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constitutional amendment Anayasa değişikliği
first amendment Ilk değişiklik
proposed amendment Önerilen değişiklik
proposed an amendment Bir değişiklik önerdi

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Malay Mail
· MCA supports stiffer penalties for drink driving  
KUALA LUMPUR, June 3 — MCA supports amendments to the Road Transport Act 1987 (Act 333) to provide stiffer penalties against driving under the influence (DUI) to protect innocent motorists against drunk drivers, said MCA secretary-general Datuk Chong Sin Woon.
The Japan Times
· White House softens on sending troops to states to quell unrest  
Though the crackdown on the Washington demonstrations was praised by some Trump supporters Tuesday, a handful of Republicans expressed concern that law enforcement officers risked violating the protesters’ First Amendment rights.
· Commentary: Can Trump really order the military to move into US cities?  
The amendment was later repealed when all 50 state governors raised objections to what they perceived as a grant of unilateral power to the president.
Al Jazeera
· UK's Johnson offers visa relaxation to 3 million Hong Kong people  
Pro-democracy members of Legco have accused pro-China legislators of ramming through the bill despite limited debate and have proposed a number of amendments for Wednesday's debate.
· GOP Rep. Will Hurd joins George Floyd protesters in Houston  
And we can be thankful that law enforcement is enabling our First Amendment rights.
The New York Times
· At George Floyd Protests, Police Attacks on the First Amendment  
And he clearly saw that the responsibility of the police was not to abridge but to safeguard the First Amendment, which protects freedom of speech, assembly, the press and religion.
· Senate Republicans struggle to respond to Trump's actions on protests  
WASHINGTON — Republican senators struggled Tuesday to address President Donald Trump's harsh response to peaceful protesters who gathered outside the White House on Monday night, with many dodging questions about whether the tactics were too much or amounted to an abuse of power that infringed on people's First Amendment rights.
The Wall Street Journal
· Tech Group Files Lawsuit Against President’s Social-Media Executive Order  
WASHINGTON—A group that promotes online rights filed a lawsuit challenging President Trump’s executive order targeting social-media companies, contending it violates First Amendment rights of the firms and their users.
The Atlantic
· Joe Biden Names His Enemies  
Or as Representative John Yarmuth of Kentucky tweeted last night: “The President just declared war on millions of Americans and the 1st Amendment.
The New York Times
· The One Police Reform That Both the Left and the Right Support  
Ms. West sued the officers for violating her Fourth Amendment rights, but her claim was rejected because of qualified immunity.