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civil rights activist Activista de derechos civiles
human rights activist Activista de derechos humanos
political activist Activista político
rights activist Activista de derechos
social activist Activista social

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Publicaciones y oraciones de ejemplo
The New York Times
· The N.Y.P.D. Has Rejected Reform for Decades. It Can’t Anymore.  
This week, he is expected to sign the bill, after years of pressure from activists, the Council and now protesters.
The New York Times
· Washington Name Change Was 'a Long Time Coming'  
team has long been a target of protests but now that its owner has budged, activists are pushing for other teams to follow suit.
The Guardian
· Birmingham arts venues announce major job losses  
“And there’s a straight line connecting Paul Robeson [the singer, actor and activist] appearing at Town Hall in 1949 to us taking grime artists out of clubs and putting them on the same stage,” said Reed.
Washington Post
· Indians, other teams pressured after Redskins drop nickname  
It’s not,” said activist Frances Danger, who is Muscogee (Creek) and Seminole from Oklahoma.
The Guardian
· Phone of top Catalan politician 'targeted by government-grade spyware'  
The popular messaging app claims more than 100 members of civil society, including journalists in India, human rights activists in Morocco, diplomats, and senior government officials, are alleged to have been affected.
The Guardian
· Top Catalan politician says alleged attack confirms fears about Spanish state  
In a statement, the Spanish prime minister’s office said: “The government has no evidence that the speaker of the Catalan parliament, Roger Torrent, the former MP Anna Gabriel and the activist Jordi Domingo have been the targets of hacking via their mobiles.
Malay Mail
· Turbulent Parliament sitting triggers #MasaKita movement among youth as they push to vote in a younger generation of more courteous, respectful lawmakers  
Speaking to Malay Mail, Archana Vashisht, an activist with Challenger and the representative for Seremban during the Parlimen Digital, said the unbecoming conduct seen yesterday demonstrated the need for decency, transparency and clear debates as portrayed during the virtual Parliament.
Yonhap News
· (EDITORIAL from Korea JoongAng Daily on July 14)  
In a eulogy, DP Chairman Lee Hae-chan praised his efforts as a civic activist and mayor to advance our society by championing the underprivileged.
Washington Post
· Washington’s name change happened fast, but it was decades in the making  
Activists, politicians, players react to team's decision