İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

works include   (çalışmalar içerir)

His works include the Celtic Cross in Letterkenny.

Alexander's published works include: Unpublished:

Their works include music for the following movies:

other works   (diğer işler)

The museum bought 47 other works for $23 million.

No other works by Guillaume de Jonckeu are known.

Her other works include plays and children's books.

works of art   (Sanat Eserleri)

Since the 1960s Würth has collected works of art.

Agrippina has been depicted in many works of art.

This salesman was known for flights of works of art.

public works   (Kamu işleri)

He oversaw the public works, temples and markets.

Important public works included the massive R.C.

He was originally an engineer in public works.

literary works   (Edebi çalışmalar)

Among his better known literary works are the following:

The literary works composed during Krishna's reign include:

After this, a cowed Cicero concentrated on his literary works.

lives and works   (yaşıyor ve çalışıyor)

Yevgeny Mironov lives and works in Moscow, Russia.

Since 1991, she lives and works mainly in Germany.

Ruscha lives and works in Culver City, California.

works such

Conversely, works such as Schubert's Symphony No.

His poetry includes works such as "O Deepak Tum Jalte Rahna!"

They include essential works such as ', ', ', ', ', ', "" and others.

published works

Alexander's published works include: Unpublished:

This is a selected list of Green's published works.

It was followed by several further published works.

currently works

Wang currently works in California and in Beijing.

Callanan currently works with the Bank of England.

He currently works for BBC Scotland and BT Sport.

several works

He has published several works on Russian history.

He wrote several works of South Carolina history.

Themison wrote several works which are now lost.

major works   (büyük işler)

She has now published more than a dozen major works.

His major works include "Saaransh" and "Ankush".

This list includes some of his major works.

early works

Resnick's early works with Rau included the Rabbi Dr.

Other notable artists recorded his early works.

Many of Castellari's early works are Westerns.

later works

Impressionistic) harmonies in his later works.

His childhood proximity to death shaped his later works.

Among his later works, American landscapes predominated.

new works

defects of existing works, slope failure or new works.

The program included both old and new works.

The new works were titled, “Relic Series”.

now works

Schelbert retired in 2003, and now works in a bank.

Quay now works as BAM’s high performance manager.

She now works as a freelance writer in Ontario.

many works

He also published many works on Indian philosophy.

Agrippina has been depicted in many works of art.

He translated many works, some by using a pseudonym.

important works

The most important works of Caio Prado Junior are:

This is a list of some of her more important works.

Some of Venkatarama Sastry's important works are

whose works

Agathon Agathon (; ; ) was an Athenian tragic poet whose works have been lost.

Yost, (1847–1923), a prominent architect from Ohio whose works included other public buildings.

Sibelius was of the generation of composers whose works modeled late 19th-century compositional methods.

earlier works

There is a clear link with her earlier works in etching.

This work builds upon the earlier works of Suneson et al.

It expanded on themes in his earlier works.

works closely

He works closely with Jill Roberts, Chuck's former girlfriend.

RPC's head of development Alainée Kent works closely on the slate with Thomas.

Meanwhile, Karthik works closely with Purva, Siddhant's sister, in KK's company.

art works

Assets worth $17 million including art works and cars were seized.

A number of Chicago's public art works are by modern figurative artists.

Recesses were also made within the walls to accommodate Normans art works.

number of works   (iş sayısı)

Harunobu, Utamaro) produced a large number of works.

A number of works survive in manuscript copies only.

He has published a number of works, including:

notable works

His most notable works include "The Mist and ".

The following are some of his notable works.

Some of the more notable works by Bacon are:

works included

Procter's works included portraits and landscapes.

Important public works included the massive R.C.

His works included a dozen armories during that period.

original works

He has created a dozen original works for the company.

Most, however, are completely original works.

It protects the original works of authorship.

known works

His known works also include “Zwei Clavierstücke” Op.

Miss Rozee died at age fifty and no known works survive.

These later became her best known works.

works including

Imady is the author of several works including the following:

He was also a composer - his works including the Symphony in G Minor.

He wrote more than 35 works including novels, plays and children's books.

own works

Among his own works were "Nationalforskeren P. A.

had on his website that was not one of his own works.

His own works were translated into several languages.

numerous works

Some of their numerous works include: Official site

Silvia acted in numerous works for this company.

He is remembered for his numerous works on French history.

famous works

His most famous works are "Gerda malaperis!"

This is the period in which he painted some of his most famous works.

His most famous works are "The Book of Healing", and "The Canon of Medicine".

previous works

At the time he destroyed all of his previous works.

Her previous works continued to be published.

Like his previous works though, "On the Corner" was experimental.

such works

Most such works are accentual rather than quantitative.

Copying such works may therefore violate the author's copyright.

He is published in such works as Washington Criminal Defense Magazine.

including works

She also translated poetry from Polish into English, including works by Ewa Lipska.

It is famed for both its size and its art, including works by old masters and portraits.

Today, she makes occasionally appearances in soft core porn films, including works by Ovidie.

written works

The written works of Papus (Gerard Encausse) include:

She has also written works on Charlotte Brontë.

The most important of his written works are

construction works   (inşaat işleri)

The construction works were completed in April 2003.

The construction works are planned to begin in 2019.

The construction works are estimated to cost up to €307m.

works of fiction

These districts often feature in works of fiction.

Mention of dark matter is made in works of fiction.

She published no other works of fiction.

first works

His first works were probably written in Prague.

The album contains his first works as a writer.

It is one of his first works in the Romanesque style.

most important works   (en önemli işler)

The most important works of Caio Prado Junior are:

The following is an incomplete list of his most important works:

It is one of the most important works of Old English literature.

good works

To me, good works are more important than theology."

In addition there were many schools and hospitals established as good works.

(a) Mary Magdalene meets the risen Christ in the garden; (b) The good works of Dorcas.

s works

Best Secret’s works as a closed shopping community.

Several of Self’s works are sexually explicit.

An anthropomorphized broom is a reoccurring symbol in Smith’s works.

orchestral works

He has also written other orchestral works.

Shostakovich's orchestral works include 15 symphonies and six concerti.

They include compositions for violin and/or piano, and orchestral works.

s works

Best Secret’s works as a closed shopping community.

Several of Self’s works are sexually explicit.

An anthropomorphized broom is a reoccurring symbol in Smith’s works.

works were published

Two of Camus's works were published posthumously.

His works were published in more than 15 countries.

Nearly all of his works were published posthumously.

complete works

He had compiled the complete works of John Bunyan.

His complete works have been published in twelve volumes.

Marta Sosińska subsequently contributed to a recording of Chopin's complete works.

works published

130 research works published, 21 out of which at Impaqt Journal.

Soo has had many collaborations and contributing works published.

The following is a partial list of works published by Lilli Promet

choral works   (koro çalışmaları)

He composed choral works especially for these ensembles.

Harriss composed a number of hymns and other choral works.

He also wrote a number of choral works.

collected works   (derleme)

Since the 1960s Würth has collected works of art.

Broda's collected works appeared after his death.

His collected works were posthumously published in 1987.

works well   (iyi çalışıyor)

Only works well for very light powder snow.

Such design also works well with polycarbonate and acrylic.

Projective polarity works well enough for convex polyhedra.

historical works

Inayat-Allah Kamboh wrote several historical works.

He published several historical works written in Latin verses.

Browning's writings comprise historical works, mainly of the popular variety.

musical works

13, which banned the musical works of Mikis Theodorakis.

Eyes on Me Eyes on Me can refer to several musical works:

Choron published numerous musical works.

iron works

He also constructed a metal shop and iron works.

They bought a small farm and proceeded to develop the iron works.

Louis De Geer bought the iron works in 1643 and expanded the business.

various works

The collection included various works by James Gleeson.

During this time Monet painted various works of modern life.

It has undertaken various works to improve the quality of military ammunition.

engineering works

D S Electrical engineering works Asanpady.

Apart from pollution, another reason for that is hydraulic and engineering works.

A lookout may be used when performing engineering works on an operational railway.

most famous works   (en ünlü eserler)

His most famous works are "Gerda malaperis!"

This is the period in which he painted some of his most famous works.

His most famous works are "The Book of Healing", and "The Canon of Medicine".

series of works

Ulrich Hensel did a number of different series of works (e.g.

His new series of works about the theme of city started around 1992.

He is perhaps best known for a series of works concerning Holy Week.

best works

His experiences there inspired some of his best works.

His best works were mentioned in chapters 7, 12, and 14.

Lie considered it amongst his best works.

scientific works

He was the author of more than 200 scientific works.

At present more than 300 scientific works have been published.

Among her scientific works are four monographs and 200 articles.

recent works   (son çalışmalar)

In this he has been followed by many more recent works.

Carter's recent works are multimedia, digital and video based.

His recent works include "Dasavathaaram", "Kanthaswamy" and "Leader".

works written

He would translate several works written in such languages.

He published several historical works written in Latin verses.

The album includes works written by Forlivesi between 1999 and 2008.

popular works

It was one of the most popular works of the 1850s.

The album became one of his most popular works.

Today, the song remains one of his most popular works.

reference works

It is known for multi-volume reference works.

Many of his books form the standard reference works on the subject.

Since the early 1930s, the company has promoted spin-off reference works.

religious works

He also wrote a small number of other religious works.

She wrote several religious works.

She also illustrated several religious works with Biblical scenes.

following works

The following works by him are worthy of mention:

Pabst was also the author of the following works:

Ciro Alegria published, among others, the following works:

life and works   (hayat ve işler)

Prentiss also documented life and works of people of Oregon.

All the songs within the album are based upon his life and works.

Earlier, , dealing with his life and works, had been published in 1995.

included works

Her reading included works by Charlotte Yonge and Susan Ferrier, and in later years Jane Austen.

She included works from Europe as well as America, including Nathaniel Hawthorne and Edgar Allan Poe.

The exhibition consisted of works drawn from an open call and sometimes included works by invited artists.

includes works

His criticism includes works on the poetry of H.D.

It includes works of significance during 1889–1930.

It includes works of significance from 1883 on.

best known works

These later became her best known works.

Some of his best known works would be his landscape paintings from Lofoten.

"The Nutcracker", on the other hand, is one of Tchaikovsky's best known works.

restoration works   (restorasyon işleri)

Initial restoration works were carried out in the 1890s.

In 2016, restoration works were performed in the Aedicule.

Some restoration works were undertaken between 2000 and 2003.

contemporary works

The company performed classical excerpts and commissioned contemporary works.

Since 1987 it has also exhibited contemporary works, in temporary exhibitions.

"Siti Akbari" differs from contemporary works by introducing a feeling of suspense.

piano works

He also wrote several piano works and a film score.

Some of his piano works are also very popular with Chinese pianists.

Haertling composed a handful of piano works, including polkas and marches.

earliest works

This work was one of the earliest works on Egyptology.

Among his earliest works were: He continued produce plays until 1828.

Among the earliest works by the group was a suite of six songs of "Negro" music.

only works   (sadece çalışır)

A male "pro-dom" typically only works with male clientele.

Mirroring only works for even .

This not only works for two factors, but arbitrarily (even infinitely) many.

works in partnership   (ortaklık içinde çalışıyor)

The Teaching Awards Trust works in partnership with the BBC.

She works in partnership with Element Six, a de Beers group company.

The Screenwriters Colony works in partnership with the Nantucket Film Festival.

scholarly works   (bilimsel çalışmalar)

She has published more than 100 scholarly works.

He has written 20 books and over 100 scholarly works.

The name "Fata Fata" is commonly found in scholarly works.

significant works   (önemli işler)

Among the significant works in the cathedral are:

In 1852 he started work on two of his most significant works.

One of her most significant works from this time was "Nude Study, ("c. 1939-41).

works through

Musicologists have connected his works through their quotations.

The collection has also acquired a number of works through purchases and gifts.

File handling is generally implemented through high-level I/O which works through streams.

works during

These were probably his best-remembered works during the 19thcentury.

His works during this period mirrored violent events and its influence on people.

He runs a pension in Karuizawa, Nagano, where Haruhi works during summer vacation.

building works

During the building works an additional floor was added.

Included in the building works was material to build gas chambers, crematoria and morgues.

In 1872 a major programme of building works was undertaken to a design by Edward Middleton Barry.

include works

Other translations of Murzynowski include works by Andreas Osiander.

Murals include works by Canadian artists Frederick Challener and Frederick Haines.

It states that it will be politically independent, and would include works of fiction and poetry.

works on paper

The gallery is the only public gallery in Canada devoted to works on paper.

The museum's permanent collection includes over 5,000, largely made up of works on paper.

In 2015, the Racine Art Museum acquired 35 works on paper from five series between 1995 and 2008.

artistic works

His artistic works include videos and paintings.

Another printing press that was known for its artistic works was "A.L.

This is a great antique construction, and diverse artistic works are seen on this.

works of literature   (edebiyat eserleri)

The game includes one hundred public domain works of literature.

Antiguan author Jamaica Kincaid has published over 20 works of literature.

Particular works of literature have come to be known as key feminist texts.

works projects

Other Depression-era public works projects shaped the area.

Joint public-private public works projects helped reduce unemployment.

chamber works

120 is one of the composer's late chamber works.

He has recorded solo and chamber works for television and radio as well as CD.

He has composed symphony and chamber works, big band, and jazz orchestra music.

collection of works

There is also a collection of works by the modern sculptor, Marino Marini, in a museum named after him.

3 Novels by César Aira 3 Novels by César Aira is a collection of works by Argentine writer César Aira.

His large personal library featured an extensive collection of works on the early history of the Colony.

steel works

They built an iron and steel works in the Jozef valley in 1809.

The largest number worked in the giant Krupp steel works in Essen.

Sécrétan built Tréfimétaux steel works inside the large meander of the Dives in 1891.

works team   (iş ekibi)

The 78 was to see one further works team start, however.

The 721G was light and quick, and the works team soon built their own chassis.

The first three sessions as the official MG works team, and the other sessions under different sponsors.

other works include   (diğer işler şunları içerir:)

Her other works include plays and children's books.

His other works include "Sefer ha-Rimon", written in Hebrew.

Whall's other works include:

works together

The aiga or extended family lives and works together.

The family works together to cook and process the meat and fish, roasting or boiling the former.

Since 2008 the Benelux Union works together with the German Land (state) North Rhine-Westphalia.

works primarily

She works primarily in high karat golds and silver.

He works primarily in acrylic and oil, using bold colors and shadows.

He now works primarily with medium format cameras such as the Hasselblad Superwide.

works as well   (de çalışıyor)

The review publishes scholarly works as well as comments and case notes.

They toured together, performing their own works as well as the standard repertoire.

Filming included large parts of the works as well as numerous actual employees as extras.

surviving works

All but one of his surviving works are sacred in nature.

Of the surviving works by Archimedes, T.L.

The earliest surviving works of Greek literature are epic poetry.

main works   (ana işler)

His main works are "An Incident" and "Auto-Obituary".

He also published many essays, anthologised in two main works.

Nikolos Landia's main works are devoted to chemical thermodynamics.

classical works

Most classical works and many modern works are written in these metres.

Hupé is known for his classical works on trilobites, especially their classification.

Paride collected and translated classical works such as Plautus' "Aulularia" and also studied Hebrew.

public works projects   (bayındırlık projeleri)

Other Depression-era public works projects shaped the area.

Joint public-private public works projects helped reduce unemployment.

works alongside

He works alongside Roy Slater, but doesn't like him.

She works alongside Live Wire after he resigns from the Legion.

When they disband she joins Utopia and works alongside the X-Men.

still works   (hala çalışıyor)

She still works as the head of the laboratory.

It still works today in its foundational site.

Podmore still works at Concert.

most notable works   (en dikkat çekici eserler)

His most notable works include "The Mist and ".

This is a list of his most notable works:

works best

The method works best on either ploughed ground or surfaces with little vegetation.

He found that copyright works best only when the amount of time protected is fourteen years.

where and This relation is valid for phase angles formula_68, and works best when formula_69.

works began

The demolition works began in April 2018.

On 26 September 2018, demolition works began to tear down the building.

In 1917, the first professional and publicly displayed works began to appear.