“Mediterranean” in the news

Publications and example sentences

The Independent
· British holidaymakers want to visit Spain, Greece and Italy – but most will wait until next summer  
As battles rage within government over the UK’s quarantine plans, Britain’s biggest travel firm says demand is strong for Mediterranean destinations.
The Independent
· UK weather: Britain to be hotter than Mediterranean as public warned not to break lockdown rules  
UV levels are also very high throughout this weekend, which will see temperatures reaching 28C in parts of northern Scotland and 25C in Cardiff and London - warmer than a host of Mediterranean holiday destinations including Ibiza, Monaco and Barcelona.
The China Post
· Italy’s seas speak: No tourists or boats mean cleaner water  
With the usually busy Gulf of Naples cleared of pleasure boats, cargo and cruise ships, dolphins usually only seen far out in the Mediterranean flock close to shore.
The Age
· Spain reports suspected imported coronavirus cases from US  
Situated on Spain's Mediterranean coast, Valencia is home to tourist resorts such as Benidorm and Alicante.
The Age
· Greece is the word for Rob Brydon: 'I do have a real fear of diminishing returns'  
One of the great pleasures of The Trip series is the food - gorgeously plated Michelin-starred meals served against the backdrop of the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean.
The Wall Street Journal
· Shoppers Were Pampered at Wegmans. Now They Are the Grocer’s Biggest Risk.  
Customer favorites like the Mediterranean food bars with olives and hummus are back, though with pre-packed rather than self-serve selections.
Malay Mail
· France’s tourism industry asks itself: Can we save summer?  
Further east along the Mediterranean coast, in Nice, private beach operator Rene Colomban isn’t short of outdoor space for his restaurant tables and sun loungers.
The Independent
· 9 best garden tables for the perfect outdoor set-up this summer  
There’s nothing we don’t love about this stylish bistro table that brings a slice of modern Mediterranean glamour to the garden.
The Independent
· Libya: 30 migrants killed in revenge attack by family of murdered smuggler  
Smugglers often warehouse the migrants in hangars or farm buildings before packing them onto trucks bound for the Mediterranean coast.
The New York Times
· What to Cook This Weekend  
You might try these smashed potatoes with a Thai-style chile and herb sauce, this beet dip with labneh, this Mediterranean lentil salad.