Aerial trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

aerial photographs Ảnh hàng không
aerial photography Chụp ảnh trên không
aerial victories Chiến thắng trên không
aerial victory Chiến thắng trên không
unmanned aerial Máy bay không người lái

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Các ấn phẩm và câu ví dụ
The New York Times
· What to Do When Most Days Feel Like Wednesdays  
This week, our photographer took to the sky for a series of stunning aerial photographs of Vermont.
Washington Post
· Prince William County home sales  
Aerial View Rd., 15808-K. Hovnanian Virginia Operations Inc. to Jason Omar and Trenita Dawn Alexander, $661,546.
The Guardian
· Italian coastguard and cargo ship 'ignored' stricken migrant boat  
Aerial pictures by NGO show vessels a mile away from migrants left drifting for more than 40 hours
Sports Illustrated
· Premier League Preview: Crystal Palace (A)  
Aerial duels: Palace have a very tall team with the likes of Milivojevic, Cheikhou Kouyate, Scott Dann and Mamadou Sakho, and could be heavily targeting them on set-pieces.
Sports Illustrated
· SI All-American Candidate Kevin Knowles Highlights and Evaluation  
Explosive leaper with rare aerial body control.
Malay Mail
· New maritime surveillance system in Langkawi, peninsular east coast to curb smuggling  
Mohd Yusoff said the new MSSS, with the assistance of aerial drones and patrol boats, will help in monitoring the waters and coastal areas from Langkawi in Kedah to Pengkalan Kubur in Kelantan, which is an area spanning about 2,000 nautical miles or 4,000 kilometres.
Sports Illustrated
· SI All-American Candidate Dylan Goffney Highlights and Evaluation  
Gifted aerial athlete, easily adjusting to the ball in midair.
Sports Illustrated
· SI All-American Candidate Jay Jones Highlights and Evaluation  
Solid aerial body control; leaps for deflections and interceptions.
Sports Illustrated
· SI All-American Candidate Myles Alston Highlights and Evaluation  
Great leaper, with impressive aerial body control.
Hong Kong Free Press
· Security law: Taiwan must be wary, it could be the next target  
This would not be a simple move, as it would require China to first establish aerial and naval dominance over the 180-km-wide Taiwan Strait.