Aboard в новостях

Пример словосочетания

aboard ship На борту корабля
aboard the ship На борту корабля
crew aboard Экипаж на борту
people aboard Люди на борту
served aboard Подается на борт

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· Spacex latest: Nasa astronauts reveal Crew Dragon's NEXT adventures in space  
Mr Hurley and Mr Behnken’s departure means Mr Cassidy and two Russian astronauts Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner are the only crew left aboard.
· Prince Philip to make special appearance on VJ Day after beginning Balmoral summer break  
Albert Wills, 93, who served in the Royal Navy aboard HMS Indefatigable, will be present at the service to pay their respects to their fallen comrades and to represent the surviving veterans of the war in the Far East still alive in the UK today.
Washington Post
· Military finds human remains, sunken tank off California  
The U.S. Navy’s Undersea Rescue Command said the human remains were seen aboard the craft using remotely operated video systems from the merchant vessel HOS Dominator, a ship specializing in undersea search and rescue.
Washington Post
· Houston officer fatally shoots armed assault suspect on bus  
The bus, which already had the driver and three passengers aboard, was evacuated immediately, leaving the suspect alone.
Washington Post
· Migrants at ICE detention centers are sitting ducks because of an inhumane policy  
COVID-19 HAS exploded at migrant detention centers nationwide, infecting detainees and employees alike and seeding the disease aboard deportation flights to countries ill-equipped to respond, especially in Latin America.
· U.S. Cases Up 1.1%; California’s Daily Tally Falls: Virus Update  
Governor Andrew Cuomo said gatherings ignoring social-distancing rules -- including a party boat with 170 guests aboard and a rave in Brooklyn that drew hundreds -- will lead the virus to boomerang around the country.
The China Post
· Alabama proceeds with plan to remove artifacts from Clotilda  
Africans who were brought to Alabama aboard the ship were freed after the war and settled in Africatown, an area where some of their descendants still live a few miles (kilometers) from the main port of Mobile.
Japan Today
· Man beaten with bats over face mask dispute in Paris suburb  
In the most dramatic case, a French bus driver was beaten to death after he asked passengers to wear face masks aboard his vehicle.
Ars Technica
· First cruise to set sail post COVID-19 abruptly canceled due to outbreak  
Crew were tested prior to leaving their countries, but were not required to quarantine before coming aboard.
· Local governments 'overwhelmed' in race to trace US COVID-19 contacts  
Referring to the roughly 100 tracing staffers then aboard, the plan said staffing “falls short of what is needed to effectively manage the need”.