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The Independent
· Man and woman found dead inside car at Dorset park  
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· Chinese internet users brand ByteDance CEO a ‘traitor’ as TikTok seeks US buyer  
Zhang’s Weibo account is currently suspended, presumably to prevent armies of angry patriots from flooding his posts.
Malay Mail
· Bursa Malaysia sets fresh record volume, CI down 1.94pc  
Consumer products and services accounted for 1.43 billion shares traded on the Main Market, industrial products and services (1.45 billion), construction (925.18 million), technology (945.61 million), SPAC (nil), financial services (78.19 million), property (278.37 million), plantations (88.30 million), REITs (25.06 million), closed/fund (75,100), energy (601.69 million), healthcare (125.29 million), telecommunications and media (78.35 million), transportation and logistics (312.92 million), and utilities (37.75 million).
Malay Mail
· Police: Husband of lecturer garotted with own scarf in Putrajaya feigned innocence  
Al-Fatihah,’’ said account owner Tis Abdullah.
The New York Times
· Israel Says It Hit Bombers on Syrian Boundary  
Israel said it had repelled the squad with small arms, tank and artillery fire, and that the men had fled back into Lebanon, while firing back, but Hezbollah denied that account.
Scientific American
· How to Evaluate COVID-19 News without Freaking Out  
If there’s a claim that’s out there, make sure that that claim is being made by multiple venues—and [that it is] not only tweeted by multiple accounts but is actually coming from different people.
Washington Post
· The Cybersecurity 202: White House backpedals after Trump’s suggested election delay crossed GOP red line  
Clark and two other accomplices are facing felony charges for the scam, which compromised the accounts of Biden, Barack Obama, Bill Gates and dozens of other high-profile users.
Seeking Alpha
· Iridium Communications: Growth Continues Despite A Bump In The Road  
Subscribers get to use a 50+ stock model account, in-depth cash flow analyses of E&P firms, and live chat discussion of the sector.