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· Hybris Leads To Nemesis: The U.S. Dollar Tragedy  
Iran and Venezuela have flouted US sanctions.
The Guardian
· Trump demands protest crackdown, Facebook staff rebel, 'fan in the stand' furore  
Meanwhile, polling shows Scott Morrison’s handling of Covid-19 continues to win approval, Spain is reporting no deaths in a 24-hour period for the first time since March, and a rapid rise in cases in Iran stokes fears of a second wave.
Al Jazeera
· Iran calls on US to 'stop violence' against its own people  
Iran was condemned by the US after deadly street violence that broke out in Iran in November during protests triggered by a surprise petrol price hike.
· US foes delight in criticizing US as protests flare  
Condemnation of the US record on race came from China, which days earlier faced US counter-measures for tightening controls on Hong Kong, as well as Iran, where officials have been slapped with US sanctions for suppressing protests in November.
The New York Times
· Israel’s Plan to Annex the West Bank  
It would jeopardize the security coordination with the Palestinian Authority that has saved many lives, imperil the peace treaty with Jordan that provides Israel with invaluable strategic depth vis-à-vis Iran, and undermine the security cooperation with Egypt that has successfully checked destabilizing forces like ISIS.
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· Coronavirus Roundtable - Oil's Final Phase (Video Transcript)  
And Iran should naturally be more of an ally.
The China Post
· Iranian lawmaker says 230 killed in November protests  
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — An Iranian lawmaker said Monday that 230 people were killed in November’s anti-government protests in Iran, the official news agency reported.
· Iran risks second COVID-19 wave if people ignore restrictions: Health minister  
DUBAI: Iran could face a second, stronger wave of novel coronavirus infections if people ignore guidance and social distancing rules, health minister Saeed Namaki said on Monday.
Malay Mail
· Iran says 230 killed in November protests  
It is the first time that an official in Iran has given overall casualty figures for the street violence.