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· 'I cannot move the lessons online': Educators in remote Indonesia visit students one by one during school closure  
Across Indonesia, there are at least 3.1 million teachers affected by the pandemic, according to the education ministry.
The New York Times
· Coronavirus Showed How Globalization Broke the World  
This ideological pathogen spread — through mosques, cassette tapes and then the internet — to Pakistan, North Africa, Europe, India and Indonesia.
The New York Times
· Where Dance and Fashion Collide  
I got this notion kind of confirmed while observing rituals where trance is very present, in places like Indonesia.
The Guardian
· Wing and a prayer: the bizarre Chicken Church of Java  
For Daniel Alamsjah, a devout Christian living in Java, Indonesia, his call came one night in 1988 in the form of a divine vision.
The Guardian
· 'Things fall apart': the apocalyptic appeal of WB Yeats's The Second Coming  
After Achebe and Didion, lines from the poem popped up with growing frequency in coverage of China, India, Africa, Indonesia, Northern Ireland and Britain.
The New York Times
· In Some Nations, Coronavirus Is Only One of Many Outbreaks  
Dengue is also bedeviling nations in Southeast Asia, like Indonesia, another country hard hit by the coronavirus.
Malay Mail
· Covid-19: Overseas travel still not allowed, senior minister tells Malaysians  
He said the directive also applies to Malaysian students who wish to continue their education in Indonesia, which has seen a significant rise in the number of cases of late.
Malay Mail
· Indonesia reports 557 new coronavirus infections  
JAKARTA, May 30 — Indonesia reported today 557 new coronavirus infections, taking the Southeast Asian nation’s tally to 25,773, health ministry official Achmad Yurianto said.
Financial Express
· Sugar mills’ working capital requirements to go up: Icra  
Icra expects the exports to be around 5 million tonne given the demand from Indonesia and Iran.
Seeking Alpha
· Nickel Monthly News For The Month Of May 2020  
The nickel space has seen delays to projects due to the current low price environment, and most recently due to the coronavirus outbreak, which has impacted operations in Indonesia.