Haberlerde Accept

Örnek kollokasyonlar

did not accept Kabul etmedi
does not accept Kabul etmiyor
not accept Kabul etmiyorum
refused to accept Kabul etmeyi reddetti
willing to accept Kabul etmeye istekli

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

The Independent
· My old university friend Dominic Cummings has never believed the rules of our society apply to him  
Likewise, we are expected to accept that a trip to Barnard Castle on his wife’s birthday was to test his driving ability with sore eyes.
The Age
· St Kilda eye the positives amid free-to-air fixture snub  
Finnis accepted the club’s initial all-Fox Footy fixture hand dealt by the AFL would result in less eyeballs on their games and ultimately wouldn’t help their bid to drive more sponsorship revenue.
The Atlantic
· The Secret Lives of Teenage Sidekicks  
During one scene, in which Selah’s stern mother (Gina Torres) reminds her daughter that only excellence is accepted in their household, I thought of an exchange from MTV’s Daria that’s stayed with me over the years.
The Guardian
· UK coronavirus deaths fall to lowest weekly level in six weeks  
It is accepted that they can block transmission to other people.
Malay Mail
· Childcare centres for children of Covid-19 frontliners in Malaysia on par with those overseas, says Dr Jemilah  
So, the people themselves have to accept that our lives are not the same as before.
The Guardian
· 'A lot of benign neglect’: how Ghana’s social changes are isolating older people  
The modernising economy is changing family structures – but can ‘western’ residential homes be accepted culturally?
The Guardian
· A dodgy dossier? How News Corp hyped a US government reading list into a China coronavirus 'bombshell'  
It gathered steam in subsequent reporting as something even more weighty: the New York Post called it “a damning dossier leaked from the ‘Five Eyes’ intelligence alliance” while Fox News host Tucker Carlson asked why it was so hard for some people to accept “objectively that the evidence suggests [coronavirus] came from a lab” in Wuhan, China.
The New York Times
· How the Taliban Outlasted a Superpower: Tenacity and Carnage  
“No logic accepts that — that everything stays the same after all this sacrifice,” he said, adding, “The current government stands on foreign money, foreign weapons, on foreign funding.”
The New York Times
· Keeping Clients Fit During the Pandemic by Going Virtual  
Moreover, he has gotten inquiries from new clients who live out of state — business that he previously would not have been able to accept.
The New York Times
· Why Science Alone Could Not Tell Us Whether to Reopen Notre Dame  
We each accept the risk of a fatal traffic accident when we get in our car.