Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

continued to write   (continuó escribiendo)

Anna Maria kept her health and continued to write.

Even as a centenarian, he continued to write books.

He continued to write for both theatre and film.

began to write   (comenzó a escribir)

Sales rose dramatically after Miller began to write.

He began to write articles in his father's newspaper.

Burroughs began to write; Perry worked as a waitress.

read and write   (Lee y escribe)

Sasipada taught her to read and write within a year.

It can read and write customized presets and themes.

definition: age 15 and over can read and write

used to write   (Solia escribir)

These were used to write his treatise on the law.

This was an angle used to write Taven off of television.

Bhujimol has been used to write Nepal Bhasa and Sanskrit.

not write   (No escriba)

However 345 people could read only and not write.

She did not write the song with love in mind.

A friend asked why he did not write one, and so he did.

write songs

Plus, they flat out could write songs and play."

I'll write songs and fly in her voice.

Burdon reunited with Zoot Money to write songs for this album.

write a book

She has now gone on to write a book on the subject.

An avid animal lover, Laura has always wanted to write a book about service dogs.

He said that he might write a book in the style of H. G. Wells's "A Modern Utopia".

inspired to write   (inspirado para escribir)

Just as Bates had been inspired to write her poem, Ward, too, was inspired.

Prince said he was inspired to write the rock song while listening to John Lennon.

He was inspired to write this work by news that arrived of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

wanted to write

I wanted to write, draw, and letter all my own stories.

So we wanted to write a song that professed that truth."

I wanted to write something that was empowering for girls.

decided to write

So he decided to write a code editor to run the compiler.

He then decided to write about himself.

Chesney liked that line and decided to write a song based on it.

write a song

So we wanted to write a song that professed that truth."

I was trying to write a song about dead things coming to life.

Chesney liked that line and decided to write a song based on it.

write down   (anote)

It has been reported that Galen employed twenty scribes to write down his words.

It is not possible to write down a single analytical equation that would relate e.g.

However, it is instructive to write down and solve the Killing vector equations directly.

started to write

He soon started to write and record his own songs.

He also started to write music for other artists.

Also, Harold Williams started to write from Russia.

did not write

She did not write the song with love in mind.

A friend asked why he did not write one, and so he did.

He did not write anything about his campaigns on his own authority either.

write the script   (escribe el guión)

Winston Miller was brought in to write the script.

Philip MacDonald was assigned to write the script.

Jay Dratler was originally signed to write the script.

write music

He also started to write music for other artists.

Around 1996, he began to produce and write music.

- and write music based on these accidental melodies.

commissioned to write

He was commissioned to write the Michigan State Song.

In July 2003, Tom Stoppard was commissioned to write the screenplay.

She was commissioned to write a Scots ballad for the novelist Mary Stewart.

continues to write

Here continues to write and arrange anthems for choirs.

Fletcher continues to write his strips today.

Schmidt continues to write and record.

able to write   (capaz de escribir)

Rosa also began drawing comics before being able to write.

But a good copywriter should be able to write for all media."

Woolf said that a woman must have money and a room of her own to be able to write.

write and record   (escribir y grabar)

He soon started to write and record his own songs.

Schmidt continues to write and record.

While attending a Sugarcubes concert, the two drunkenly decided to write and record dance songs.

write and direct

He returned to write and direct the sequel, "Dolphin Tale 2".

Boyd Kirkland, the director of this film, was attached to write and direct.

Ayckbourn, however, continues to write and direct his own work at the theatre.

asked to write

Hopwood was asked to write the third act of Mary Roberts Rinehart's play "The Bat".

He was later asked to write an explanatory book, which was titled "Achtung Panzer!"

Ulvaeus was asked to write English lyrics for Ledin's songs as they are long term friends.

write the screenplay   (escribe el guión)

Jeff Wadlow was hired to write the screenplay.

In 2010, Carl Ellsworth was chosen to write the screenplay.

Evans paid Eszterhas $2 million in cash to write the screenplay.

write poetry

Barrax began to write poetry when he was 18.

Her avocation, however, is to write poetry.

However, Sarton continued to write poetry.

later write

Kurosawa would later write or co-write all of his own films.

He would later write scripts for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003).

As Bizet would later write of this period: "Fifteen years ago <nowiki>[i.e.

write a new

Ginnane then commissioned Everett de Roche to write a new screenplay.

Similarly, the council undertook to write a new criminal code in 1938.

By the same vote, they also granted him the power to write a new constitution.

how to write

I didn't know how to write jokes—I just knew the stand-ups I knew.

Bigelow said it provided the model for how to write about forgotten books.

Álvares says that the new Echage also knew how to write Latin in good style.

helped write

He was one of four Democrats who helped write the bill.

The person who helped write "Airplane pt.

claimed that he helped write Dr. Dre's third album "Compton".

read or write   (leer o escribir)

The rival asked "can you read or write English?"

He did not know how to read or write growing up.

He understood English, but could not read or write the language.

hired to write

Jeff Wadlow was hired to write the screenplay.

Curt Siodmak was hired to write the script on 9 July 1940.

Oberg was hired to write a song for a commercial that appeared on Swedish television.

write the song

It took around one year for Eve to write the song.

She did not write the song with love in mind.

Martin commissioned David Lee and Herbert Kretzmer to write the song.

write more

And he was always on my case, urging me to write more.

This provided Prokofiev an opportunity to write more chamber music.

Others hated the one-line link posts, and wanted him to write more.

write a letter

He had heard that anyone could write a letter to the emperor now, and he did so before leaving.

With Kralahome still plotting to over throw the king, he write a letter to the British claiming Anna is in danger.

Top Rank's Bob Arum stated he would write a letter to the WBA informing them Bryant Jennings would be available and not skipped.

write new

They still write new material and play as many shows as possible.

Schwarzenbach also stated that Jawbreaker was "trying to" write new material.

They write new songs like "Marias Brasileiras", "Forro das Curicas" among others.

write and produce   (escribir y producir)

Jarrad went on to write and produce songs for Australian Idol winner Guy Sebastian.

Disney Asia whereby commissioned him to write and produce for "Mickey Safety House".

Murphy went onto write and produce a movie, "Valley of the Heart's Delight", regarding the 1933 case.

time to write

They took a while to write and we've taken our time to write them."

Talking about writing the song Cavazza said, "I really felt like it was time to write something happy.

Vocalist Mark Perro attributed "Open Your Heart's" new sound to the band having more time to write and record.

write the book

In 1975 van der Waerden described the sources he drew upon to write the book.

Roth and Luftig hired Mitchell to direct and Harvey Fierstein to write the book.

Deighton was encouraged to write the book by his friend, the British historian A.J.P.

write each

Its meaning depends on the hanja used to write each syllable of the name.

Both promise to write each other as she heads off to New York City and he to the Olympics.

The blue glyphs represent how to write each character, while the top row of printed glyphs shows the corresponding Unicode reference glyph.

write their own

The UDC encouraged women to write their own stories.

Users may also write their own patterns, which must be written in the key of C major.

Partially in response, Bob Albrecht urged Dennis Allison to write their own variation of the language.

write letters

He fell in love with a psychiatrist, beginning to write letters to her.

A grateful Nancy promises to write letters every week while he is in prison.

Records and treaties are kept in this manner, and individuals could write letters to one another in this way."

write something

I wish Elgar would write something for the violin.

I wanted to write something that was empowering for girls.

I just wanted to write something that was fun and hinted at sex."

write lyrics

He asked Faaiz Anwaar to write lyrics.

I usually write lyrics from a persona rather than tell a specific story."

A significant number of bands write lyrics only in their native language and a few (e.g.

write each syllable   (escribe cada sílaba)

Its meaning depends on the hanja used to write each syllable of the name.

ability to write

His ability to write stories made him well known in the school.

Upon completion of ALS, the graduate receives the ability to write performance reports on subordinates.

In an interview with Rock Hard Magazine in May 2016, he said that he had suffered from depression, which was affecting his ability to write new lyrics.

write a novel   (escribir una novela)

Before quitting CBS, Downs considered taking time off to write a novel.

None were successful, and his financial difficulties led him to write a novel.

He soon dropped out of Trinity College to write a novel entitled "The Banyan Tree" (1999).

write articles

This inspired him to write articles for news papers.

He began to write articles in his father's newspaper.

There is a website that girls still write articles on.

write his own

After becoming proficient in the guitar, he started to write his own songs.

DC Comics allowed screenwriter Sam Hamm to write his own comic book miniseries.

While studying at the Manchester Yeshivah in 1973, Green began to write his own songs.

write another   (escribe otro)

He later told me he knew that if I got down there with that script I'd write another one."

Seeing the success of the work, the Paris Opéra commissioned Prokofiev to write another ballet.

From a December 2000 interview with Ed Simbalist: "I won't write another version of Space Opera.

write a story   (escribir una historia)

"The New York Times" assigned a reporter to write a story.

His boss then wants him to write a story on those suburbs, titled "slums of tomorrow."

The novel starts with the narrator, Rodrigo S.M., discussing what it means to write a story.

write and perform

This meant he needed to write operas and write and perform virtuoso pieces.

In addition, members Julia Lane and Fred Gosbee write and perform songs about Maine's people and history.

In 2001, Enya agreed to write and perform on two tracks for the of "" (2001) at the request of director Peter Jackson.

did write

Olivia Moreland may have existed, as Ashe did write several novels about living persons.

He was lucky to escape with just a scratched leg, but the accident did write off his car.

Though Zhiyi did write "One thought contains three thousand worlds", this does not entail idealism.

write and publish

He continued to write and publish professionally in the 1970s.

He continues to paint and to write and publish poetry, fiction, and essays.

Each year girls from the school help to write and publish the magazine, High Times.

write off

The police, crew, and passengers write off Valentine as insane.

In 1996, Paris and Moscow signed an accord to write off the tsarist debt.

write books

Even as a centenarian, he continued to write books.

He continued to publish his newspaper and write books.

He has continued to write books and contribute to outdoor magazines.

want to write

If I want to write an acoustic song, I will.

It was something I didn't want to write – a triumphal piece for the police.

I want to be a songwriter, I just want to write songs, but I want other people to sing the songs."

write a script

Evans commissioned Jules Feiffer to write a script.

This inspired him to write a script with John Baxter in the early 1980s.

Radnitz decided to make a feature film instead and got Dalene Young to write a script.

trying to write

Yin also gives Dee the fabric Yuan was trying to write on.

I was trying to write a song about dead things coming to life.

He explained, "Our summer is just gonna be trying to write, jam.

write several

He also went on to write several books on rugby league.

He went on to write several parliamentary information reports.

He would later write several screenplays for Australian films and television shows.

write stories

When he was ten, she urged Alexei to write stories.

Hummel was the first woman to write stories for "Wonder Woman."

His ability to write stories made him well known in the school.

first to write

He was the first to write the history of Zahidia order in Bihar.

Milton was not the first to write an epic poem on a Christian theme.

He was the first to write the biography of Maqdum Munampak and Shah-e-ata.

write an article

At the end of the camp, the participants write an article about their project.

Against Valentin's wishes, Peter orders Lulu to write an article about Henrik, and even contacts her as Henrik.

In 1981 Kaytor traveled to the White House to write an article for the "New York Times" about the Family Dining Room.

years to write

It took Stach about 10 years to write this volume.

It took Garner six years to write his next novel, "Red Shift".

Peirce took years to write reports that he should have completed in months.

continuing to write

While continuing to write, Wolff taught at Syracuse University from 1980 to 1997.

He then released several singles for MGM Records, while continuing to write for other artists.

Between 1870 and 1876 Derdowski worked mostly at teaching jobs while continuing to write poetry.

agreed to write

J. M. Barrie, the creator of Peter Pan, agreed to write a preface.

Hauptmann agreed to write his own completely new intertitles for 40,000 marks, twice what Ufa had offered.

When the original director Samir Karnik opted out of the sequel, Sangeeth Sivan agreed to write and direct.

write up

It will take them years to write up their research in its entirety and publish it.

Mashable listed InstaEDU first in a write up of dependable sources for online tutoring.

The write up of the report should contain enough evidence that themes within the data are relevant to the data set.

opportunity to write

This provided Prokofiev an opportunity to write more chamber music.

This gave him the opportunity to write two books about the art and science of cinematography.

She soon grasped an opportunity to write a youth column in the Amandala news paper - ‘Spotlight’.

write the lyrics

For two situation songs, Ranade requested Kishor Kadam to write the lyrics.

His original choice to write the lyrics, the Irish poet Thomas Moore turned his down however.

While Smith tends to write the lyrics and chords, song writing overall is a collaborative effort.

order to write   (orden de escribir)

She received a 5-year award from the Nederlands Stimuleringsfonds for film in order to write scenarios.

I have studied every military treatise in order to write my manual entitled "Principles of Military Strategy".

In order to write poetry, the poet must use words to suggest what is public, common, impersonal, and objective.

intended to write

Maria never intended to write anything of her life.

The subjects of immigration, asylum, etc., are important to him, and he intended to write a book with a message.

The stories had to be sweeter than he had intended to write them, and he was asked to scrap passages in Drèents.