“Osaka” in the news

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The Japan Times
· KyoAni arson suspect thought there were only two victims in fire  
Aoba was transferred on Wednesday from a hospital to a police station and then to the Osaka Detention House, where he has been questioned.
The Japan Times
· Front-line health care workers in Japan face discrimination over coronavirus  
A nurse in her 40s working at a hospital in Osaka Prefecture where no coronavirus patients have been admitted, said, “I was told (by an acquaintance) that despite being a nurse, I was not contributing to society,” she said.
The Japan Times
· Japanese in Beijing hope to reunite with families as Abe lifts coronavirus emergency  
In Japan, the coronavirus emergency declaration was first enforced in Tokyo, Osaka and five other urban areas on April 7.
The Japan Times
· Osaka will let clubs, bars and gyms reopen on Monday  
Osaka – The Osaka Prefectural Government will lift business suspension requests on Monday for all local facilities where clusters of novel coronavirus infections occurred, such as live music clubs, gyms and bars.
The Japan Times
· Live-house culture won’t cede the stage to COVID-19  
On March 5, Seiichi Yamamoto shut the doors at Bears, a music venue in Osaka’s Namba district that he’s run for the past 34 years, and played to an empty room.
The Japan Times
· As coronavirus restrictions are relaxed, the future of live music in Japan looks rocky  
Osaka prefecture has even recommended the ultimate buzzkill: keeping audiences seated.
Japan Today
· Police receive 6,452 requests for consultation over domestic violence in April  
The highest number of consultations were 837 cases in Osaka (up 8), followed by 680 in Tokyo (up 14).
The Japan Times
· Japan’s assessment of economy unchanged, saying it’s ‘worsening rapidly’  
The state of emergency was first declared on April 7 for Tokyo, Osaka and five other areas, which then had relatively large numbers of COVID-19 cases.
The Japan Times
· Nikkei shoots up nearly 500 points as U.S. rally continues  
In index futures trading on the Osaka Exchange, the key June contract on the Nikkei average rocketed 540 points to end 22,030.
The Japan Times
· No screaming please: Japan’s amusement parks brace for coronavirus era  
Japan’s best-known theme parks — Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan in Osaka — remain closed with no date yet set for reopening.