Haberlerde Admit

Örnek kollokasyonlar

admit women Kadınları kabul et
did not admit Itiraf etmedi
forced to admit Itiraf etmek zorunda
not admit Kabul etmiyorum
refused to admit Kabul etmeyi reddetti

Yayınlar ve örnek cümleler

The Independent
· Robert Repella: Former biotech CEO pleads guilty in US college admissions scandal  
Repella - formerly the CEO of Harmony Biosciences - admitted that he paid a tennis coach $50,000 to secure his daughter a spot at Georgetown University.
The New York Times
· Outcry Over Cummings Turns Public Against Johnson for 1st Time  
His ratings surged after he imposed the lockdown on March 23 and peaked when he was admitted to an intensive care unit with the virus on April 8.
· 17 gorgeous photos of iced coffee for anyone who desperately misses iced coffee  
I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a cold-coffee-only person.
The Guardian
· Needy Matt becomes Door Matt in defending Dom's Durham flit  
Having basically admitted he had nothing to say about anything, Needy Matt first took a question from a vicar in Brighton.
· Jimmy O. Yang on levity in the age of COVID-19, doing race jokes right, and Asian haircuts  
Asian American actors do need to take the initiative and speak out if the role feels uncomfortable or inappropriate, he admits.
· Pennsylvania man pleads guilty to paying bribe for daughter's admission to Georgetown  
A former biotech executive pleaded guilty to a federal charge on Tuesday and admitted paying $50,000 to Georgetown University's former tennis coach to get his daughter admitted to the prestigious school.
The Guardian
· From starter to loaf: how to make gluten-free sourdough bread from scratch  
If you get to day 12 without any action, it might be time to admit defeat and start again.
Seeking Alpha
· Bet Against VXX For Big Profits  
I'll admit to having taken a small loss twice.
Financial Express
· Risky behaviour at work: How Covid-19 changed the way people work  
In fact, half (51%) of those working from home who started to watch more adult content admit they did so on the same devices they use for work-related purposes.
The New York Times
· That Dish, That Restaurant: Vivid Memories to Savor.  
Mrs. Arthur M. Cottrell Jr., for instance, wrote in from Westerly, R.I., in 1951 to say, “I recently ate Caesar salad for the first time and must admit it has a very definite flair all its own.” Gourmet gave Mrs. Cottrell a recipe that must have been very punchy for 1951, and would still have a flair of its own if you made it today, although I would throw garlic right into the salad instead of just rubbing the bowl with it.