever worked on."

I thought he was the best leading man I ever worked with.

It would be the only time he ever worked for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

worked in many

Rashed served the UN and worked in many countries.

Keller worked in many media, but preferred pastels.

Since 1965 he worked in many manual professions.

worked to establish   (確立するために働いた)

Father Jonah worked to establish a mission parish in Chico, California.

Born in South Arcot, Venkatakrishna Reddiar worked to establish cooperative societies.

He worked to establish the administrative structure of the Antiquities Service, with local inspectors.

people who worked

These are the people who worked for 80 grosz a day.

Of the people who worked there, many lived in Heyhead.

Many people who worked on it were associated with the Pram Factory Theatre in Melbourne.

originally worked

Wakolo originally worked as a police officer in Fiji.

Kim Song-ae originally worked as a secretary.

He was the son of a cobbler and originally worked as a tailor.

worked to develop   (開発に取り組んだ)

She has worked to develop numerous books, articles and magazines.

Together they worked to develop methods of culturing tissue samples.

From 1942 to 1947, he worked to develop a vehicle that could cut down on resurfacing time.

worked at various

She worked at various locations for Deutsche Bank.

Lance worked at various jobs over the next few years.

He worked at various times for the firms of Harper & Brothers, J.

all worked

But at the end of the day, it all worked out for the best."

Watson, Crick, Wilkins and Franklin all worked in MRC laboratories.

Jack and his younger siblings, Peggy Skilbeck and Joe all worked on the farm.

mainly worked

They mainly worked the section from Garmisch to Reutte.

She mainly worked in watercolour, painting local scenes.

As a Crown prosecutor in Tauranga, Bridges mainly worked on jury trials.

men worked

In 1880, 400 men worked in the town, and the number later grew.

Lee's men worked nonstop overnight to complete the fortifications.

Some of these feminized men worked as spiritual leaders or shamans.

worked with such

He worked with such acts as Aerosmith and Scorpions.

He worked with such acts as Sandy Coast, Earth and Fire and Livin' Blues.

They worked with such writers and composers included Endre Ady and Béla Bartók.

worked with various

He has worked with various high-tech companies in USA, Europe and Turkey.

In addition to his solo work, DiCola has worked with various musical groups.

Having worked with various photographers, Turney also has experience modeling.

worked for various

After studying law, he worked for various Roman tribunals.

From 1946 to 1997, Kutty lived in New Delhi and worked for various publications.

In Ponce, he established his private practice and worked for various government agencies.

worked around   (回避した)

Men worked around the clock for the anticipated battle.

Some Romantic composers worked around this problem by changing what they built.

By trade, Mehmeti was a carpenter and worked around Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, and Wellington.

worked in television

Yogesh also worked in television serials as a writer.

He made several movies and also worked in television.

She has not worked in television since.

worked in both

He worked in both the Gothic and classical styles.

Bromwich worked in both algebra and analysis.

He worked in both observation and theory.

worked both

He has worked both in Moscow, Helsinki and Basel.

He worked both as an actor and a director.

After the war, he exhibited and worked both in Budapest and Paris.

worked directly

He worked directly with heads of state and CEOs of major companies.

Instead he worked directly with Jonathan Cape publisher Tom Maschler.

The demesne lands surrounding Monivea Castle were worked directly for the benefit of the landlord.

recently worked

Keifer has recently worked with country artist Andy Griggs.

"Blood of Bahamut" was produced by Eisuke Yokoyama, who recently worked on "".

Many of the major stars of mainstream Bollywood cinema, including Amitabh Bachchan, have recently worked in Bhojpuri films.

worked in partnership   (パートナーシップで働いた)

He worked in partnership with Joseph Cundall at "The Photographic Institution" at New Bond Street, London.

He worked in partnership with other architects as Baerreson & Porter (1919-1921), by himself (1921-1944), and as Porter & Bradley (commencing in 1944).

The B612 Foundation worked in partnership with Ball Aerospace to construct Sentinel's aluminum mirror, which would have captured the large field of view.

worked on projects

Truffaut worked on projects with varied subjects.

She also worked on projects to address tuberculosis and blindness.

Recently, Yeh has worked on projects in ten countries including Rwanda, Kenya, Ecuador, and China.

worked to create

Ivens worked to create a better life for the working class of Manitoba.

Restoration has worked to create an idea of what the original home was like.

In his time as leader though, Lea worked to create a more usual party structure.

worked on numerous

Davey has worked on numerous films.

Throughout the years the Alliance has worked on numerous bills and ballot issues that deal with hunters' rights.

While at Miramax, she worked on numerous films including "Serendipity", starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale.

worked to promote   (促進するために働いた)

In 1994 he worked to promote the World Acadian Congress.

Organization to Fight Racism, Chouhan has worked to promote human rights and racial equality.

As an employee of Inco, Millis worked to promote the use of ductile iron as it began to be used as a commercial material.

worked with producer

Kay worked with producer Hannah Sharpe between 2004 and 2014 in running and developing the company.

The group have worked with producer Iain James, known for working with Professor Green and Wretch 32.

For "Secrets of the Day" (2008), The Killdares again worked with producer Ronan Chris Murphy and engineer Chris Bell.

worked several

Israeli referee Todd Warnick worked several games.

Israeli referee Moise Bitton also worked several games in the tournament.

Israeli referee Shmuel Bachar also worked several games in the tournament.

primarily worked

Murray primarily worked with watercolours.

She primarily worked in the media of wood, stone, and mosaic.

Aside from film, Vinayakam has primarily worked on devotional music.

having previously worked   (以前に働いたことがある)

Padbury is now retired and lives in France, having previously worked as a theatrical agent.

took over at his father's request in 1994, aged just 19 and having previously worked on the bar and cloakroom.

Puttock is a friend of Oliver's and having previously worked for Oliver in England, is in charge of establishing the restaurant, Fifteen Melbourne.

group worked

The group worked on their debut for over a year.

The group worked in paint, sculpture and performance.

His group worked at the "Celebrity Club" from 1953 to 1974.

career he worked

Late in his career he worked for Bang II Records in Nashville.

Throughout his long career he worked in a number of styles and formats.

Prior to his legal career he worked in both Federal and State Government.

women worked

Many other women worked in school lunch programs.

And, over time, the women worked out a method for doing so.

White women worked on the main floor.

worked as director

Vukčević's father, Ilija, worked as director of football at FK Zeta.

He worked as director of a national bank in Washingtonville, Pennsylvania.

Then, he worked as director of the Romanian section of the Deutsche Welle from Cologne (1995–2002).

eventually worked

The students eventually worked in the travel industry across South Korea.

His father remarried twice, and eventually worked in real estate in Hartford.

While in Samsun, he worked with his brother but eventually worked in a post office.

parents worked

Both his parents worked in the Justice Department.

Both her parents worked at the university at the time.

Her parents worked as engineers in a state-owned energy company.

worked their way

Kinky elements seem to have worked their way into "vanilla" markets.

The Chiefs worked their way back into the game, scoring the first try in the 19th minute.

By 1909, center fielder Tris Speaker had become a fixture in the Boston outfield, and the team worked their way to third place.

worked on other   (他に取り組んだ)

She also worked on other seminal Granada dramas such as "Cracker" and "Band of Gold".

He also worked on other subjects and published in 1846 a note for the improvement of agriculture in Piedmont.

The production designer, costume designer, and director of photography have previously worked on other projects with Araki.

time worked

Marisol Macías Castañeda at one time worked for "El Mañana" newspaper.

In 1895 he moved to Tallinn, and for a time worked at retouching photographs.

Missionaries in this time worked to create more branches and construct church buildings.