Affair в новостях

Пример словосочетания

affair between Роман между
began an affair Начался роман
extramarital affair Внебрачная связь
having an affair Роман на стороне
love affair Роман

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Seeking Alpha
· Surprising Euro Strength  
While at least some countries issuing their own money can tolerate such high debt/GDP ratios (Japan's ratio is even much higher at 250% of GDP), a country which isn't master of its own monetary affairs most definitely cannot.  Copy example sentence
Seeking Alpha
· Venus Concept Inc.: A COVID-19 Casualty That Makes A Case For Recovery  
To summarize, other than the coronavirus crisis, there is scant evidence to suggest that the company's business model is flawed in any obvious way, or that, provided the aesthetic surgical market returns to a business-as-usual state of affairs, the company will not see a strong uplift in client-orders and subsequently a return to, or even surpassing of its 2019-levels of revenue.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· Isle of Man accused of 'authoritarian' lockdown measures  
Jamie Grierson Home affairs correspondent  Copy example sentence
The Independent
· In threatening to shut down Twitter, Trump was the most honest he's ever been with the American people  
The former is now an extinct breed of campaigning, owing to the current state of affairs (and Trump is railing against that personal problem of his, too, pushing back at North Carolina earlier this week and saying that he would pull the Republican National Convention from the state should they fail to fill the seats for him).  Copy example sentence
· Cyprus to pay medical bill if tourists catch virus  
The letter was made public Wednesday and signed by the ministers of foreign affairs, transport, and tourism.  Copy example sentence
Seeking Alpha
· PICK Is The Pick Of The Litter For Inflationary Times  
While production is often a local affair, consumption is ubiquitous for the commodities market.  Copy example sentence
The Independent
· From Janice's love child to Gunther's secret life, what Friends stars Maggie Wheeler and James Michael Tyler say about the show 25 years on  
By the end of season two, she had an online affair with Chandler, whom she started dating again in season three.  Copy example sentence
The Independent
· Every episode of Friends, ranked from worst to best  
Meanwhile, Joey struggles after finding out his father is having an affair, and Phoebe dates a psychiatrist.  Copy example sentence
The Guardian
· 'Defining moment' as EU executive pushes for €500bn in grants  
Luděk Niedermayer, a Czech MEP and vice-president of the European parliament’s economic and monetary affairs committee, told the Guardian that such comments were “unfortunate”.  Copy example sentence
The Independent
· Coronavirus: Only half of Americans say they would definitely get a Covid-19 vaccine  
The poll from the Associated Press-NORC Centre for Public Affairs Research, asked 1056 adults nationally in the US, if they plan on getting vaccinated when one in made available for Covid-19.  Copy example sentence