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accusation against
false accusation

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The New York Times
· Seoul Will Investigate #MeToo Accusations Against Dead Mayor  
SEOUL, South Korea — Seoul City Hall officials said on Wednesday that they would create a joint fact-finding team with women’s groups and legal and human rights experts to investigate accusations that Mayor Park Won-soon had sexually abused a secretary for four years.
Washington Post
· Trump’s former doctor wins House GOP nomination in Texas  
He withdrew from consideration for the VA post but denied accusations of wrongdoing.
· Key organiser of primary elections for Hong Kong's democracy camp steps down  
HONG KONG: A key organiser of primary elections for Hong Kong's democracy camp said on Wednesday (Jul 15) he was stepping down due to Beijing's accusation that the vote was illegal and could amount to subversion.
The New York Times
· Ronny Jackson, Ex-White House Doctor, Wins Texas House Runoff  
Despite serving as President Barack Obama’s physician before Mr. Trump took office, he backed a conspiracy theory promoted by Mr. Trump that his predecessor had spied on his campaign — an accusation Mr. Trump has made while offering no evidence to back it up.
The New York Times
· Representative Steve Watkins of Kansas Is Charged With Voter Fraud  
Representative Steve Watkins, Republican of Kansas, was charged with three felonies related to voter fraud on Tuesday, shortly before a televised debate in which he dismissed the accusations involving a municipal election as a political move.
Washington Post
· What Hong Kong Losing Its ‘Special Status’ Would Mean  
The official Xinhua News Agency has dismissed as “groundless” accusations about the loss of freedom or human rights issues in Hong Kong.
Washington Post
· Trump uses Rose Garden event for extended campaign-like attack on Biden  
It was the latest in a long effort by Trump to hurl misleading or unfounded accusations at the Bidens — including the attempts to pressure Ukraine that led to his House impeachment in December.
The New York Times
· What We Know About the Disappearance of Vanessa Guillen  
Fort Hood officials said July 6 that they would complete an investigation into Specialist Guillen’s accusations of sexual harassment, and would seek a review of their sexual harassment and sexual assault response and prevention program to address any shortcomings.
The Guardian
· The Plot Against America review – fascism grips in taut political allegory  
Bess’s spinster sister Evelyn (Winona Ryder) – recently betrayed by a lover who had promised her he was divorcing his wife – falls in love with Lionel Bengelsdorf (John Turturro), a rabbi and supporter of Lindbergh’s anti-war stance who argues that the accusations of antisemitism that accrue to the man are simply Democratic propaganda.
Japan Today
· Video game industry faces its #metoo moment  
Accusations on social media of sexual harassment and abuse have targeted a number of video game publishers, as well as people in the gaming community around the Twitch platform.