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accusation against Suçlama
false accusation Yanlış suçlama

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Malay Mail
· Haiti's football boss suspended by Fifa over sexual abuse claims  
Denying the accusations, he told the Guardian there was “clearly a manoeuvre to destabilise the FHF, the character of the president and his family.” ― Reuters
The New York Times
· Boris Johnson Aide Dominic Cummings Defends Coronavirus Lockdown Breach  
By now, most prime ministers might have cut loose an aide whose actions prompted accusations of hypocrisy and muddled the government’s messaging as it struggles to deal with a pandemic.
The Guardian
· FBI investigating Ahmaud Abery shooting as possible hate crime, lawyer says  
They are George Barnhill of the Waycross judicial district, who recommended no arrests, and Jackie Johnson of Glynn county, who has denied accusations she ordered police to make no arrests on the day the unarmed Arbery was shot.
The New York Times
· Burundi’s Ruling Party Candidate Wins Presidency  
The election was marred by accusations from the leading opposition challenger of vote rigging.
The Guardian
· German court rules against Volkswagen in 'dieselgate' scandal  
Despite being found to have cheated emissions in the US, Volkswagen had disputed the accusation in the UK.
The Independent
· Iranian oil tankers reach Venezuela in defiance of US  
There are also accusations that Mr Maduro is helping Iranian-backed Lebanese militia Hezbollah bolster a beachhead in Latin America.
The Guardian
· The 100 greatest UK No 1s: 100-10  
While she weathered accusations of appropriation for disavowing hip-hop cliches in her obviously rap-influenced delivery, she ultimately echoed the genre’s own move towards unvarnished portrayals of teenage disaffection instigated by a parallel wave of SoundCloud upstarts.
The New York Times
· On a Scottish Isle, Nursing Home Deaths Expose a Covid-19 Scandal  
In the House of Commons, he faces a weekly barrage over nursing homes, including accusations that he lied about government guidance playing down the chance of outbreaks.
The Guardian
· Palestine cuts off all ties with Israel and US: is it a bluff?  
So tight is the PA’s relationship with Israel that it has led to widespread accusations among Palestinians that the body has become proxy for the occupier, which in return props it up.
The Independent
· ‘People will think bad things’: Russian governor appears to tell staff to change coronavirus figures in leaked audio  
Russian authorities have angrily rejected any accusation they might be cooking the books.