Фразы и примеры предложений

around the world   (во всем мире)

The procedural format is popular around the world.

The Arab diaspora is established around the world.

She performs in musical concerts around the world.

world record   (Мировой рекорд)

He is a world record holder in his classification.

In so doing, Wallenda set his sixth world record.

Their combined score was a world record at the time.

throughout the world   (По всему миру)

Today there are aikido dojo throughout the world.

The company has 270 outlets throughout the world.

Varieties of ASL are found throughout the world.

world champion   (чемпион мира)

He is the world champion in the men's F55 javelin.

She won her first world champion title that year.

Liang was twice world champion in his age category.

world premiere   (мировая премьера)

The song made its world premiere on August 21, 2012.

In July, 2013 the cinema hosted the world premiere of "".

It made its world premiere at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.

across the world   (по всему миру)

Olin has more than 20,000 alumni across the world.

Cosplay is popular at conventions across the world.

The accordion is widely spread across the world.

real world   (реальный мир)

includes a simulation of a real world love meter.

The theorem has several "real world" illustrations.

It also requires practice and real world application.

world championship   (Чемпионат мира)

A junior world championship was introduced in 1976.

WCW had to commission a new world championship belt.

In 2007, she won the Laser Radial world championship.


It is the world’s largest spring-fed swimming pool.

Turkey produces 92% of the world’s pine honey.

in its relations with ‘the wider world’).

world s   (мир)

It is the world’s largest spring-fed swimming pool.

Turkey produces 92% of the world’s pine honey.

He is regarded as one of the world’s outstanding futurists.

new world

She is introduced to a new world and new friends.

WCW had to commission a new world championship belt.

He made (7.35 m/1,093 points) and set a new world record.

world championships

He has represented India in the world championships.

He finished 7th at the 2017 world championships.

London, United Kingdom held the 2017 world championships.

world title   (титул чемпиона мира)

In 2002, he won the world title in BASE jumping.

Anne Woods won the women's world title 28 times.

This would be his 4th attempt at a world title.

outside world   (внешний мир)

Field four is the behaviourist study of the outside world.

The Yanomami had had little contact with the outside world.

The Housemates are completely isolated from the outside world.

world tour   (мировой тур)

This show was later transformed into a world tour.

He also announced plans for a world tour in 2009.

This event was part of Night of the Jumps world tour.

world records   (мировые рекорды)

Lara holds several world records for high scoring.

He peaked in 1983 when he broke four world records.

That crew set two world records in the process.

world war

It was saved from bombing in the second world war.

It is a world war that will last for many years."

He was the first person to use the term "first world war".

world music

Some types of folk music may be called world music.

Latest Release Sol, A new flavor in world music.

Music ranges through jazz, folk music and world music.

art world

Their work has attracted the attention of the art world.

Canlis Glass is now a strong name in the glass art world.

SOHO, the art world, and Yuppies were satirized with Olympian wit.".

first world

She won her first world champion title that year.

He was the first person to use the term "first world war".

Luger defeated Windham to win his first world championship.

world number   (мировой номер)

He was ranked world number 69 going into 2013.

Barnard went into 2013 ranked world number 77.

Brown entered 2013 ranked world number 86.

former world

Bencic is regularly compared to former world No.

Andy Roddick, the 2003 champion and former world No.

He was coached by former world champion Dwight Phillips.

natural world

White to read and to explore the natural world.

This is when Gilean really started taking interest in the natural world.

He begins to reconsider the relationship between humans and the natural world.

modern world

An exploration of the modern world, going back to World War I.

It also made those two marriages the first in the modern world.

In the modern world, timekeepers can show time, date and weekday.

developing world   (Развивающийся мир)

Nearly 80% of cases occur in the developing world.

This occurs mainly in the developing world.

, the wholesale cost in the developing world is to per dose.

whole world   (весь мир)

It is the inimitable rock garden in the whole world.

I can imagine a whole world around "New Amsterdam"."

are grown, processed and exported to the whole world.

world wars   (мировые войны)

His father is known for taking part in both world wars.

There were multi-party coalitions during both world wars.

The four warships were in service throughout both world wars.

existing world   (существующий мир)

Prior to this competition, the existing world and Games records were as follows:

world champions

Then the PBR started paying its world champions a $1 million bonus.

Brazil produced three world champions, all of whom won more than once.

All three athletes have qualified for the world champions trials teams.

world cup   (Кубок мира)

He also won the overall world cup in 2004.

The resort hosts FIS ski slopestyle world cup competitions.

Suorsa's earned two individual world cup career wins in 1985.

world class

Kessler was also a world class skeet and trap shooter.

He was a world class butterfly swimmer during the 1990s.

Recently the club has produced several world class rowers.

second world

It was saved from bombing in the second world war.

With second world war, Fréjus maintained.

It was inaugurated after the start of the second world war.

world through

The game will allow players to see the game world through a smartphone.

It felt like you were looking at the world through a thick wall of glass.

His work looks at the shaping of the world through laws, finance, and politics.

world including

He collaborated with other parasitologists around the world including P.A.

As a child, she lived in various parts of the world including Brazil and Thailand.

It has aired in over 32 countries and territories around the world including the UK.

new world record   (новый мировой рекорд)

He made (7.35 m/1,093 points) and set a new world record.

The time 5:19.85 was a new world record.

world ranking   (мировой рейтинг)

His career-high world ranking to date is World No.

He reached a career-high world ranking of World No.

world around   (окружающий мир)

I can imagine a whole world around "New Amsterdam"."

Ahtahkakoop was aware of the changing economic world around him.

The world around Falco has changed.

world rankings   (мировые рейтинги)

Trail moved up the world rankings rapidly in 1997.

2 in the junior world rankings in September 2005.

He is #8 in the world rankings by

world leaders

A large number of world leaders attended the funeral.

That world leaders are rather polite?""

He wrote a great many letters to world leaders during this period.

entire world   (весь мир)

This boosted VON's transmission to the entire world.

It's a very dangerous precedent for the entire world."

it found only here in this entire world.

game world

Each game world is made up of multiple maps.

This enables the developer to make the game world truly unique.

Additionally, he pledged to write a novella set in the game world.

world record holder   (мировой рекордсмен)

He is a world record holder in his classification.

She is also the former world record holder.

He is the current world record holder.

world history

The Kaiser announced a new chapter in world history.

This makes her the first named author in world history.

Reader's book aims to contextualize the potato in world history.

ancient world   (древний мир)

In the ancient world, it was known as Chalkis.

The ships were among the largest vessels in the ancient world.

It was one of the most fertile and rich parts of the ancient world.

world peace

...we are really going to have world peace!

The final act of the conference was a resolution to defend world peace.

The Club's aim was to "help in the struggle for world peace and against fascism".

set a world   (установить мир)

Later, they set a world record in this event.

She set a world indoor record in the 5000 meter run in 1990.

On 23 September 1972 she set a world record that stood for eight months.

second world war

It was saved from bombing in the second world war.

With second world war, Fréjus maintained.

It was inaugurated after the start of the second world war.

became the world

It became the world's pre-eminent shipbuilding centre.

With her success, Bencic became the world No.

Bergh became the world's leading expert on nudibranchs.

another world   (другой мир)

She set another world record in the same event in 1975.

She recorded another world No.

The former, where the protagonist gets transported to another world (e.g.

among the world

Frankfurt Airport is among the world's busiest.

He ranks among the world's leading education economists.

By 1983 the U.S. squad was among the world's elite teams.

business world   (мир бизнеса)

He became very successful in the business world with his wife.

McCallion left the business world in 1967 to devote her life to a career in politics.

In the business world, descriptive statistics provides a useful summary of many types of data.

physical world

In the physical world every signal is limited.

Ongod are represented in the physical world in various ways.

One, the Creator-God exists externally to the physical world (Timm, 1994).

open world   (открытый мир)

Washington D.C. is an open world for players to explore.

Increased draw distance is also common in open world games.

Both unlock access to an in-game open world set in Hill Valley.

third world

A third world war is not merely possible but increasingly likely .

This was Williams' third world title, having won the championship in 2000 and 2003.

She learns that a group of munitions manufacturers are plotting to start a third world war.

world view

Miwok myths suggest their spiritual and philosophical world view.

This experience greatly impressed his work and changed his world view.

The world view and tone of the world drew from that of "King's Field".

ranking of world

She attained her best doubles ranking of world No.

She finished the season with a ranking of world No.

Dementieva achieved a career-high ranking of world No.

world no

He eventually finished the season ranked world no.

She has career-high WTA rankings of world no.

168 in singles (attained on 18 July 2016) and world no.

fantasy world   (фантастический мир)

A spinster whose invalid mother dies starts drifting into a fantasy world.

The game takes place in a fantasy world roughly modelled after medieval Europe.

Donald is perverted, because in his fantasy world there is no sex, and no procreation.

world map   (карта мира)

It remained the most accurate world map for the next three centuries.

The oldest map of the spread of English is Strevens's world map of English.

Location on the world map

world premieres

Year and location of world premieres by Sasha Waltz:

On 16 March 1952, Monod gave the world premieres of Webern's "Three Traditional Rhymes", Op.

In 2005, Cubbison directed the world premieres of two plays, Kicking Gravity and Out of Gardenia.

virtual world   (виртуальный мир)

Ventrella co-founded the virtual world product in 1998.

Her actions in the virtual world have an effect on the real world.

"Nord" was the first virtual world on Facebook that was presented in full 3D.

world during

He returned to the world during the beginning of the spring.

Barbra Live was the 22nd best-selling tour in the world during 2012.

He was considered one of the best Goalkeepers in the world during his sporting career.

world titles

This broke Allen's record of 18 world titles.

She has won two world titles and three Commonwealth Games gold medals.

Through her career Brussig has won four world titles and six European titles.

save the world

Only by saving Adelle can he save the world from Evil.

My mission is to save the world's endangered species."

Lord Vishnu directed Sri Mahalakshmi to save the world.

world today

Sorghum is cultivated in many parts of the world today.

Chess is taught to children in schools around the world today.

The Gregorian calendar is the most widely used calendar in the world today.

world leader

Nokia was once a world leader in mobile telecommunications.

The world leader in production of Dry Beans (Phaseolus spp).

She is a world leader in the biomechanics of head injury in infants.

human world

The sky descends, and the human world comes to an end.

Did you know that the first Matrix was designed to be a perfect human world.

However, she will grow up in the human world because their kingdom got destroyed.

developed world

Both are major health issues in the developed world.

Rates of condom use are higher in the developed world.

In the developed world treatment may be 10 to 50 times greater.

other world   (другой мир)

Palmer said he "received chiropractic from the other world".

This view has recently been championed by Christopher Chase-Dunn and other world systems theorists.

Listening to the voices allows Corum to pass to the other world, which is in fact the distant future.

world market   (мировой рынок)

The combined company would be about 18% of world market share.

Subsequently, he turned the Red Bull drink into a world market leader among energy drinks.

EOS develops and finances event productions with international stars for the world market.

all the world

The competition is to bring all the people of all the world.

It is found in all the world's oceans in the temperate and tropical zones.

The Federal Reserve Board is the most gigantic financial power in all the world.

own world

Erlik hid some inside his mouth to later create his own world.

She improved her own world record once more on October 2 to 2:56.9.

Alternatively, the GM may build their own world and script their own adventures.

western world   (западный мир)

Museum Ludwig held her first retrospective in the western world in 1990.

The struggles for power between kings and popes shaped the western world.

... Australians do work the longest hours of any country in the western world.

world population

In 1900, 15% of the world population lived in cities.

The world population has grown from 1.6 billion in 1900 to over seven billion today.

The world population therefore appears to be confined to Tiwai Point and Three Sisters.

music world

Since young, Aidid has been wrestling with the music world.

Her death shocked the music world.

Rhodes left the music world briefly for a commune, and in 2006 released her first solo album.

world economy   (мировая экономика)

Series "International economic relations and world economy".

The assessed quota is based upon the donor country's portion of the world economy.

They discussed the world economy, the Japanese economy, and the direction in which Mr. Ito should be planning.

world when   (мир, когда)

It was the tallest Concrete bridge in the world when it was built until .

"Meteor III" was the largest yacht in the world when made for the emperor.

The bridge was the highest arch bridge in the world when completed in 1959.

future world   (мир будущего)

ATP Rankings The 2005 season saw the debut of future world no.

He met Federer when he was 9 and quickly identified him as a future world no 1.

The film focuses on the father (Wilson) and his unusual son (Joslin) in a future world.

world heritage   (Всемирного наследия)

It is part of a pending UNESCO world heritage site.

The area is a UNESCO world heritage site.

The territory also has multiple UNESCO world heritage sites.

broke the world

She broke the world record in the women's 3000 metres on 12 September 1993.

She twice broke the world record with puts of 22.36 metres and 22.45 metres in 1980.

teacher from West Yorkshire who broke the world record for the longest football throw-in.

world stage   (мировая сцена)

This was the unveiling of the new style on the world stage.

It lost its supremacy in the game on the world stage ever since.

His performances on the world stage attracted interest from various clubs.

become the world   (стать миром)

It went on to become the world's largest discounting house.

German restaurants have become the world's second-most decorated after France.

In April 2013 Penguin Random House was created to become the world's largest publisher.

world outside   (мир снаружи)

""The world outside medicine is yours as well,"" he said.

The world outside is dealing with a major disaster at a nuclear power station.

The country has an enormous number of local gods, unknown to the world outside.

world without

And ultimately into a world without us."

Heinecke got an insight into what a world without sight would be.

Lake Bernard is the largest freshwater lake in the world without an island.

former world champion

He was coached by former world champion Dwight Phillips.

The race was won by former world champion Laurent Brochard.

In 1991 it signed former world champion Eddie Lawson to its team.

current world

He is the current world record holder.

The defending champions went against the current world number one.

* indicates current world rank no.

material world

Some of these are religious in nature, others are of the material world.

Despite his renunciation of the material world, he is an unrepentant sybarite.

"The material world is the effect of the spiritual, and the spiritual is its cause."

won the world

In 2002, he won the world title in BASE jumping.

Two years earlier, she won the world title in the same event.

A year later he won the world championship in the 5.5m-class.

world domination

Duklyon battles the evil Imonoyama Shopping District, whose goal is world domination.

Quigley was dismissive of the authors who used his writings to support theories of a world domination conspiracy.

In "Makt Myrkranna", Dracula is in contact with various ambassadors in what is hinted at is a bid for world domination.

world literature

In turn, French literature has also had a radical impact on world literature.

Mu Xin taught world literature to a group of artists in New York from 1989 to 1994.

Many literary critics rate him as one of the greatest psychologists in world literature.

change the world

Changing the world "It does not suffice to change the world.

It has been claimed that this is going to "change the world".

This season, Pokémon has a different slogan "We can change the world!

literary world

This series had a big influence on the literary world.

Urdu literary world was shocked when he used the theme of sex in his poems.

In 1957, Ginsberg surprised the literary world by abandoning San Francisco.


He holds two – Polish and world – records.

anything further west than the Arab world – was used to refer to the Western countries.

He then began construction of the largest inhabited building in the world – the Venetian Macao.

spirit world   (духовный мир)

Peyote is perceived as a means of accessing the spirit world.

John Miller claimed to receive telepathic impressions from the spirit world.

Abha delivers her baby but Vasundhara is waiting to take it into the spirit world.

reigning world   (царящий мир)

In the quarterfinals he went against the reigning world champion Ryunosuke Haga of Japan.

Kim beat Russia's Sofya Velikaya, the reigning world champion, 15–9 in the gold medal match.

The reigning world adult singles crokinole champion is Michael Davidson from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

fictional world

"Dragon Dice" is set in the fictional world of "Esfah."

Nonetheless, the game's events and locations are set in a fictional world.

It has since grown to include games of various genres within the fictional world of Mana.

world order   (мировой порядок)

It has large influence in the consequent world order.

We are deliberately putting a world order before our loyalty to our own country.

Bulletproof revealed the survivors' location to Robot in return for his freedom under Robot's new world order.

major world   (большой мир)

Parmales can be found in all the major world oceans.

Chicago is a major world convention destination.

Simon has twice fought for major world boxing titles.

set the world

He also set the world record for longest walk over a waterfall.

The relay Netter was a part of set the world record with a time of 42.88.

On August 12, 1937, he set the world record for high jump in Malmö, clearing .

world heavyweight

His son is former world heavyweight champion, James "Buster" Douglas.

At the time, all prior world heavyweight champions had come from England.

Joseph Parker became the first Samoan boxer to win a WBO world heavyweight title in 2016.