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abortion clinic Kürtaj kliniği
abortion clinics Kürtaj klinikleri
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abortion rights Kürtaj hakları
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· LGBT rights at heart of Poland presidential-election fight  
He supports same-sex civil unions and has also promised to prevent Law and Justice, which controls Poland’s parliament, from further restricting abortion rights.
The Guardian
· The states we're in: can ‘laboratories of democracy’ conquer Covid-19?  
Reviewing state governments’ outputs and impacts, he finds that Republicans have enacted more abortion restrictions, loosened laws on gun use and ownership and blocked liberal initiatives.
The Guardian
· Is the US supreme court having a liberal moment? Don't be so sure, experts say  
Chief Justice John Roberts – the court’s swing vote – surprised many this term by siding with the court’s left-leaning bloc and casting the deciding vote in two of the most high-stakes cases, with rulings that ensured abortion access in Louisiana and rejected Donald Trump’s bid to end protections for young undocumented immigrants.
The Atlantic
· China’s Xinjiang Policy: Less About Births, More About Control  
For years, when I was giving talks or discussing my reporting on China’s one-child policy, well-meaning audience members would inevitably ask a question that I had come to expect: “Of course forced abortions and sterilizations are bad,” they would say, “but isn’t the one-child policy good, in some ways?
The Guardian
· Hottest front-room seats: the best theatre and dance to watch online  
The film is part of the BBC’s Performance Live strand on iPlayer which includes Clowns by Hofesh Shechter; Winged Bull in the Elephant Case, in which dancers take over the National Gallery; Alexander Zeldin’s devastating Love, about Christmas in temporary accommodation; a poetry night hosted by Kate Tempest; Eggs Collective’s raucous Get a Round; and I Told My Mum I Was Going on an RE Trip, based on real stories about abortion.
· Elvis Presley son: Did Elvis have a son? How many children did he have?  
“Great pressure was exerted upon the actress to have an abortion.
The New York Times
· Trump Commutes Sentence of Roger Stone in Case He Long Denounced  
He helped organize Mr. Trump’s speech to the Conservative Political Action Committee in 2011, where he declared himself against abortion rights.
The New York Times
· In a Term Full of Major Cases, the Supreme Court Tacked to the Center  
The court turned back an effort to narrow abortion rights, and it protected young immigrants known as Dreamers.
· More than ever, this is John Roberts' Supreme Court  
But in the term's headline cases, he cast the deciding votes by joining liberal justices in 5-4 decisions that overturned a state law restricting access to abortion and that blocked the Trump administration from shutting down DACA, which allows young people known as Dreamers to remain in the U.S.
The New York Times
· Murder, Murder, Everywhere  
To cleanse her own soul, Cait works as a Lyft driver delivering battered women to shelters, volunteers at an abortion clinic called “Sisters of Service” and tries to help vulnerable people like Rebecca McRae, who urgently needs to be rescued from Lubbock, Texas, and driven over 300 miles across the state line to Albuquerque.