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alternative medicine
alternative music
alternative name
alternative rock
alternative rock band

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The Guardian
· Keir Starmer needs a bolder vision – being the grownup in the room isn't enough  
Under Jeremy Corbyn, the party offered an alternative vision of almost every aspect of British life, and only 32% of voters liked it.
Seeking Alpha
· Has The Fed Launched A Yield Curve Control Policy For Treasuries?  
As a policy tool, YCC is an alternative to quantitative easing (QE), which has prevailed for much of the past decade-plus.
Financial Express
· Everyday household plastic products their impact on environment  
The need of the hour is to switch to sustainable alternatives like menstrual cups, tampons without plastic applicators, reusable or biodegradable sanitary pads, etc.
Ars Technica
· Rocket Report: Surprise Israeli launch, Britain decides to bail out OneWeb  
US House gives tentative OK for commercial booster ... Because the spacecraft may be ready to launch as early as 2024, and storing it would lead to increased costs, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has studied alternative launch vehicles.
The Guardian
· This week's home entertainment: from The Plot Against America to Imagine  
Journalist Layla Wright explores why young cancer patient Sean Walsh opted to forgo traditional treatments in favour of alternative therapies, which family members believe cost him his life in 2019.
Washington Post
· The way we commute is likely going to change. We should prepare now.  
We also know that once people have invested in an alternative mode of transportation and have grown familiar with their new commutes, it is difficult to change these new transportation patterns.
Scientific American
· Counterfactual Experiments Are Crucial, but Easy to Misunderstand  
They describe alternative assumptions about the form and timing of a response to COVID-19, leading to different trajectories for cases and deaths attributed to the virus.
The Guardian
· Little Voice review – Apple's music comedy hits a bum note  
With a show so predictable, it cannot count as a spoiler to reveal that Ethan turns out to have a girlfriend and that an alternative love interest, nice guy Samuel (Colton Ryan) soon presents himself – and yet cannot truly compete with Ethan’s brooding magnificence (AKA part-time negging).
The Guardian
· 'I'm more successful online': personal trainers adapt to lockdown routine  
I’m trying to think of alternatives but it’s not easy to rebuild an entire business model.”
Financial Express
· Here's how IIIT-B developed entire Karnataka COVID-19 portal within a week! Check details  
So, one of the things to work on is an alternative method which is faster, cheaper and better.