Haberlerde Aircraft

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aircraft carrier Uçak gemisi
aircraft carriers Uçak gemileri
aircraft operations Uçak operasyonları
enemy aircraft Düşman uçağı
fighter aircraft Savaş uçağı

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Seeking Alpha
· Park Aerospace Corp (PKE) CEO Brian Shore on Q1 2021 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
AAR Corp., multiple programs, maybe interiors and things like that, floorboards for aircraft, Gulfstream program is one of them.
· Commentary: Airline industry faces financial crisis with more bankruptcies looming  
Over the next several months airlines will also have to contend with a rise in aircraft leasing costs and wages despite reductions in fleet size and head count.
The Independent
· Trump's top general appears to contradict president on military bases named for Confederates  
Firefighters spray water on the wreckage of a Pakistan International Airlines aircraft after it crashed into a residential area in Karachi
Washington Post
· We took a plane, train and (rental) automobile for the experience, not the journey  
However, I can stick with my itinerary if the aircraft is wide-bodied with higher ceilings (translation: better air circulation).
· Bermuda Triangle breakthrough: ‘Key clue’ to solve famous 75-year-old mystery revealed  
The loosely defined region of the North Atlantic Ocean gets its nickname as the Bermuda Triangle, or Devil’s Triangle, due to the number of aircrafts and ships that have disappeared in its vicinity.
· South China Sea: India's warpath with Beijing continues -navy plans to spark fury in China  
The US has conducted training exercises in the area with three submarines joining ships and aircraft in the nearby Philippine Sea.
Seeking Alpha
· AZZ Inc. (AZZ) CEO Thomas Ferguson on Q1 2021 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  
But I got to be careful there because we had just acquired some of those sites at the beginning of last year, but even the sites that we already own, that's where we did have a fairly significant reduction in business and that's mostly the kind of things that aircraft interior parts that we powder coat, truck and trailer components that we powder coat, bed frames and things like that, that's where things were off.
Washington Post
· As it moves aggressively to restore confidence, Boeing flies into an uncertain future  
We will lift the grounding order only after FAA safety experts are satisfied that the aircraft meets certification standards.”
Washington Post
· Judge asks appeals court to revive Michael Flynn case, permit review of DOJ dismissal  
“This is no mere about-face; it is more akin to turning around an aircraft carrier,” Wilkins, a nominee of President Barack Obama, wrote of the government’s action.
· Raoul Moat unmasked: Terrifying reason killer demanded to go on Jeremy Kyle Show  
Raoul Moat brutal rampage sparked the UK’s biggest manhunt, which lasted nearly seven full days, involved 160 armed officers, armed response vehicles and military aircraft.