writers such

This includes writers such as Michael Paraskos and Stephanos Stephanides.

The word first appears in Latin juridical texts by writers such as Cicero.

Though his original work is lost it was used by later writers such as Strabo.

other writers   (他の作家)

Indio was also positively received by other writers.

The series was subsequently continued by other writers.

For other writers, the region's pull was more uncertain.

writers and artists

Many of the writers and artists worked on the original animated series.

Creative writers and artists claimed space for African-American perspectives.

Harrison aided Black writers and artists, including Charles Gilpin, Andy Razaf, J.

women writers

Nordenflycht has been described as hostile to other women writers.

Before this time, the appeal for women writers was not that great.

All the characters those black women writers acknowledged and ignored."

artists and writers

He says his childhood home as a gathering place for artists and writers.

He soon became friends with several prominent artists and writers in London.

These artists and writers, scholars and scientists, represent the best of the best.

many writers

The film's theatrical release received acclaim from many writers.

Modern Greek literature is represented by many writers, poets and novelists.

However the name Orestias was still used by many writers at the Byzantine era, along with Adrianoupolis.

young writers

In 2013 he was included in the Granta list of 20 best young writers.

She won the Mykolaiv poetry award for young writers, The Golden Harp, in 1995.

He hoped to create a taste for British literature and encourage young writers.

writers including

Representative writers including A.C. Underwood and William R. Estep.

Pytheas's account was noted later by other writers including Pliny the Elder and Diodorus Siculus.

Newcity also publishes writers including Michael Nagrant who also writes for "The Huffington Post".

fiction writers

The concept has been popularized by various science fiction writers.

His work was largely criticized by New Wave science fiction writers.

Nevertheless, Moore's work paved the way for many other female speculative fiction writers.

later writers

He is also called by later writers "the Handsome."

William, and some later writers, doubted Wimund's claims.

This list has been brought up to date and expanded by later writers.

new writers

In it, Wood advises new writers to "just keep on writing.

No new writers were hired after the conclusion of the fourth season.

Equal editorial attention will be given to established, emergent and new writers."

poets and writers

Most of his family members were poets and writers.

A wide range of poets and writers fell within the New Spanish Baroque tradition.

Later on, poets and writers took up the theme and developed an iconography that exalted Elizabeth.

writers and poets

The Stray Dog Café was a meeting place for writers and poets between 1911 and 1915.

Prominent writers and poets living in Fredericton include Raymond Fraser, Robert Gibbs, M.T.

Through these meetings, she became well known amongst politicians, judges, philanthropists, writers and poets.

contemporary writers

Mendele's style was excitedly adopted by contemporary writers and spread quickly.

Sporadic mentions were subsequently made by Sieur Dubois and other contemporary writers.

However, a number of contemporary writers have worked and focused on the north of the country.

sports writers

He was a unanimous pick by the AP sports writers.

Turner was a unanimous All-Pro pick by the UP sports writers.

One of the sports writers came up with Golden Gales and the name stuck.

writers and producers

I wrote it with some great writers and producers.

Trends on the discussion boards have been known to influence the writers and producers of the show.

Throughout the remainder of the 1970s, several new Godzilla stories were submitted by various writers and producers.

group of writers

The group of writers, musicians and artists became known as "The Kardomah Gang".

During the 1960s, these young writers joined up in Mexico with the group of writers that had left Guatemala in 1954.

Haebich was one of a group of writers involved in unraveling the Moore River Native Settlement history, and the legacy of A.O.

several writers

This was also proposed by several writers during the Classical era.

Brodney was one of several writers on the hugely popular "Harvey" (1950).

For example, several writers in the early 1970s used the term to refer to fax document transmission.

ancient writers

Among many ancient writers, Moses was seen as an Egyptian rather than a Jew.

According to ancient writers Demosthenes called Alexander, "Margites" () and a boy.

The large number of references to it by other ancient writers shows how influential the work was.

such writers

This term has been used by such writers as Adrian Mayer and Brij Lal.

They worked with such writers and composers included Endre Ady and Béla Bartók.

In the slums of Chicago, she taught children who could not afford school education about such writers as Dante and Robert Browning.

female writers   (女性作家)

She noted that Letterman's shows had hired only seven female writers in 27 years.

Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers, Josephine Tey, Margery Allingham, and Ngaio Marsh were particularly famous female writers of this time.

Prominent female writers at the time included the likes of Iman Asiri, Fatima al-Taytun, Fathiya 'Ajlan, Hamda Khamis and Fawziyya al-Sindi.

staff writers   (スタッフライター)

The staff writers at Sesame Street were initially unsure of how to write for her.

Chun was also one of the staff writers for the ABC television series "Cashmere Mafia", starring Lucy Liu.

The staff writers were Scheuring, co-executive producers Nick Santora and Zack Estrin, supervising producer Karyn Usher and Olmstead.

writers include

Recent visiting writers include Heather McHugh, Nobel Laureate J.M.

Kaya Press writers include

Influential Flemish writers include Ernest Claes, Stijn Streuvels and Felix Timmermans.

modern writers

Mr. Bennett was a critic of not just Woolf, but modern writers in general.

Some modern writers claim military service was restricted to the landowning minor nobility.

Sometimes, this convention may be preserved by modern writers, but standard historical kana distinguishes ("mu") from ("n").

famous writers

Unlike many famous writers, Kafka is rarely quoted by others.

The famous writers of Nimari were Gaurishankar Sharma, Ramnarayan Upadhyay etc.

Jacintha and Eric read and wrote poetry, and dreamed of becoming famous writers.

number of writers   (作家数)

A great number of writers, calligraphers, and artists have been regular customers in this hotel.

After his death a number of writers questioned the accuracy of van der Post's claims about his life.

The Ukrainian scholar Andriy Biletsky created a new Slavonic alphabet, but though a number of writers and poets make use of this alphabet, the population of the region rarely uses it.

science fiction writers

The concept has been popularized by various science fiction writers.

His work was largely criticized by New Wave science fiction writers.

While a few Romanian science fiction writers were translated into English, none proved popular abroad.

prominent writers

Sewell contrived to link his name with those of many prominent writers of this period.

In addition to less well-known regulars, some more prominent writers occasionally appeared.

Two of his siblings became prominent writers, sister Clemence Housman and brother Laurence Housman.

fellow writers   (仲間の作家)

Among fellow writers, Dickens there was a range of opinions.

His teammates included fellow writers J. M. Barrie, Arthur Conan Doyle and P. G. Wodehouse.

Robinson lived in Los Angeles, where he was good friends with fellow writers and collaborators Geoff Johns and Sterling Gates.

various writers

Throughout the remainder of the 1970s, several new Godzilla stories were submitted by various writers and producers.

Akkad and his Trancus producing company hired various writers to come up with drafts for a new film, but none worked.

According to Gore Vidal, more than 12 versions of the script had been written by various writers by the spring of 1958.

writers included

The writers included David Turner who created the series.

Staff writers included W. P. Ryan, Langdon Everard and George Slocombe.

Episode writers included Lynda La Plante, Gail Renard and Phil Redmond.