“Thailand” in the news

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The China Post
· Rights group says another Thai dissident abducted in SE Asia  
“At that time, senior Thai police officers vowed to bring Wanchalearm back to Thailand one way or another,” its statement said.
· Cambodia police refuse probe into Thai activist 'disappearance'  
Wanchalearm is wanted in Thailand for allegedly breaching the criminal Computer Crimes Act by running an acerbic anti-government Facebook page.
Japan Today
· Japan's coronavirus entry ban disrupting lives of foreign residents  
According to government sources, discussions are taking place to remove Thailand, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand from the list, as the countries have got their coronavirus outbreaks under control and the relatively thin traffic to and from Japan is seen as manageable.
The China Post
· Despite reopening, some jobs lost to virus are gone for good  
That’s the harsh truth facing workers laid off around the U.S. and the world, from restaurants in Thailand to car factories in France, whose livelihoods fell victim to a virus-driven recession that’s accelerating decline in struggling industries and upheaval across the global workforce.
Malay Mail
· Moody’s Analytics: Worst catastrophic blow to global economy is over  
Asia also continues to grapple with flare-ups of the virus, which has caused some nations — Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand being good examples, to shut down businesses and borders again.
The Japan Times
· Japan’s low virus deaths reflect high ‘cultural standard,’ says Taro Aso  
The rate was relatively low in Asia, with China at 0.33 and Thailand at 0.08.
Malay Mail
· Thai exiled activist abducted in Cambodia, rights group says  
Wanchalearm fled from Thailand after a 2014 military coup.
Malay Mail
· Sweden's ex-ambassador to China goes on trial  
Gui Minhai, a Chinese-born Swedish citizen known for publishing gossipy titles about Chinese political leaders out of a Hong Kong book shop, disappeared while vacationing in Thailand in 2015 before resurfacing in mainland China.
The New York Times
· Elephants, Long Endangered by Thai Crowds, Reclaim a National Park  
Tourist trails helped push elephants to their deaths in Thailand’s oldest nature preserve.
The Japan Times
· Investigation finds decades of corruption at weightlifting federation  
On one trip to Thailand for a competition and conference, Ajan collected more than $440,000 across 18 cash payments, according to the report.