“Aftermath” in the news

Example collocations

during the aftermath
immediate aftermath

Publications and example sentences

BBC Sport
· Sam Burgess accuses Mike Ford of using him as 'pawn' at 2015 World Cup  
Burgess returned to Australian rugby league side South Sydney Rabbitohs in the aftermath of the tournament, after just one year of a three-year deal with Bath.
· US suspends flights by Chinese airlines in spat with Beijing  
The move adds to a growing set of tension points between the world's two biggest economies in the aftermath of the coronavirus crisis.
The New York Times
· Pope Francis Calls Unrest in U.S. ‘Disturbing’  
The pope’s condemnation of racism and calls for justice in the aftermath of Mr. Floyd’s death echoed comments from other current and former leaders.
· Gun violence grows during coronavirus pandemic group's data shows  
WASHINGTON — A majority of Americans say that the anger that has led to nationwide protests in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd is justified, and nearly six-in-ten now say that police officers are more likely to use excessive force against a black person than a white one when faced with a dangerous situation, according to a new Monmouth poll.
Seeking Alpha
· Autodesk Can Thrive In The Economic Recovery, But Valuation Looks Rich  
While it looks attainable, given the vast potential for digitalization in the AEC field and also virtualization / cloudification in the aftermath of the pandemic, we cannot rule out potential headwinds in case of a slower economic recovery, as it would moderate manufacturing activity and keep investments in construction subdued.
The Independent
· How to take part in #TakeTheKnee campaign organised by Stand Up to Racism  
Stand Up to Racism (SUTR), an organisation which campaigns against racism, fascism, Islamophobia and antisemitism, has organised a campaign called “Take The Knee” to show support for those protesting in the aftermath of Mr Floyd’s death.
The Age
· George Floyd protests LIVE updates: Unrest ensues across the US as Black Lives Matter demonstrations take place in New York, LA and Washington  
Former president Barack Obama is due to make his first on-camera comments on Wednesday about the death of George Floyd and the unrest that has gripped the nation in its aftermath.
The Atlantic
· Biden Is the Politician America Needs Right Now  
In the aftermath of that victory, he spoke about the debt he owed to black voters.
The Atlantic
· How to Actually Fix America’s Police  
Police agencies also need to be much more transparent in the aftermath of high-profile incidents.