İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

rushing yards   (acele)

He would finish the season with 217 rushing yards.

Ron Dayne gained 1,834 rushing yards as a senior.

McKee also had 85 rushing yards on twelve attempts.

receiving yards   (alan alma)

He also added 58 receiving yards with one touchdown.

He finished seventh among rookies in receiving yards.

In 2012, he led the nation with 1,832 receiving yards.

passing yards   (geçen bahçeler)

His passing yards rank 20th all-time for a season.

He ended his career at Miami with 12,013 passing yards.

Rivers finished with 294 passing yards and 3 touchdowns.

yards per

and 14 receptions for 97 yards (6.93 yards per rec.

He helped the offense average 372.9 yards per game.

catch that NFL season with 20.1 yards per catch.

total yards   (toplam yarda)

Ryan Torain collected 96 total yards and a touchdown.

Ohio State had 575 total yards, including 418 rushing yards.

The Knights offense was held to a season-low 250 total yards.

yards rushing

Their 380 yards rushing were the most since 2004.

In 1976, he had 406 yards rushing with 3.5 YPC.

He finished his UCLA career with 4,403 yards rushing.

yards per game

He helped the offense average 372.9 yards per game.

The 1990 Aggie team set a school record of 471.1 yards per game.

Scott remained the ACC leading rusher with 102.6 yards per game.

hundred yards   (yüz metre)

The station was situated four hundred yards north of Low Lane.

The Narwijjerooks then withdrew about a hundred yards and camped.

The Union troops fell a few hundred yards back from the Widow Tapp farm.

yards against   (karşı yarda)

Scored a 700 mph goal from 65 yards against Dulwich Hamlet.

On October 21, he threw five touchdowns and 304 yards against Akron.

He scored one goal, a shot from 25 yards against Spain on 23 May 2009.

return yards   (dönüş metre)

He broke the ACC record for career punt return yards with 1,271.

He also had 1,067 kickoff return yards and 981 punt return yards.

yards per carry

He averaged 8.0 yards per carry during the regular season.

He also scored 6 touchdowns and averaged 5.1 yards per carry.

In 2002, he was second in the NFC averaging 4.7 yards per carry.

yards of total   (toplam metre)

Michigan gained 467 yards of total offense.

SMU only had 242 yards of total offense, while TCU had 387.

SMU only had 256 yards of total offense, while North Texas had 529.

yards away

Windows up to 400 yards away were broken.

The Cowboys stood 75 yards away from an NFC Eastern Division title.

In the same year, 1819, a few hundred yards away new congregation was formed.

yards passing

In Week 7, Rivers surpassed 30,000 career yards passing.

Alabama had zero yards passing in the game.

Hundley set a school single season record with 3,740 yards passing.

few yards   (birkaç metre)

who had crawled up within a few yards of the position.

The exchange of fire took place at range of a few yards.

Sophie lies unseen and unconscious in the grass, a few yards from the car.

marshalling yards   (marshalling metre)

The crew carried out raids on marshalling yards in Berlin.

Starting with menial jobs such as delivering milk, he found skilled work at the Stratford marshalling yards.

His father worked on the railways, and Glading grew up in Henniker Road, Stratford, near the marshalling yards.

few hundred yards   (birkaç yüz metre)

The Union troops fell a few hundred yards back from the Widow Tapp farm.

In the same year, 1819, a few hundred yards away new congregation was formed.

It incorporated parts from the earlier Ham Mill, a few hundred yards to the north east.

yards receiving

He had a season-best 105 yards receiving and two touchdowns.

He had 67 yards receiving and set up the first TD for Miami.

He scored 25 touchdowns in his career and added 702 yards receiving.

yards of offense   (suç)

UCLA had only 186 yards of offense compared to Tennessee's 208.

Hawaii racked up 568 yards of offense while holding San Jose State to 192.

The game turned into a high-scoring affair, with 1,300 total yards of offense.

yards and scored

That year he caught 77 receptions for 827 yards and scored 5 touchdowns.

In his senior season, he rushed for 2,100 yards and scored 30 touchdowns.

Isaac Odim rushed for 126 yards and scored four touchdowns for the Bulldogs.

cubic yards

It will use 368,000 cubic yards of compressed concrete.

The total quantity of concrete in the dam is 8,271 cubic yards (6,323 m³).

It would require 2000 cubic yards of concrete and 146,000 pounds of steel.

rail yards   (demiryolu metre)

Snowsheds were built, as were rail yards, spurs, coalsheds and watertowers.

Its southern side is dominated by the rail yards approaching the main railway station.

The squadron flew its last combat mission on 25 April 1945 against rail yards at Linz, Austria.

net yards

In the 20–15 victory, he had seven punts for 264 net yards.

He recorded 150 punts for 6,250 net yards for a 41.7 average.

He finished the game with seven punts for 294 net yards for a 42.00 average.

yards during

No UConn opponent passed for more than 259 yards during the regular season.

In the 2008 season, Spaeth added 17 more catches to his career and 136 yards during the regular season.

In week 16 against the New England Patriots, Beasley caught 7 passes for 108 yards during the 24–17 loss.

yards before

In 1902, he kicked the football 86 yards before touching the ground.

They managed a few hundred yards before being stopped by a broad belt of undamaged German barbed wire.

yards per punt

Steve Little averaged 44.4 yards per punt, the seventh-best nationally.

With the Wisconsin–Whitewater Warhawks, Turk averaged 36.3 yards per punt.

In 1992, he punted for 4,760 yards with an average of 44.1 yards per punt.

yards from scrimmage   (metre)

He also set a CFL record with 2,140 yards from scrimmage.

Despite missing 4 of 16 games, he finished 3rd in the NFL (and 95th all-time) with 1,884 yards from scrimmage.

He also led the Lumberjacks in receptions, rushing yards and yards from scrimmage during his junior and senior years.

yards long   (yarda)

Prior to the 1980s, the Canadian end zone was 25 yards long.

The reserve is some 1800 yards long and is through ancient woodland.

The end zone in American football is 10 yards long by yards (160 feet) wide.

yards per catch

catch that NFL season with 20.1 yards per catch.

He caught six passes for 79 yards (13.2 yards per catch).

He caught 334 passes for 4,710 yards (14.1 yards per catch) and 27 touchdowns.

more yards

No one has since rushed for more yards in a single NFL season.

He ran for 100 or more yards in 8 of the 12 regular season games.

He followed that first-down run by gaining eight more yards on consecutive runs.

yards and caught

In 1992 Cleveland rushed for 1,125 yards and caught 52 passes.

Grimes rushed for 105 yards and caught 13 passes for 94 yards.

Additionally, he rushed for 21 yards and caught a pass for 21 yards.

yards allowed

The Huskies allowed the 10th-fewest yards per game in the nation with 281 yards allowed.

They were 2nd in fewest rushing yards allowed and 2nd in sacking the opposing quarterback.

The Titans ranked 26th in total yards allowed and 29th against the pass in the 2010 season.

ten yards   (on metre)

Against Wake Forest, he had eleven carries for 50 yards and one reception for ten yards.

In the first play from scrimmage after the opening kicks, Villanova completed a pass that "succeeded in gaining ten yards."

The same principles apply in Canadian football, except that a team has only three chances to gain ten yards instead of four.

rushing yards per

In 2011, Harding led Division II with 360.9 rushing yards per game.

Belton ranked ninth in Big Ten games only at 78.6 rushing yards per game.

Despite the setback, Scott retained the lead in the ACC with 96.4 rushing yards per game.