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Example collocations

aboard ship
aboard the ship
crew aboard
people aboard
served aboard

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Publications and example sentences

Washington Post
· Metro board to consider making bus rides free for low-income residents  
Thirty-two people were aboard the eight-car train, which derailed just as it was leaving the Silver Spring station headed to Glenmont.
The New York Times
· My Favorite Summer Blockbuster  
When Wall-E finds himself aboard Willard’s space colony, the lament expands into farce.
The Guardian
· Hollie Doyle breaks new ground with Group-race victory on Dame Malliot  
Frankie Dettori’s loss was Hollie Doyle’s gain on Thursday, when the Italian went to York to ride four losers and missed the winning mount aboard Dame Malliot in the Princess Of Wales, the big race on day one of Newmarket’s July meeting.
· Flat Earth fiasco: Truthers rally as NASA astronaut snaps Earth from space - 'Not round'  
The NASA astronaut is currently stationed aboard the International Space Station (ISS) where has front row seats to the best view in the universe.
· NASA throwback: Space agency remembers the final launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis STS-135  
The STS-135 mission carried four astronauts aboard, including Doug Hurley who is currently stationed aboard the ISS.
Technology Org
· Comet NEOWISE Sizzles as It Slides by the Sun, Providing a Treat for Observers  
Even the astronauts aboard the International Space Station spotted it from their vantage point high above Earth’s atmosphere.
· How Kate Middleton's family became 'instrumental' in Royal Family before she met William  
This is in stark contrast to just a few years earlier when the Middletons were aboard the Elizabethan paddle steamer for the flotilla on the Thames or riding into Ascot in one of the Queen’s carriages on Ladies’ Day.
· Indonesian found in freezer on Chinese fishing vessel  
JAKARTA: The frozen body of an Indonesian man has been found aboard a detained Chinese fishing vessel, authorities said on Thursday (Jul 9), adding that they suspected foul play in the crew member's death.
The Independent
· Turkey’s illicit arms deliveries to Libya more brazen than ever, yet Nato continues to ‘turn a blind eye’  
But this year, arms shipments to Ankara’s allies in Libya are being moved on ships with Turkish military personnel aboard and escorted by Turkish warships, present to fend off any potential interlopers, according to research conducted by a French open-source intelligence organisation.