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legislative agenda
own agenda
political agenda
research agenda

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Publications and example sentences

The Age
· Fierce energy bridges the gap  
Warami LiveJuly 5, www.discoverparramatta.com/warami-live★★★★Livestreams may have lost some of their sheen now live-and-in-person gigs are creeping back onto the agenda but Warami Live was able to transmit a fierce, electric energy even across the physically distanced medium.
Sports Illustrated
· Recapping Indianapolis Colts’ Best Zoom Calls  
In the wake of the societal unrest, Reich knew his players were affected and changed the agenda for two days of team meetings to allow anyone to speak about how the outcry was impacting them and what they had experienced in their lives.
Malay Mail
· Singapore GE: Reform Party’s Jeyaretnam and Workers’ Party counter PM Lee’s comments at lunchtime rally  
It would act as a check-and-balance and oppose the Government’s agenda only if “decisions are being made for reasons other than the national interest.”
· US says foreign students whose classes move online due to Covid-19 have to leave  
As Covid-19 cases surge in the US, more stimulus could be on the agenda
The Independent
· Judge orders shutdown and emptying of controversial Dakota Access Pipeline until impact report ready  
“It’s disappointing that, once again, an energy infrastructure project that provides thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in economic revenue has been shut down by the well-funded environmental lobby, using our Nation’s court system to further their agenda,” Mr Brouillette said.
The New York Times
· ‘It’s Got to Stop’: Atlanta’s Mayor Decries a Surge of Violence as a Girl Is Killed  
“Peaceful protests were hijacked by criminals with a dangerous, destructive agenda.
Washington Post
· South Dakota man linked to Russian spy sentenced for fraud  
Erickson was not charged in connection to his romantic relationship with Maria Butina, who was deported in October after admitting she sought to infiltrate conservative U.S. political groups and promote Russia’s agenda.
Washington Post
· What if Trump loses but insists he won?  
Hugh Hewitt: Which do you prefer: Trump’s agenda or Biden’s?
Sports Illustrated
· Cardinals Offensive Line Jumps in PFF Rankings  
Murray is not shy to admit his mistakes as a rookie and has a clear agenda of what he wants to improve entering his second season.