İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

worst record   (en kötü kayıt)

This was the franchise's worst record in its history.

They ended the season with the worst record in the Big 12.

The Tigers finished 43–119, the worst record in franchise history.

worst case   (En kötü durumda)

The worst case is achieved when the integers are equal.

Failing to do so renders analysis uncertain and in worst case useless.

He declares Bugs as the worst case of "rabbitschenia" he has ever seen.

worst ever   (en kötüsü)

It is the world's worst ever listeriosis outbreak.

The film has been called one of the worst ever made.

It was the first commemorative event recalling what is one of Ireland’s worst ever marine disasters.

worst season   (en kötü sezon)

The Braves finished 38–115, the worst season in franchise history.

It is considered to be the worst season ever in Sporting's history.

The Great Danes would have their worst season under Bob Ford in 2013.

worst possible   (mümkün olan en kötüsü)

It's an insurance policy for the worst possible outcome.

It was done in the worst possible taste.

It is now known (although Marconi did not know then) that this was the worst possible choice.

among the worst   (en kötüleri arasında)

Some still consider him among the worst three men of the 20th century.

The conditions during this stage were among the worst in cycling history.

In 2008, "Game Informer" listed it among the worst horror games of all time.

worst defeat   (en kötü yenilgi)

Finland lost 1–13 and it is still the worst defeat the national team has suffered so far.

It remains the worst defeat for a Michigan team in the history of the Michigan–Ohio State football rivalry.

The team lost to Lietuvos rytas Vilnius on 6 January 2018 by a margin of 113–56 for its worst defeat of the season.

worst affected   (en kötü etkilenenler)

Liu Bang in particular was the worst affected.

The worst affected area was redeveloped.

It was worst affected in the 1982 flood.

best and worst

Afterwards Chisnall called it the best and worst night of his career.

A popular issue is its "Best of Chicago" feature in writers assign the best and worst of Chicago culture and politics.

Two further polls were carried out in January 2006 asking readers to select the best and worst new game shows of the previous year.

second worst

Rivers posted a rating of 87.9, also the second worst of his career.

The .195 RISP average by Braves hitters was second worst in the Majors.

At the time, it was the worst accident in Kyrgyz aviation and remains the second worst.

worst thing   (En kötü şey)

The worst thing is that she will suffer."

I think the worst thing that ever happened to him was drugs.

or "What's the worst thing that could happen in this situation?"

worst films

He later put it on his year-end unranked list of the worst films of 1978.

One critic has described the film as "one of the worst films ever made in Britain .

"Amityville 3D" was received negatively by critics and, in many cases, was selected as one of the worst films of 1983.

worst result

This is the worst result of the left-wing parties since 1914.

The Social Democrats lost 5%, thus scoring their worst result since 1914.

, Russia's 1–7 defeat from Portugal in a qualifier is their worst result in history.

worst loss   (en kötü kayıp)

Her worst loss was to #8 seed Olga Morozova in 1974.

It was the Aggies' worst loss to the Red Raiders in the 64-year-old rivalry.

The worst loss I've ever been associated with because of what was on the line."

worst performance   (en kötü performans)

This was the worst performance by a Fox film that year.

It was McCain's best and Obama's worst performance in Arkansas.

10 position, its worst performance.

worst film   (en kötü film)

He later named it the worst film of 2013.

In an online poll conducted by web portal Daum, Korean netizens named "Project Makeover" as the worst film of 2007.

"Batman and Robin" managed to rank as the #3 worst film of the century, behind "Wild Wild West" at #2 and "Battlefield Earth" at #1.

considered the worst

The storm was considered the worst in Key West since 1919.

The event is considered the worst massacre of the Thirty Years' War.

It was also considered the worst cyclone to hit Darwin since Tracy in 1974.