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The New York Times
· Your Tuesday Briefing  
Every year on June 4, tens of thousands have gathered in Victoria Park to commemorate the demonstrators gunned down by the Chinese military in Beijing.  Copy example sentence
The China Post
· AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s move to quit WHO cites flawed facts  
The World Health Organization failed to independently investigate credible reports that conflicted directly with the Chinese government’s official accounts, even those that came from sources within Wuhan itself.” — May 18 letter.  Copy example sentence
The China Post
· China delayed releasing coronavirus info, frustrating WHO  
It repeatedly thanked the Chinese government for sharing the genetic map of the virus “immediately,” and said its work and commitment to transparency were “very impressive, and beyond words.”  Copy example sentence
· Wuhan calling: China's punk capital loses its voice under lockdown  
SMZB's frontman, Wuhan-born guitarist Wu Wei, is recognised as the godfather of Chinese punk, penning provocative lyrics that sometimes criticise authorities.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· US may take in Hongkongers ahead of China security laws, Pompeo suggests  
Pompeo said the US held out hope the Chinese Communist party would reverse its push for greater control over Hong Kong and move back in line with its international commitments.  Copy example sentence
The China Post
· Asia Today: South Korea clamps down again as virus rebounds  
— CHINA SEES SMALL CLIMB: China reported five new cases of the coronavirus on Tuesday, all brought by Chinese citizens from outside the country.  Copy example sentence
· Hong Kong leader accuses US of 'double standards' over protest response  
Both Chinese and Hong Kong officials have seized on the unrest gripping the United States in their propaganda drive to justify their own crackdown on pro-democracy protests and the national security law plans.  Copy example sentence
The Age
· Pompeo says US considers welcoming Hong Kong people, entrepreneurs  
On Friday, Trump also issued a proclamation suspending entry of Chinese nationals identified as potential security risks, something sources said could affect thousands.  Copy example sentence
Hong Kong Free Press
· ‘Liberate Hong Kong: Stories From The Freedom Struggle’ – HKFP donation offer on Kong Tsung-gan’s new book  
It is up against the biggest, most powerful dictatorship in the world, the Chinese Communist Party.  Copy example sentence