Ambulance trong tin tức

Ví dụ collocations

air ambulance Xe cứu thương hàng không
ambulance driver Người lái xe cứu thương
ambulance service Dịch vụ xe cứu thương
ambulance services Dịch vụ xe cứu thương

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The New York Times
· National Parks May Become Latest Battleground in Reopening  
The park, which employs up to 14 emergency medical technicians, has one ambulance and the closest hospital is more than an hour away in Alpine, Texas, a city of 6,000.
· I love sharks, says smiling woman after horror attack  
Terry Cumming, Queensland Ambulance Service critical-care flight paramedic, said Anika had been swimming about 100 metres offshore when her left leg was struck by the 6ft-plus fish.
· Her death sparked Transgender Day of Remembrance. 22 years later, still no answers  
More than an hour passed between the time police were dispatched and an ambulance took her to Beth Israel Hospital, where she died of cardiac arrest.
The Age
· Melburnian linked to Sydney's Crossroads Hotel COVID-19 cluster  
Mr Andrews said hundreds of private sector workers from Ambulance Victoria, Medibank, Telstra, Qantas and Jetstar would be redeployed to work as contact tracers.
The Guardian
· Can mental health services cope with the devastating effects of Covid-19?  
Ambulance staff are the most at risk.
Liverpool Echo
· Mum struck down by salmonella feared she would die in hospital  
When the ambulance arrived, Geraldine was told there was a problem with her heart rhythm, and medical staff initially thought she was suffering from stones in her gall bladder.
The Age
· Gallery: The best photos from around the world  
France are honoring nurses, ambulance drivers, supermarket cashiers and others on its biggest national holiday.
The Age
· Shark attack victim is NSW videographer who lost her home in bushfires  
Queensland Ambulance Service critical care flight paramedic Terry Cumming said Ms Craney was swimming about 100 metres offshore when she was bitten on her lower left leg.
The Guardian
· Bastille Day: Macron outlines €100bn recovery plan as health workers honoured  
Earlier, the president looked on as doctors, nurses and ambulance drivers joined soldiers in a scaled-down Bastille Day parade that focused on France struggle against the virus, where it has claimed more than 30,000 lives.
The Guardian
· A charming secretary, a 'gregarious' mechanic: US healthcare workers who died of Covid-19 in April  
She left in an ambulance and never came back.