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The Independent
· Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Iran’s controversial former president to offer to mediate in Yemen war, reports say  
“What sin have the people of Kashmir, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, and the people of the Ninth Ward [of New Orleans] and those of the South Side of Chicago committed to live under such an inhuman world system of governance?” he wrote last year on Twitter.
Al Jazeera
· How a Syrian Bulgarian wrestler became a 'terror' suspect  
As evidence, the prosecution has pointed to multiple photos from Syria Abdulqader had posted on social media and his father's membership in the Sultan Murad Division armed group in Syria.
The Guardian
· Idlib reports first Covid-19 case and braces for fresh disaster  
Syria’s rebel-held province has been dreading an outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic
· Lebanon’s neo-liberal wheels sped to a dream future, but the past applies the brakes  
The lessons of the past are important not just for Lebanon, but also for other countries in the region, such as Syria and Iraq, grappling with sectarianism and strife.
Financial Express
· A new world order for the coronavirus era is emerging  
The United Nations, formed in 1945 to prevent further wars, is largely dysfunctional: Russia and China, two of five veto-wielding powers, blocked another resolution this week, this time on Syria.
· Blackouts darken misery of Lebanon's economic collapse  
Smuggling across the border to Syria is also a factor.
The Independent
· 25 years after the Srebrenica massacre, the merits of foreign intervention are clearer than ever  
Those are not easy debates, as we have regularly found over Syria, but they are preferable to an approach where the answers are predetermined in one direction or the other by ideology.
Washington Post
· Russia and West in showdown over aid to Syria’s rebel area  
UNITED NATIONS — Russia and the West are in a showdown over continuing the delivery of humanitarian aid to Syria’s mainly rebel-held northwest after the current U.N. mandate expires on Friday.
· UN cross-border aid to Syria hangs on Russian decision  
The UN will announce Friday the results of a vote on a resolution to prolong cross-border humanitarian aid to war-torn Syria, the authorization for which expires that evening.
Washington Post
· Iran signs agreement to bolster Syria’s air defense systems  
TEHRAN, Iran — Iran’s military chief has signed an agreement with Syria’s president to reinforce Syria’s air defense systems as part of a military cooperation agreement, Iranian state TV reported Friday.