Haberlerde Abdication

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The Guardian
· Juan Carlos has fled Spain, but questions over his past will follow him  
That helped bring about his abdication, in 2014.
The Atlantic
· Donald Trump Has Given America Its Best Chance to Defeat Racism  
Pelosi turned to them, voice rising, and added: “To do anything less would be a shocking rejection of our values and a shameful abdication of our oath of office to protect the American people.”
Washington Post
· We all have a stake in SpaceX’s success. The pandemic ought to make clear why.  
When space enthusiasts say this (and full disclosure, I was one of those 8-year-olds who fully expected to be colonizing another planet by now), our skeptics often hear an excuse for gross abdication of our ecological obligations — use up this planet, then skip happily onward to the next one.
Japan Today
· Imperial garden party in fall canceled  
The emperor ascended the Chrysanthemum Throne in May last year after his father's abdication.
Washington Post
· Spain’s former king fled the country, but where in the world did he go?  
It is unclear whether he could be charged at all, as his actions before his abdication are covered by immunity.
· Spain's Juan Carlos: Once popular former king goes into exile amid scandal  
Former king Juan Carlos, who has decided to leave Spain six years after his abdication amid a series of scandals, was a popular monarch for most of his four-decade reign who played a critical role in the country's transition to democracy.
· Royal Family 'relief': Sovereign's departure welcomed as king tries to save monarchy  
While Juan-Carlos significantly reduced the number of engagements carried out since his abdication six years ago, the former queen continued to lend her support to King Felipe and his wife, Queen Letizia.
· Spain's scandal-hit former king flees 'to Dominican Republic'  
Spain's Supreme Court announced in June an investigation to determine the legal responsibility of the ex-monarch -- but only for acts committed after his abdication in 2014, because of the immunity he holds.
The Independent
· How the couple who were supposed to ‘modernise the monarchy’ turned their backs on it  
Meghan, in turn, had her divorcee status upheld as proof that she “couldn’t commit”; her age meant that she often had her fertility openly questioned; and her American citizenship meant regular comparisons were drawn with the American Wallis Simpson, wife of Edward VIII and the reason for his abdication of the throne.
Malay Mail
· Former king Juan Carlos decides to leave Spain amid corruption allegations  
Spanish monarchs have immunity during their reign but Juan Carlos’ abdication potentially leaves himself vulnerable to prosecution.