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abortion clinic
abortion clinics
abortion laws
abortion rights
abortion services

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Washington Post
· Loudoun officials vote to remove ‘Silent Sentinel’ Confederate monument  
Virginia’s new laws on LGBT rights, guns and abortion reflect state’s political makeover
· U.S. Sanctions Chinese Officials, Including Politburo Member, For Xinjiang Abuses  
Critics accuse the government of severe rights abuses in Xinjiang, with invasive surveillance, mass extrajudicial detentions, forced sterilization and abortions and mandatory birth control.
Washington Post
· Judge strikes down Indiana abortion complications report law  
INDIANAPOLIS — A federal judge has struck down an Indiana law that aimed to require reports from medical providers to the state if they treat women for complications arising from abortions.
The Independent
· Gemma Collins opens up about ‘traumatic’ miscarriage while unknowingly pregnant  
Collins also discussed the experience in her autobiography Basically, where she admitted she was thought it was “God’s way” of punishing her for a previous abortion.
The Independent
· Amy Schumer asked assistant to pretend to be her during pregnancy to distract paparazzi  
“[Amy] had to go somewhere and she didn’t want them to follow her, so Molly ran after the car and got in and we drove off,” Fischer continued, joking: “We were going to go to an abortion clinic.”
The Independent
· Kanye West posts photos of his children after facing backlash for anti-abortion tweet  
West also criticised US abortion service Planned Parenthood, saying: “Planned Parenthoods have been placed inside cities by white supremacists to do the Devil’s work.”
· Supreme Court rules NY prosecutors can obtain Trump tax returns  
Fight over Texas abortion ban during Covid-19 pandemic reaches US Supreme Court
The Guardian
· Charlize Theron's 20 best film roles – ranked!  
In this deeply strange film by Lasse Hallström, Theron plays Candy, a young woman who arrives with her boyfriend, Wally (Paul Rudd), at a prewar orphanage run by Dr Larch (Michael Caine), who secretly offers abortions.
The New York Times
· On Religion, the Supreme Court Protects the Right to Be Different  
Some U.S. Supreme Court watchers have been quick to interpret recent decisions as skirmishes in American “culture wars” — with some decisions (on abortion and sexual orientation) siding with the cultural left and others (on religion) siding with the cultural right.
The New York Times
· Is Trump’s Fate Sealed?  
I’m a Catholic and a conservative, in that order, which means that I’m against abortion and critical of the sexual revolution, but I tend to agree with liberals that the Republican Party is too friendly to the rich.