İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

mortally wounded   (ağır yaralı)

McCann fell, mortally wounded, on his own doorstep.

It's clear to all that Marcella is mortally wounded.

Reding was mortally wounded by French dragoons.

severely wounded   (ağır yaralı)

He was severely wounded twice during the conflict.

Haruka tries to stop him, but is severely wounded.

He was severely wounded at the Battle of Vimeiro.

seriously wounded   (ciddi şekilde yaralandı)

John Middleton was seriously wounded in the chest.

No Federal sailors were seriously wounded or killed.

In 1918, he was seriously wounded and returned home.

wounded during   (sırasında yaralı)

Both were wounded during the incident but survived.

He was wounded during the Warsaw Uprising.

844 civilians were killed and 1,900 wounded during the battle.

wounded soldiers   (Yaralı askerler)

Half of the site was used for recuperating wounded soldiers.

The team provides athletic opportunities for wounded soldiers.

Other wounded soldiers lie in the background, below military flags.

badly wounded   (ağır yaralı)

The observation officer was badly wounded and later died.

The NLA attempted to approach the badly wounded policemen.

Only four of them escaped, badly wounded.

killed or wounded

On the Dervish side over 450 were killed or wounded.

Many were killed or wounded at Vimy Ridge and on the Somme.

In that battle 450 American fighters were killed or wounded.

killed and wounded   (öldürüldü ve yaralandı)

The partisans lost about 25 men killed and wounded.

Confederate losses were 36 killed and wounded.

Many were killed and wounded in the attack on freedmen.

fatally wounded   (ölümcül yaralı)

Dom holds Tina, who is fatally wounded.

On 15 May, one shot and fatally wounded Major General Bridges.

Doc makes no attempt to shoot his friend and is fatally wounded.

wounded in action   (eylemde yaralı)

He was severely wounded in action in 1942.

He was wounded in action in August 1918.

After being wounded in action, he was repatriated to Canada.

men wounded

"Mamelouck" had seven of her crew of 45 men wounded.

It was not engaged and suffered only two men wounded.

"Rosario" had five men wounded, two severely.

dead and wounded

AQAP casualties were an unspecified number of dead and wounded.

More Americans fell dead and wounded as the volume of fire intensified.

(The actual numbers of dead and wounded are known only very imprecisely.

wounded men

After the battle, thousands of wounded men flooded into Louisville.

The 1st Burma Division was hampered by large numbers of wounded men and was short of water.

Scanlon, with the help of Bowers, ran forward to aid the wounded men and carry them back to the M113 formation.

shot and wounded   (vuruldu ve yaralandı)

He was shot and wounded in the knee at the battle of Bunker Hill.

He also drew on Selman, who was shot and wounded twice in the thigh.

In 1978, he shot and wounded his brother Jerry after a political dispute.

wounded when   (ne zaman yaralı)

(In "", Poirot admits he was wounded when he first came to England.)

He was wounded when a violent factional dispute arose in St. Louis in the 1960s.

He carried on even though he was wounded when his tented camp was hit by two bombs.

sick and wounded

The sick and wounded reached 40,000 to 50,000.

to sick and wounded warriors in time of war .

The logo design was taken from certificates used in World War I for sick and wounded veterans.

slightly wounded

Two of the seconds were slightly wounded.

Webb was reported later as "slightly wounded" during the battle.

Mike shows up and helps a slightly wounded Stretch back to her home.

wounded twice

He was severely wounded twice during the conflict.

James Bond would only be killed if he was wounded twice.

He also drew on Selman, who was shot and wounded twice in the thigh.

critically wounded

Palestinian sources reported he was critically wounded.

Maxi defeats Astaroth but is critically wounded as a result.

Her baby was critically wounded in the neck, chest and abdomen.

others were wounded   (diğerleri yaralandı)

One man was killed, seven others were wounded.

One man was killed, two others were wounded.

One was killed, five others were wounded.

wounded and captured

Barlow was wounded and captured in the attack.

French losses were immense, with over 27,000 killed, wounded and captured.

During the 1863 Battle of Chancellorsville, he was wounded and captured again.

wounded man

The wounded man is shot by M.P.

Witnesses told police the wounded man was pursued by a driver of another car during a chase.

He then asked me if I would hold the light and stay with the wounded man until he came back.

others wounded   (diğerleri yaralandı)

Eight soldiers have been killed, and 85 others wounded.

Two civilians were killed and at least four others wounded.

"Fox" had one boatswain and one seaman killed, and seven others wounded.

wounded in battle   (savaşta yaralı)

Ten officers and 210 men were killed and mortally wounded in battle.

He fought in the Chinese Civil War and was wounded in battle in July 1947.

While serving in Italy with the 5th Field Regiment of the NZ Artillery, as a major, Carson was severely wounded in battle.

wounded soldier   (yaralı asker)

The man at her left carries a wounded soldier out of battle.

In South Vietnam, medics are examining Pip Phillips, a wounded soldier.

Her initial excitement quickly dissipated when the first wounded soldier was carried into the Weikert's house.

people and wounded

The bombing killed 25 people and wounded 18 others.

By then he had killed 13 people and wounded 14 others.

Those bomb attacks killed nine people and wounded 92 others.