Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

young people   (giới trẻ)

It involves young people selecting their partners.

Many young people gathered to have his blessings.

Hotels are popular meeting places for young people.

young man   (người đàn ông trẻ)

As a young man, Raymond briefly attended seminary.

As a young man, I chafed at this state of affairs.

As a young man, Cargas struggled to find a career.

young age   (tuổi Trẻ)

She became interested in science from a young age.

He was not arrested because of his young age (14).

McLoughlin began performing music at a young age.

young woman   (người phụ nữ trẻ)

The once athletic young woman became more studious.

She sang in local church choirs as a young woman.

Eva, as a young woman, is shown with her brother.

young men   (thanh niên)

The young men enlisted and the officers volunteered.

Numerous young men were enlisted in the army and died.

It was an organization of aspiring young men.

young women   (phụ nữ trẻ)

Then all the young women join to dance with them.

The movie opens with the young women as adults.

Rush was held and four young women pledged the sorority.

young girl   (cô gái trẻ)

She is described as small, scrawny and young girl.

You can't get away from the fact she's a young girl.

As a young girl she sang in the Sandefjord Jentekor.

young children   (trẻ nhỏ)

Fear of surgery is common among young children.

The rules are simple, so even young children can play.

They both live with their two young children in Vienna.

very young

He was appointed consul at a very young age in 491.

From a very young age he began writing and drawing.

Qian Daxin started to teach in a very young age.

young boy   (chàng trai trẻ)

As a young boy he moved to Chelsea, Massachusetts.

Marrel gave the young boy also artistic training.

As a young boy he attended Sutton St. James' C.E.

young adult   (thanh niên)

In 2010, she starred in the young adult film "16 Wishes".

BONZZO A young adult, facing life with a teenager attitude.

It is Bateman's first young adult novel.

young adults   (thanh niên)

The Café Parisien was most popular among young adults.

The lenses are popular among teenagers and young adults.

It mainly affects children and young adults.

young girls

The group was a mentoring program for young girls.

They were particularly mean towards young girls.

The young girls also carried baskets of figs.

too young

But I was too young to have experienced any decadence, then.

His parents thought at the age of 19, he was too young to marry.

He was considered to be inexperienced and too young for the position.

young son

He now lives in York with his wife and young son, Owen.

That is all he wanted to tell his young son at the time.

Queen Medea and her young son arrive to welcome Theseus.

group of young

Nearby is also a group of young campers.

The 30-episode drama revolves around a group of young lawyers.

The film follows a group of young, college-going men and women.

young players

This has facilitated the growth of many young players.

However, his best work may be in nurturing young players.

As an assistant coach, he was responsible for scouting young players.

young child

As a young child, she was coached by Olena Mihotina.

While she was a young child, the family lived in Haifa.

Tracy Byrd enjoyed athletics since she was a young child.

many young

This has facilitated the growth of many young players.

She mentored many young communists and labor activists.

Robinson inspired many young women to join the protest and to fight.

very young age

He was appointed consul at a very young age in 491.

From a very young age he began writing and drawing.

Qian Daxin started to teach in a very young age.

died young

They had one daughter, Elizabeth, who died young.

Taliaferro had many children, several died young.

The eldest, Mutri Tsenpo, apparently died young.

children and young

It mainly affects children and young adults.

‡ For children and young adults.

young artists

Brancaccio travels to India to inspire young artists in December 2011.

The exhibition showcases young artists’ exploration of contemporary issues.

He also directs research for young artists at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

other young   (trẻ khác)

He tastes his first Strongbow Cider, which other young people offer him.

He was a racist thug, who often tried to lead other young characters astray.

Many of contestants act as role-models for other young women in the community.

young couple   (cặp đôi trẻ)

The young couple married and had another child in 1981.

The story of the film about the love of a young couple.

The young couple was cast as the new lead pair of the company.

young boys

The Sultans had the young boys trained over several years.

In the North, young boys felt a desire to set the South straight.

They had a crew of six men and a few young boys that were helpers.

when young   (khi trẻ)

Petiole with groove, and with short furs when young.

Both the stem and cap are slimy or sticky when young.

Initially it is bell-shaped, and often wrinkled when young.

young daughter

Brown is married to a violinist and has a young daughter.

In one scene, his young daughter headbutts a social worker.

Deviprasad leaves the house with his wife and young daughter.

among young

Fear of surgery is common among young children.

managed to gain a large following among young viewers.

The Café Parisien was most popular among young adults.

relatively young   (tương đối trẻ)

After all, he was a relatively young (38) and vigorous man.

She died at a relatively young age.

In 1782, Allen's brother Heber died at the relatively young age of 38.

promising young   (trẻ đầy triển vọng)

They had met in Greece at a time when he "was a promising young sculptor."

She is considered one of the most promising young players of Spanish basketball.

Khumalo had been dubbed "one of South Africa's most promising young saxophonists".

young musicians

Instruments are loaned to young musicians on Scholarships.

Xenia worked closely with young musicians over the past 20 years.

Karekar has trained several promising and accomplished young musicians.

young lady   (cô gái trẻ)

The case is complicated by an enthusiastic young lady.

The young lady promptly returns to Orlando to visit her sick mother.

Tom Swift encounters a strange young lady, who appears to be from outer space.

still young   (vẫn còn trẻ)

I'm still young and I've got big things to come."

Her father drowned while she was still young.

His family moved to Birmingham whilst he was still young.

young female   (Nữ thanh niên)

Their targeted group is young female adults aged 18 to 28.

Each region usually has its own young female deity/deities.

The movie portrays young female sexuality with humor and with playfulness.

beautiful young   (trẻ đẹp)

He eventually encounters a beautiful young woman named Odona.

In his office a short time later, a beautiful young woman in black arrives.

As a beautiful young princess, she was the object of much attention at court.

young adult novel   (tiểu thuyết người lớn trẻ)

It is Bateman's first young adult novel.

Her young adult novel "Am I Normal Yet?"

Her 2018 young adult novel "Are We All Lemmings and Snowflakes?"

young artist

As a young artist, Bates was an understudy of Irene Beck.

That year, she received the Oberdorfer Culture Award for the most talented young artist.

Already as a young artist he became disillusioned with the principles of soviet realism.

best young

He also won the White Jersey, for best young rider.

Considered one of the best young Mexican players.

He was voted best young talent in the 2003–04 League Cup.

number of young   (số trẻ)

A number of young women indicated a willingness to join her.

Only a few number of young people are diverted to agriculture.

The number of young born averages two and ranges from one to five.

talented young   (tài năng trẻ)

This award supports talented young Scottish artists.

He keeps on finding talented young singers.

The show aims to find the most talented young singer in Pakistan.

young player   (cầu thủ trẻ)

Bamford was named MCCC young player of the year in 1996.

He was awarded best young player of the Apertura 2009 tournament.

Brown was subsequently voted October's young player of the month.

young professionals

The main driving force should be students and young professionals.

Downtown's population of young professionals is growing and retail is expanding.

These young professionals trained in cryptanalysis officially became USCG Unit 387.

young talent   (Tài năng trẻ)

And her ability to draw bright young talent grew.

Isaacs was famous for his "young talent" shows.

They established a scholarship to promote young talent.

young man named

A young man named Jesse W. Weik who had corresponded with Herndon became a good friend.

In the 1740s, a gifted young man named Shalom Mizrachi Sharabi arrived in Jerusalem from Yemen.

They meet a sinister but charming young man named Marco (Martin Kiefer) while playing at the sea.

young readers   (độc giả trẻ)

Like the Tsunami imprint before it, it aimed to attract young readers.

Skurzynski is the author of more than sixty books written for young readers.

Her books, read both by adults and young readers, break up generational barriers.

young black

Jackson stayed, vainly seeking a young black man to reestablish the community.

Her best friend, Starletta, is a young black girl who has poor, but kind parents.

More unusual prey include fishers, young black bear cubs, harp seals and rattlesnakes.

young person   (người trẻ tuổi)

A young person normally moistens 15 mm of each paper strip.

Apart from these, each young person must find their way alone."

It is the first book written by a trans person who transitioned as a young person.

young woman named

A young woman named Maria Elena finds and helps him.

He eventually encounters a beautiful young woman named Odona.

he was also suspected of murdering a young woman named Komichi.

young students

It has awarded college scholarships to more than 600 young students.

In 2003 she published "Neuroscience: science of the brain: an introduction for young students."

The school started as one campus in rented premises serving a small number of very young students.

young king

Drummond now became Lord High Almoner to the young king.

The young king, Chandrakanta had no alternative but to acquiesce in Badan Chandra's proposal.

The young king of Easaidh Ruadh decided to amuse himself by playing a game with the Gruagach.

young and old

People young and old all across the country dusted off their boards and checkers.

Many other young and old Texans die and Euphemia is almost lost in a sea of graves.

His recruitment brochure called for those "young and old - with adult joy and adult stability.

young family   (gia đình trẻ)

She lived in Kent with her young family.

When Budd was born in 1936 the young family moved to Los Angeles.

After graduating from Yale, Bush moved his young family to West Texas.

young male

It starts off with two young male friends in a video store.

In animations it is not unusual for female actors to voice young male characters.

Dajto showcases top foreign series, shows and movies targeted at young male viewers.

young wife

Harry Blackwood has an affair with Fynmore’s young wife.

Jalil does not hide his young wife from others, contrary to the customs.

His young wife Elizabeth Ann Webb endured the lonely life of a navy spouse.

young actors

both of these young actors to make excellent careers.

The young actors in film were members of the Glasgow Youth Theatre.

She is widely considered one of the best young actors in China today.

young prince   (hoàng tử trẻ)

Ambrose did not sway the young prince's position.

He and the young prince were constantly pursued by soldiers.

The young prince died four days later.

young ladies   (Các cô nàng)

He's pulled to the dance floor by three lovely young ladies.

The three young ladies became known as the "Cary Invincibles."

In 1841, moving to Boston, Folsom opened a school for young ladies.

several young

Matveev had 'sponsored' several young ladies at his house, including Natalia.

Canberra United signed several young talents to play in the 2017 W-League season.

Fifteen thousand guests saw the fire, which was said to be started by several young boys.

young rider   (tay đua trẻ)

He also won the White Jersey, for best young rider.

Hosking won the 'best young rider' class for the stage.

Van Dijk also led the points and 'best young rider' standings.

young writers

In 2013 he was included in the Granta list of 20 best young writers.

She won the Mykolaiv poetry award for young writers, The Golden Harp, in 1995.

He hoped to create a taste for British literature and encourage young writers.

another young   (một người trẻ khác)

This apartment was now hired by another young businessman.

In 2008 a young man preaching at NPF Plaza was heckled by another young man.

There, he became friends with another young emigré working for Universal William Wyler.

young birds

It is nocturnal, feeding on fish, frogs, lizards, snakes and young birds.

The calls of young birds tend to be more harsh and shrill than those of adults.

In Namibia, farmers catch the wild birds under license or buy eggs or young birds.

young sons

Their young sons soon became thoroughly-oriented British subjects.

They and their two young sons, Louis and Alexander, were all killed.

Jeannette Vermeersch and her two young sons joined Maurice Thorez in Moscow.

young student   (sinh viên trẻ)

No greater compliment could have been paid to a young student.

A young student spoke to us in German.

While a young student, he developed an early appreciation of the French art masters.

young generation

In France, he's one of major poets of the young generation.

This young generation was seen as a cornerstone, a bulwark of empires.

We had Mikhail Boyarsky, so let the young generation to have someone else."

among young people

Batoo became a short-lived fad among young people in Korea around 2011.

Anxiety during social interactions, particularly between strangers, is common among young people.

Although two-thirds of the population is under 25, turnout and interest among young people is low.

young actor

Rockwell plays an aspiring young actor named Pete Sampras.

It marked the debut of the intense young actor Toshiro Mifune.

A young actor performing in his girlfriend Chloe's film project.

young leaves

The whitish young leaves are also hairy.

Silky hairs appear on the young leaves.

The farmer had been growing them for their edible young leaves.

young girl named

A young girl named Taneal gives Thorn a tiny prayer stone.

Riyria is informed that a young girl named Thrace is looking to hire them.

Several years after, a young girl named Allison transfers the curse to Chicago.

young widow   (góa phụ trẻ)

The young widow edited her father's papers.

When he was 36, Bacon courted Elizabeth Hatton, a young widow of 20.

The young widow refused and fled, taking refuge in the castle of Como.

young talents

Competition to search for young talents is extremely keen.

Canberra United signed several young talents to play in the 2017 W-League season.

In return, they acquired young talents such as Eugenio Suárez and Anthony DeSclafani.

young actress

In 1819, he married Catherine Leebuff, a young actress.

Bertha Mann started touring with stock companies as a young actress.

"Ingénue" may also refer to a new young actress or one typecast in such roles.

help young

He founded the Marcello Giordani Foundation to help young opera singers.

Youth clubs are there to help young people understand the world around them.

As such, they were driven to help young people struggling with mental health.

all young

Nineteen people, all young civilians and mostly students, were wounded in the blast.

Consequently, Selective Service registration is still required of almost all young men.

She encourages all young women she meets to consider careers in engineering; including the children of Crossrail staff.

handsome young   (đẹp trai trẻ)

She did, and he became a handsome young prince, who married her.

A handsome young man arrived.

Sirio Marson, a handsome young man, enters and engages Lucy in conversation.

when a young   (khi còn trẻ)

He was involved in the Saint-Simonian movement when a young man.

Frank died when a young man while serving as a soldier in the Prussian army.

However, his life changes forever when a young fighter is accidentally and mortally wounded in the ring.

young audience

It's vital that we educate a young audience.

Dave and Luke were introduced in an attempt to attract a young audience.

Since it was found, the station focuses on young audience as main listeners.

follows a young

The story follows a young boy who finds a strange weapon and his newly paroled brother.

It follows a young boy who forgets his roots after spending much of his childhood at sea.

The novel follows a young boy called Duny, nicknamed "Sparrowhawk", born on the island of Gont.

both young

Its format is aimed at a family audience for both young people and adults.

Men and women participate about equally in the races, and both young and older adults take part.

Ajay "had" to marry Priya when they were both young because she was expecting their daughter, Rani.

quite young

Pessoa started using pen names quite young.

Kepler-51b is quite young at a few hundred million years old.

When she was quite young, her parents moved to Providence, Rhode Island.

beautiful young woman

He eventually encounters a beautiful young woman named Odona.

In his office a short time later, a beautiful young woman in black arrives.

"—Paul Christopher is eating dinner with a beautiful young woman in wartime Saigon.

young stars

However, the young stars are confined to the central core of the galaxy.

Some stellar coronae, particularly in young stars, are much more luminous than the Sun's.

The young stars within RCW79 radiate ultraviolet light that excites molecules of dust within the bubble.

young scientists

He is a jury president for the Bogoliubov Prize for young scientists.

The Institute has postgraduate course and trains qualified specialists among young scientists.

This work was awarded the second prize at the All-Union competition of works of young scientists.

young adult fiction   (tiểu thuyết người lớn trẻ)

She is an editor at Éditions À dos d'âne, a publisher of young adult fiction.

Holly Bourne Holly Bourne (born 6 May) is a British author of young adult fiction.

Mike Mullin (author) Mike Mullin is primarily known as a young adult fiction writer.

school for young   (trường dành cho giới trẻ)

In 1927, Kawai founded a Christian school for young women in Tokyo.

In 1841, moving to Boston, Folsom opened a school for young ladies.

The Association also supported a school for young European and Arab girls.

young team   (đội trẻ)

The young team reorganized and decentralized the company.

In the 1976–77 season, with a young team and with Titus Ozon as coach, the dream came true.

For the Raptors, he provided a veteran presence to a young team that included Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady.

so young

MJ and Steve reprimand her for having sex so young.

The two fall in love and because they are so young they decide to elope.

He was styled "Duke of Cambridge", but never formally created so, because he died so young.

young males

They occur most commonly in young males and older females.

Most of these Chinese were young males, and they took Cham women as wives.

Mature females or young males only show the two black spots on the dorsal fin.

young boy named

The current Phobos is a young boy named Alexander Aaron.

The story follows a very young boy named Peter as he spends a day playing in the snow.

The Flenserists capture a young boy named Jefri Olsndot and his wounded sister, Johanna.

meets a young

In desperation he goes through a random gate and meets a young girl: Angie.

There he meets a young girl beside a fountain (duet "Mais, je veux te connaître").

Yates meets a young actress, Blossom Bailey (Elissa Landi), and takes her with him.

encourage young   (khuyến khích trẻ)

The Young Talent Prize aims to encourage young academic writers.

A variety of organizations worked to encourage young people to vote.

He hoped to create a taste for British literature and encourage young writers.

still a young   (vẫn còn trẻ)

1, and began touring as a soloist while still a young teenager.

Though still a young man, he was considered old for a fighter pilot.

They married in 1899 but parted ways when their daughter was still a young child.

young officer

She interviewed one young officer, who recalled: Herbert Marshall gave me back my life.

Gourdan started work in a fashion store but went to Paris in the company of a young officer who soon left her.

As a young woman, she was engaged to a young officer (and later Union general), Ambrose E. Burnside, whom she left at the altar.

young lovers   (những người yêu trẻ)

The lyrics tell the story of two young lovers.

Philip is reunited with his son, and the young lovers marry.

The young lovers were played by Brian Davies and Preshy Marker.

young rider classification   (phân loại tay đua trẻ)

The final individual classification was the young rider classification.

The young rider classification was open to those born on or after 1 January 1992.

The fourth jersey represents the young rider classification, marked by a white jersey.

young daughters   (con gái nhỏ)

Littlepage arrived on 1 May 1928 with his wife and two young daughters.

Ioana Petcu-Colan is married to a trombonist and has two young daughters.

Cardenas is married and has three young daughters and lives in Little Village.

young lawyer

As a young lawyer, Short boarded with a widow in Harrodsburg, Kentucky.

In the 1940s, he had a regular role as a young lawyer on a radio soap opera.

The young lawyer's practice extended to Tuscarawas County, Ohio, and its seat, New Philadelphia.

aimed at young

Dajto Dajto is the first niche channel aimed at young, active men in Slovakia.

It is a cost-free community outreach program aimed at young men without fathers.

A third station aimed at young people, MORE FM, was inaugurated on February 14, 2000.

such a young

Instead of enrolling at such a young age, he continued with his studies for three more years.

Hubert and Emma Zervas were reportedly very reluctant to part with their daughter at such a young age.

When asked why she chose to learn Violin at such a young age, she admits "I was really bad at nap-time.