Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

social worker   (Trabajador social)

Gupta was a Gandhian politician and social worker.

She then began working as a psychiatric social worker.

He started his career as active social worker in 1945.

construction worker   (Obrero)

He was a construction worker by profession.

He was the son of construction worker Ole Andersen and Josefine Hansen.

He became a construction worker, bush worker and miner, and served in the military in 1918.

factory worker   (trabajador de fábrica)

Paul Kogerman was born into a family of gas factory worker (and former sailor).

His father is described variously as a farmworker, a factory worker and a brick maker.

The house is a well-preserved example of a typical factory worker duplex of the period.

sex worker   (trabajadora sexual)

From 1990 to 1992, Patten was a sex worker herself.

On April 6, 1993, the body of a sex worker was found in a hotel.

She identifies as a sex worker, queer and as a feminist activist.

office worker   (empleado de oficina)

He subsequently became an office worker in Hamar.

After retirement he became an office worker.

He farmed and worked as an office worker before entering politics.

farm worker

He was educated locally and employed as a farm worker.

He was a farm worker during the 1940s Nazi occupation of Norway.

Ed King offered to give his seat to a more representative farm worker.

domestic worker   (trabajadora doméstica)

She often stole from houses she worked in as a domestic worker.

Her mother was a domestic worker.

Mani worked as a domestic worker in a house where Kempamma worked as a cook.

postal worker

His father was a postal worker in Brighton.

His father was a postal worker and his mother, a waitress.

His father was a postal worker and his mother a beautician.

hard worker

Gauss was an ardent perfectionist and a hard worker.

Since then, he has become a hard worker.

Thain was 6'4" tall, handsome, charming and a very hard worker.

railway worker

Wang's father was a railway worker in northeastern China.

Her father was railway worker and her mother was an accountant.

He too became a railway worker.

worker housing   (vivienda para trabajadores)

This area was one of the first planned worker housing tracts in the city.

Between 1910 and 1913, Creighton designed worker housing in Gary for the Sheet and Tin Plate Company.

Their interests included access to education for women, aid to the poor and unemployed, Civil Code reforms, temperance, worker housing and other issues.

migrant worker   (trabajador migrante)

This is caused by Shenzhen's large migrant worker population.

Unable to find any gainful employment, he became a migrant worker.

High winds destroyed a migrant worker village in Shanghai, killing five people.

aid worker

Ellsworth Culver Ellsworth Culver (April 14, 1927 – August 15, 2005) was an American humanitarian and aid worker, co-founder of Mercy Corps International.

During the course of that decade, he was involved with Caritas India and volunteered as an aid worker during the Bangladesh War of 1971 and the Pune drought of 1972.

The Italian News Agency ANSA reported that at least 9 Italians were on board the flight; consecutively - the 2 pilots, a flight attendant, 2 doctors, a spokeswoman for the World Food Programme, a volunteer chemist, a police officer and an aid worker.