even worse   (さらに悪い)

In 1910 the violence was even worse than usual.

The serious offerings fared even worse.

In the 1910 elections the violence was even worse than usual.

matters worse   (さらに悪いことに)

To make matters worse, his mother died of cancer.

To make matters worse, Mrs Luo is later taken hostage.

Upstairs Kathy yells at Jodie which makes matters worse.

make matters worse   (事態を悪化させる)

To make matters worse, his mother died of cancer.

To make matters worse, Mrs Luo is later taken hostage.

To make matters worse for Sara, Bruno will not let her divorce him.

much worse

If not, she will receive a fate much worse.

But its current condition is much worse.

However, it could have been much worse.

worse when   (悪いとき)

It then gets worse when the figure gains the upper hand.

Things start to take a turn for the worse when the doll comes to life.

It becomes worse when Lex arrives and claims the "flying man" isn't even human.

made worse   (悪化した)

They were made worse by the incompetence of the Austrian high command.

Their relationship was a strained one, made worse by Bonnard’s infidelity.

The terrain was swampy, made worse by rain and the Soviets were fought to escape the trap.

get worse

If anything, things get worse as you age.

and "Will Grandma get worse?"

At first, things couldn't get worse, as Ruosina wasn't ready for such a duty.

got worse

The situation only got worse in the third inning for the Braves.

Piso did not get along well with Germanicus and their relationship only got worse.

Afterward, the problem only got worse as Congress had no power to enforce attendance.

far worse

Erosion might have been far worse, had there not been timely intervention.

Hartigan smells a set-up, and something far worse: the distinct odor of rotting garbage.

Robert, who was far worse, rode on the only horse they had, while Andrew walked behind them.

worse off

Her Sunday School students always donated pennies to those worse off then themselves.

My heart feels like bleeding to think how many thousands are worse off in this land than I am now.

The paradox has roughly the same status as immiserizing growth and a transfer that makes the recipient worse off.

better or worse

For better or worse, we'll all ride them out together to the end."

For better or worse, The Archers were always out of step with mainstream British cinema.

On other models, an "optimal" design can be either better or worse than a non-optimal design.

things worse

Making things worse for Virgil is the disappearance of $2 million in cash.

Frequent strikes by some workers (most critically dock workers) made things worse.

Making things worse is that Miranda is no longer sterile, thanks to the new stem cells.

no worse

Sailors are no worse than anybody else.

It is no worse, however, than a revolver of equivalent power.

Their positive punk rock is truly no worse than Green Day, NOFX, and other California bands.

getting worse   (悪化)

Grass surface is also getting worse by every season.

Unfortunately, his headaches are getting worse.

Is it getting worse in other countries?

grew worse

He gradually grew worse until his death on October 17.

Hostility grew worse between the two allies.

His health grew worse.

became worse

When angered or stressed, his symptoms became worse.

Upon her return to Jakarta, her condition became worse.

Between 1985 and 1987 the relationship of the PG with the local Comorians became worse.

bad to worse

Matters go from bad to worse as Woody continues to annoy O'Hoolihan.

Barney's mood goes from bad to worse and he is suspended from the team.

Things went from bad to worse in 1952, as Maxwell managed only one hit in 15 at-bats.

gets worse

This situation gets worse the shorter the wavelength.

In the meantime, Bwakaw's condition gets worse.

It then gets worse when the figure gains the upper hand.