“Wednesday” in the news

Publications and example sentences

· Postcards from the edge: Snapshots of European football's return  
For Wednesday's meeting between the two they set up drive-in cinemas in both Prague and Plzen.
The Guardian
· Racing at Newcastle leads way as professional sport returns  
“We had a test day at Lingfield on Wednesday with a limited number of officials and horsemen and then a more full test run on Friday with a series of mock races, essentially, going through the whole race-day procedure.
The Guardian
· SpaceX Dragon crew capsule docks at International Space Station  
Saturday’s groundbreaking launch, which took place at 3.22pm ET after being delayed by poor weather from Wednesday, lit the skies over Cape Canaveral as the Falcon 9 rocket blazed a trail across the Atlantic ocean on a 12-minute journey to orbit.
· Demings: 'Long overdue' for nationwide review to address police misconduct  
“We are asking for a partner in leadership to make this happen,” the letter says, which requests a response from the state by Wednesday.
The New York Times
· What to Cook This Week  
Wednesday I won’t even use a recipe, but freestyle my way into a kale salad of heft and means instead.
The Atlantic
· A Dispatch From the Brink of Catastrophe  
Honoré: Wednesday morning [two days after landfall].
· SpaceX's first crewed spacecraft successfully docks with the International Space Station  
It was the second launch attempt for this mission, after weather caused a delay last Wednesday.
The Rio Times
· Covid-19 Rapid Test Drive-thru Delivers Over 80 Positives in Five Hours  
The drive-thru was organized by the City of Santos, a port on the coast of São Paulo, and will continue testing through Wednesday, June 3rd, always from 8 AM to 2 PM.
The Age
· CBD Melbourne: Traces of loyalty in hunt for Turnbull superspreaders  
Southern Cross Media Group caught the attention of the media industry last week when its share price jumped 27 per cent on Wednesday.
The Age
· Childcare has become a nightmare of regulation  
So if her days are Monday and Tuesday but she gets rostered Wednesday and Thursday here's what happens.