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civil rights activist Sivil haklar aktivisti
human rights activist Insan hakları savunucusu
political activist Politik eylemci
rights activist Hak aktivisti
social activist Sosyal aktivist

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The New York Times
· A Prominent News Media Critic Is Starting a News Outlet of His Own  
Doctor said he drew inspiration from the 1975 Bend in the River conference led by the author Ken Kesey (and his Merry Pranksters), a gathering of activists in Bend, Ore., who sought to shape what life would be like in the 21st century.
The New York Times
· Diana Russell, Who Studied Violence Against Women, Dies at 81  
Diana E.H. Russell, a feminist activist and scholar who popularized the term “femicide” to refer to the misogynist killing of women, and to distinguish these killings from other forms of homicide, died on July 28 at a medical facility in Oakland, Calif. She was 81.
Washington Post
· Belarus’s Lukashenko faces a surging political newcomer. The response is familiar crackdowns.  
Lukashenko has clung to power since 1994 by changing the constitution, falsifying elections, jailing opponents, bloggers and activists, barring presidential candidates and unleashing riot police to crush protests.
The China Post
· Vogue UK spotlights Black activists, social change  
The British issue of Vogue is devoting its September issue to activism, with a cover featuring two Black activists and produced by a predominantly Black team.
Washington Post
· Washington Post Live Past Events  
Race in America: A Conversation with Black Lives Matter Activist DeRay Mckesson and Former Police Chief Charles Ramsey
Washington Post
· Judge’s blistering opinion says courts have placed police beyond accountability  
Some state legislatures are examining bills to weaken qualified immunity as well in the wake of George Floyd’s killing, and activists have targeted it as a major goal for police overhaul.
Al Jazeera
· Nigeria: Police free 25 anti-government protesters  
Activists said all 62 protesters arrested in the capital Abuja had been released.
The New York Times
· Ava DuVernay Wins the Gish Prize  
The writer, producer, filmmaker and activist will receive a cash award of about $250,000.
Malay Mail
· Hong Kong activists charged for taking part in Tiananmen vigil  
HONG KONG, Aug 6 — Twenty-five Hong Kong democracy activists were charged today with taking part in a banned June candlelight vigil marking the anniversary of China’s 1989 Tiananmen crackdown.
The Economist
· Politics: Boris Johnson’s horrible House of Lords list  
The list includes the son of a Russian KGB-agent-turned-oligarch who owns a couple of newspapers in Britain and a party castle in Italy; an ageing, irascible cricketer who supported Brexit; a former Revolutionary Communist Party activist and IRA apologist who also supported Brexit (the balm that washes away all sins); the prime minister’s brother; and sundry party donors, bag-carriers and hangers-on.