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Seeking Alpha
· Weekly S&P 500 ChartStorm - Downgrades, Dividends, Buybacks  
Index funds (combining mutual funds and ETFs) represent 61% of all equity fund assets according to the latest Investment Company Institute data.  Copy example sentence
· More than 100 people test positive after German church service outbreak  
The number of U.S. coronavirus deaths inched closer to 100,000 over Memorial Day weekend, with the toll now standing at more than 98,500, according to NBC News' count.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· Somerset hospital closed to new patients to halt spread of coronavirus  
The decision was a “clinically led” one that had been taken at a time when the hospital had a high number of patients with coronavirus, according to a statement.  Copy example sentence
The Rio Times
· Brazil Records 653 New Coronavirus Deaths in 24 Hours (May 24th)  
According to Johns Hopkins University (USA), Brazil ranks second as the country with the most cases of the disease, totaling 363,211.  Copy example sentence
· Thailand enters global race for vaccine with trials on monkeys  
More than 100 candidate vaccines are currently in various stages of development around the world, at least eight of which are in clinical trials with humans, according to the World Health Organization.  Copy example sentence
The Japan Times
· Suicide note written by pro wrestler and ‘Terrace House’ star Hana Kimura discovered  
The cast members are “looking for love while living under the same roof,” and there is “no script” in the show, according to Netflix.  Copy example sentence
The Independent
· Hospital angrily denies snake discovered in operating theatre, insists only monkey was there  
The incident caused an hours-long delay in operations, with zoo workers called in to capture the animal, according to the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian.  Copy example sentence
Seeking Alpha
· Flash PMI Shows Japan On Course For Record Downturn In Second Quarter  
The Japanese economy suffered a further substantial fall in business activity during May, according to the latest flash PMI results.  Copy example sentence
The Wall Street Journal
· Compliance Layoffs, Budget Cuts Raise Prospect of Looser Internal Oversight  
Layoffs and furloughs in compliance departments have arrived in sectors hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic, according to consultants, researchers and compliance officers.  Copy example sentence