“European” in the news

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The Independent
· Prince Andrew’s ‘stamp of approval’ legitimised Ghislaine Maxwell in New York, writer says  
Ms Kirwan-Taylor characterises New York as having “always been the breeding ground of upstarts and scammers”, with its residents being more tolerant towards Europeans who fake aristocratic titles and family wealth, naming scammer Anna Sorokin as a recent example.
Seeking Alpha
· Fluidigm COVID-19 Funding, And Other News: The Good, Bad And Ugly Of Biopharma  
The core components of its systems have been validated by appropriate regulatory authorities in various countries, including the United States, European Union and Japan, among others.
Seeking Alpha
· Stronger EMU PMIs Fail To Recharge The Euro's Upside Momentum  
European benchmark yields are firmer, while the US 10-year yield is near 53 bp.
The Guardian
· 'My mother was ordered to leave the Netherlands. I cried non-stop'  
Some young people living in Europe without legal status now also call themselves 'dreamers' because their struggle against hostile European migration and asylum policies echoes the US campaign.
Seeking Alpha
· Palladium Weekly: We Buy The Dips  
New passenger car registrations dropped by 22% YoY in June, representing a slight improvement from May 2020 when registrations tumbled by 52% YoY, according to the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA).
· Archaeology mystery: Bizarre French inspiration of Stonehenge as slab origins confirmed  
Michael Parker Pearson, an archaeologist and Stonehenge specialist at University College London said: “This demonstrates absolutely that Brittany is the origin of the European megalithic phenomenon.”
Washington Post
· The Cybersecurity 202: White House backpedals after Trump’s suggested election delay crossed GOP red line  
Russia's Foreign Ministry called the European Union travel and financial sanctions on its military intelligence service politically motivated, Reuters reports.
The New York Times
· Poland’s Supreme Court Declares Presidential Election Valid  
The court’s decision was not a surprise in light of sweeping changes to the country’s judicial system introduced by the governing party, moves that drew widespread condemnation from the European Union and international human rights organizations, as well as from Poland’s opposition and some of its judges.
BBC Sport
· World Snooker Tour: No China events until 2021 in revised calendar  
September 21-27: European Masters
The Guardian
· John Hume obituary  
He strongly believed that unyielding unionists needed to come to terms with a modern world in which Britain had no strategic or economic interest in Ireland and the European dimension was paramount.