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child abuse Çocuk istismarı
child sexual abuse Çocuk cinsel istismarı
drug abuse Madde bağımlılığı
sexual abuse Cinsel istismar
substance abuse Madde bağımlılığı

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Washington Post
· Democrats subpoena senior State Department officials in inquiry over firing of inspector general  
The action angered both Republicans and Democrats, who raised concerns about Saudi human rights abuses and the nature of the claimed “emergency.”
The New York Times
· What You Need to Know About Coronavirus in Brazil  
And the president is also now being investigated by the Supreme Court over his efforts to switch a police chief, in what his former justice minister thought was an abuse of power and an effort to shield his family members and allies from corruption investigations.
The Guardian
· Tottenham's Danny Rose tired of police stopping him to ask if car is stolen  
The Doncaster-born Tottenham defender, who has spent the second half of the season on loan at Newcastle, has been racially abused on the field, most recently when playing for England in Montenegro in March 2019.
· Amazon’s Market Power to Be Investigated by New York AG  
Amazon is among four big technology companies being scrutinized for allegedly abusing their market power.
The Independent
· Gender-based violence surging among displaced women during pandemic, report warns  
A study by Refugees International has suggested lockdowns, border closures, and economic desperation caused by the public health emergency increase the risk of displaced women and girls suffering domestic abuse at the hands of their partners, conflict-related sexual violence, human trafficking, and forced and early marriage.
The Independent
· Serious allegations should merit action – but morality doesn't often win out in politics  
I was fresh from working in a rape crisis centre and domestic abuse refuge so I pressed again, who protects staff if their boss or another MP assaults or abuses them?
The Guardian
· 'Breach of trust': landmark study delves into sexual misconduct complaints made against Australia's health professions  
The #MeToo movement and greater societal awareness of sexual abuse had likely contributed to this, the review found.
The Guardian
· 'We can enact the future we want now': a black feminist history of abolition  
In the 1970s and 80s in the UK, organisations such as the Organisation of Women of African and Asian Descent (OWAAD) and the Brixton Black Women’s Group, home to coalitions between black women and women of colour, campaigned against flagrant police violence and abuses of stop and search powers.
The Independent
· ‘Barbaric and inhumane’: Zimbabwean campaigner details ‘torture’ of female activists  
Chenayi Mutambasere, who is also a human rights campaigner and a close friend of the three female opposition activists, has now spoken to The Independent about the alleged abuse they endured and their alleged mistreatment since.
· The South Got Something To Say: A Celebration Of Southern Rap (2010-2014)  
Both acts were shrouded in shame, majesty, abuse and bruised possibilities.