İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

youth team   (genç takımı)

She was also part of the Dutch youth team in 1995.

He is currently youth team manager at Aston Villa.

Jordan is currently a youth team player at Arsenal.

youth system   (gençlik sistemi)

Molina joined Independiente's youth system in 2005.

Alferez joined Godoy Cruz's youth system in 2012.

Migone joined Rosario Central's youth system in 2008.

youth teams   (gençlik ekipleri)

He originally played for various Dutch youth teams.

Todorov was raised in Maritsa Plovdiv's youth teams.

Bonomi started his career at A.C. Milan youth teams.

youth academy   (genç Akademi)

He started his career in AFC Ajax's youth academy.

Tomić came through Široki Brijeg's youth academy.

Genk youth academy from the Bocholt academy in 2010.

youth football   (gençlik futbol)

McCann has played youth football for Northern Ireland.

He played his youth football with S.C. Braga.

In 2009 "Bargeddie Colts" youth football team were reformed.

youth ranks   (gençlik dereceleri)

Gentile began in the youth ranks of Newell's Old Boys.

Estupiñán began his career in the youth ranks of LDU Quito.

He arrived in Spain in 2009, joining the youth ranks of RCD Mallorca.

youth level

Vázquez did not represent Spain at any youth level.

However, he did represent France at youth level.

Ferreira earned 84 caps for Portugal at youth level.

youth wing   (gençlik kanadı)

The youth wing was running educational programmes.

"Landjugend" was the youth wing of the party.

CNDD-FDD's youth wing is led by Hon Sylvestre Ndayizeye.

youth setup   (Gençlik kurulumu)

Hawsawi used to be a part of Al-Shabab's youth setup.

Born in Sambo Creek, Vuelto started playing in Victoria's youth setup.

Born in Seville, Andalusia, Julio graduated with Real Betis' youth setup.

youth international

He was formerly a youth international for Belgium.

Stijepović is a youth international for Montenegro.

He's a youth international for the Australia U-17s.

youth career

Intzidis started his youth career at Ilioupoli.

Vicari started his youth career at "Albatros Lercara".

Horn started his youth career at SC Rondorf and joined 1.

youth movement

She participated in the youth movement Hashomer Hatzair.

This variation is often played in the youth movement Bnei Akiva.

At age 10, he joined the youth movement HaNoar HaOved VeHaLomed.

through the youth

Canet came through the youth system at Val de Dagne XIII.

In Ajax he went through the youth department until Ajax II.

Whitfield started at Wrexham, coming through the youth team.

youth organization

He also heads the "Bridge" youth organization and "Green world".

The youth organization of the party claimed a membership of 1,500.

It was the first illegal youth organization to emerge after the coup.

youth development   (gençlik gelişimi)

He works as the head of youth development at Bari.

II to ensure the youth development squad; Selangor F.C.

In 2007, he became a youth development coach at Örebro SK.

national youth   (ulusal gençlik)

He played for the Bahamas national youth and U-23 teams.

Grommen has played for the Philippine national youth team.

Steinhart also earned three caps for Germany national youth teams.

youth player   (genç oyuncu)

He shared lodgings with a fellow Surrey youth player.

He sponsors PDC youth player Shaun Griffiths.

Best youth player Steve Wainwright 1977/78.

youth club

On 17 July 2012 returned to his youth club AEK Athens F.C.

Mygas began his career with the youth club of Panetolikos.

Schulz has coached at the youth club level since the mid-1980s.

children and youth

The former goods shed now houses a club for children and youth.

Just Film is the largest children and youth film festival in the region.

Typically, they organize summer camping experiences for children and youth.

youth coach   (gençlik koçu)

In 2014, he became the youth coach for the Igokea.

He is currently a youth coach at Toronto High Park.

He worked as a youth coach at his club, SC Neuenheim.

local youth   (yerel gençlik)

He also coached at local youth level.

He played for local youth side Aschaffenburg-Damm from 2002 to 2005.

By early 1900 competitive football was popular with the local youth.

played youth

McCann has played youth football for Northern Ireland.

Berzel played youth football for later 1899 Hoffenheim and VfL Wolfsburg.

Former Leinster and Ireland centre Gordon D'Arcy played youth rugby at the club.

youth groups

Creating a Music Camp Day in Hamburg with youth groups.

Organizing a soccer tournament with youth groups from Hamburg.

Three junior youth groups were run by Baháʼís in Shetland in 2010.

youth group   (Gençlik Grubu)

youth group at Coventry Cathedral.

The youth group of the department is integrated into the area West.

Glaetzer leads a youth group at Influencers Church in Paradise, Adelaide.

during his youth

He also trained in kendo during his youth.

His parents died during his youth, he grew up in the court of Ferenc Macskási.

Manos played soccer during his youth for the Athinaikos football team and others.

youth levels

Stępiński represented Poland at various youth levels.

Baró has represented Portugal at various youth levels.

He has also represented HIFK at different youth levels.

youth culture

Indian movies permitted a new youth culture without "becoming Western."

A youth culture had grown, including coffee bars, pop music and teenage gangs.

Japanese youth culture Japanese youth culture is a style for the youth and teen.

spent his youth

Abd al-Rahman spent his youth in his mother's harem.

He spent his youth career with Bournemouth and Southampton.

He spent his youth in the family palace in Wiśniowiec and Paris.

youth players

There are also awards for youth players and club staff.

These were all youth players.

He was one of 10 youth players to turn professional with the club in May 2018.

played youth football

McCann has played youth football for Northern Ireland.

Berzel played youth football for later 1899 Hoffenheim and VfL Wolfsburg.

Born in Rotterdam, Pinheiro Frederico played youth football for Sparta Rotterdam.

youth soccer

He now coaches youth soccer in Northern Ohio.

He is currently an executive of a youth soccer club in Calgary.

She has hosted youth soccer camps with her sister Megan Rapinoe.

youth organisation

After that he joined the youth organisation of Hindu Mahasabha.

She was a member of the Jeunesse Étudiante Chrétienne, a Christian youth organisation.

He was one of the founding members of DYFI, the youth organisation associated with CPI(M).

various youth

Stępiński represented Poland at various youth levels.

Baró has represented Portugal at various youth levels.

Wormgoor has played for various youth clubs.

youth organizations

During his student life he formed various youth organizations.

Cadet or scout groups or other youth organizations may also own buses.

According to the CADD-MJ, it was the "locomotive of youth organizations in our country".

joined the youth

In summer 1994, he joined the youth rank of Palermo.

In 1971, he joined the youth team CR Belouizdad.

He later joined the youth system of Partizan.

youth national   (gençlik milli)

He played 34 games for the Yugoslav youth national team.

Tyldum has around 50 caps for the junior and youth national teams.

He also coach several of Switzerland’s youth national basketball teams.

youth side

He further went to captain the youth side.

He then proceeded to play for every youth side at the club.

In 2002, at age 16, he joined the youth side of Górnik Zabrze.

youth product

A youth product of Juventus F.C., Konko was loaned to F.C.

Born in Pietà, Mifsud is a youth product of Sliema Wanderers.

Born in Valencia, Valencian Community, Gavilán was a Valencia CF youth product.

youth graduate

Ghan was born in Canelones, and was a Danubio youth graduate.

Born in Andorra la Vella, Bernaus was a FC Barcelona youth graduate.

Lempereur was born in Saint-Nazaire, and was a RC Lens youth graduate.

youth squad   (Gençlik kadrosu)

He was a member of the Inter U17 youth squad.

He plays for the youth squad of SPAL.

HFC Haarlem saw his potential, and signed him for their youth squad.

international youth

He has represented Ghana U20 in international youth squads.

Aït-Fana has been active on the international youth circuit for France.

The Young Progressive Democrats was a member of two international youth organisations:

youth hostel   (gençlik yurdu)

The barracks were used as a youth hostel between 1963 and 2000.

In 1996 the youth hostel was closed.

The village also has a youth hostel, and a number of camping and caravan sites.

youth sports

Joe Wolfe Field also hosts other youth sports leagues.

In May 2001 the TSA approved its first youth sports project.

He covered St. Louis Flyers hockey, boxing, and youth sports.

youth program

He also continued to participate in the summer youth program.

The youth program has conferences designed for several age groups.

The Amateur Trapshooting Association launched its youth program, AIM in October 2008.

early youth   (erken gençlik)

He contributed to cultural journals from his early youth.

From his early youth, Jovan Vladimir longed for the Kingdom of God.

The young Fritz spent his childhood and early youth in a family home.

among the youth

Unemployment is especially high among the youth population.

In the 21st century, skateboarding has become popular among the youth.

Chicano art has also been trending in Japan especially among the youth.

youth section

The youth section hosted Ellon RFC at mini level.

Austria Wien hired Sáfár a goalkeeping coach for their youth section.

He mainly played for the Monaco Espoirs, the team of the club's youth section.

among youth

He worked among youth and students to spread the message of Vivekananda.

He organized study circles and joined discussions on Vedanta among youth.

She also coordinated communications among youth and awareness of youth in other countries.

youth work   (Gençlik çalışması)

The RKPN wanted to strengthen catholic schools and youth work.

The Catholic young community (KJG) Freudenstadt is involved in child and youth work.

In the 1950s and 1960s the club was active in youth work in ski jumping in the Helsinki area.

started his youth

Intzidis started his youth career at Ilioupoli.

Vicari started his youth career at "Albatros Lercara".

Horn started his youth career at SC Rondorf and joined 1.

youth programs

It was reopened in 2009 with a focus on youth programs.

NAM’s youth programs include: • YO!

Currently he is head coach of the youth programs for the Graz 99ers".

youth sides

He also played for the youth sides of Sparta Prague and Dubnica.

Vancaeyezeele played for the youth sides of Stade Malherbe Caen of Ligue 1.

He proceeded to score more than 80 goals for the club's various youth sides.

youth clubs   (Gençlik kulüpleri)

There were youth clubs at Westwood from at least 1943.

Wormgoor has played for various youth clubs.

He left school aged 15 and began to perform at youth clubs.

youth unemployment   (genç işsizliği)

With 7.1% Germany also has the lowest youth unemployment rate of all EU member states.

Denmark's active labour market policies particularly focus on tackling youth unemployment.

, Greater Adelaide had an unemployment rate of 7.4% with a youth unemployment rate of 15%.

childhood and youth

Nothing is known about Doubravka's childhood and youth.

She spent her childhood and youth in Balakovo, Saratov Oblast, Russia.

There is little information on Luis González de Ubieta's childhood and youth.

youth league

He spent time in the youth league teams of Club Atlas and C.F.

He played for a youth league as a running back in his hometown.

That same year the club forms its youth club that begin competing in the second youth league.

other youth   (diğer gençler)

Joe Wolfe Field also hosts other youth sports leagues.

He also represented the nation at two other youth levels.

He had previously represented Scotland at other youth levels.

began his youth

Lambertz began his youth football career in 1990 with SG Orken/Noithausen.

Born in Arezzo, Migliore began his youth career with French champions Olympique Lyonnais.

Pasquini began his youth career with Club San Carlos, prior to joining Lanús' system in 2006.

youth organisations

The club were one of the leading youth organisations for girls football until 2015.

The Young Progressive Democrats was a member of two international youth organisations:

These groups were mostly made up of young people, who were directed through youth organisations (such as Jarrai, Haika and Segi).

former youth

She was a former youth sector worker.

A former youth international for Turkey, Demirbay switched to represent Germany.

A former youth team player at Ajax, he turned professional at HFC Haarlem in 2009.

youth categories

Quintano took over the youth categories in the table on U.

Gama won 83 caps for Portugal all youth categories comprised, scoring 28 goals.

Born in Granada, Andalusia, López joined Málaga CF's youth categories in 2011 at the age of 15.

youth hockey

In his spare time, Tanti coaches youth hockey alongside another former Canuck Dave Babych.

He now is the Director of Hockey Operations/Coach In Chief for DYHA (desert youth hockey association.

Subject matter ranges from youth hockey, collegiate play, international hockey, plus the burgeoning professional game.

various youth levels

Stępiński represented Poland at various youth levels.

Baró has represented Portugal at various youth levels.

He has represented and captained England at various youth levels.

youth team coach   (gençlik takımı koçu)

He returned to Old Trafford as a youth team coach soon afterwards.

He held this post until June 2014, when he returned to Aberdeen as a youth team coach.

Kevin Poole and Mark Sale were retained in their respective roles as goalkeeping coach and youth team coach.

all youth

It is a celebration of the arts and is free to all youth.

These were all youth players.

Gama won 83 caps for Portugal all youth categories comprised, scoring 28 goals.

youth center

The Mary E. Brown Center is the primary youth center for Lessie Bates Davis youth programs.

It later served as a bakery, then as a post office, and in 1985 it was in use as a youth center.

In 2007 then Senator Barack Obama visited CFK’s youth center and gave a landmark speech calling for ethnic unity and education in Kibera.

youth baseball

There is also a youth baseball academy.

He also supports Club 42, an integrated youth baseball league.

A youth baseball umpire since the age of 16, Welke entered minor league umpiring in 1977.

youth and adults

"We started working with youth and adults.

I've been working with youth and adults for the last 52 years.

Sail training programs are active during the summer months for both youth and adults.

several youth

After representing at several youth tournaments, he joined the in 2006.

After representing the at several youth tournaments, he joined the in 2010.

playing youth

After playing youth football for several clubs including E.S.

Born in Bojnice, Vlasko began playing youth football for Prievidza.

He started playing youth football at the local amateur club DCS when he was six.

youth exponent   (gençlik üssü)

Born in Cremona, Quaini was a youth exponent of Genoa.

Born in Saluzzo, Rossetti was a youth exponent of Torino.

Born in Segrate, Taliento was a youth exponent of Atalanta.

youth through

He is tempted to regain his youth through the rejuvenation treatment of Jalaka, a gardener woman.

Row New York Row New York is a non-profit organization based in New York City focused on empowering youth through the sport of rowing.

Dogs that are physically fit and vigorous in their youth through middle age are more vigorous and healthy as elderly dogs, all other factors being equal.

youth centre

The station building is currently (as of 2011) used by a youth centre.

Since the early 1990s it has been used as a community and youth centre.

From youth centre days...

youth movements

The student uprising was also heavily influenced by the youth movements of the 1960s, notably the events of May 1968 in France.

After leaving the Knesset he owned a restaurant called "Beit HaAm" in which the waiters wore shirts of Israeli youth movements.

At the time, most Israeli summer camps ran for two or three days and were run by youth movements such as Noam on land belonging to JNF/KKL.

youth leader

The subsequent years saw him evolve as a student and youth leader.

She became a youth leader of the Partido Acción Nacional at age 17.

Martyn grew up in St Andrew’s Chorleywood where Mike Pilavachi was his youth leader.

youth national teams   (genç milli takımlar)

Tyldum has around 50 caps for the junior and youth national teams.

He has played more than 50 matches for various Danish youth national teams.

Maloney was capped by Germany youth national teams at under-18 and under-19 level in friendly matches.

homeless youth

Zachary Bonner is a homeless youth advocate.

Sage wrote an editorial about homeless youth in New York City for the The Morton Report .

She is a Guggenheim Fellow, Pulitzer Prize nominee, and formerly incarcerated and homeless youth.

first youth

In 1991, PNS created its first youth media project, YO!

In May 2001 the TSA approved its first youth sports project.

The first youth conference was held in Chateauroux in February 1956.

urban youth

Guinea needs an adequate policy to address the concerns of urban youth.

It tells about situations what lower class urban youth encounter in their everyday lives.

Undoubtedly, oversized fashion marked the beginning of a new trend for urban youth during the 1990s.

s youth   (gençliği)

NAM’s youth programs include: • YO!

Row New York’s youth programming began at this location in fall 2012.

He also coach several of Switzerland’s youth national basketball teams.