“About” in the news

Example collocations

located about east
located about north
located about northeast
located about northwest
located about southeast

Publications and example sentences

The Economist
· Viral marketing: Indonesia’s president has a new rival  
Edward Aspinall of Australian National University thinks it likely that Mr Anies was genuinely concerned about the impact of covid-19 on his constituents.
· Donald Trump touts racial equality while referring to COVID-19 as 'China plague'  
Here's what you need to know about the coronavirus, plus a timeline of the most critical moments:
· Trump touts 'stupendous' jobs report — but black unemployment still rose again  
Even recent government assistance plans such as the Paycheck Protection Program, drafted without a word about race, can leave blacks and minorities at a disadvantage because of persistent underlying inequality.
Sports Illustrated
· The National Basketball Players Association Approves The Proposal To Resume The NBA Season  
We are trying to create a new place to share posts and have intriguing and fun conversations about all things related to the Memphis Grizzlies!
Sports Illustrated
· Column: Jaguars' Chris Conley Left a Long-Term Mark in Jacksonville During Friday's March  
Many never learned about the tragedy and disgrace of Ax Handle Saturday, or the fact that not far from TIAA Bank Field sits a confederate statute in Hemming Park.
The Guardian
· French forces kill al-Qaida's north Africa chief in Mali  
Parly said that French forces, which number about 5,200 in the region, had also on 19 May captured Mohamed el Mrabat, a fighter she identified as a veteran militant in the region and member of Islamic State in the Greater Sahara.
The China Post
· Death row inmate walks free after 30 years in girl’s killing  
His confession, his lawyers say, had wrong details about the crime’s major elements, including how the child died.
Sports Illustrated
· What Does This Mean for Future Players Like Cade Cunningham and Ferron Flavors Jr?  
They’ll understand that there’s a risk involved, for instance, a lot of talk has been about Cade.
The Guardian
· Prince William is counsellor for mental health crisis service  
During the video call, William joked about coronavirus panic buying, asking “Can any of you explain to me why all of us were bulk-buying toilet roll?”
Sports Illustrated
· Texans special teams coordinator Brad Seely retires after 31-seasons in the NFL  
“I first met Brad when we were both assistant coaches in New England and immediately recognized his ability to connect with his players and teach them about the game in his own unique way.