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The Guardian
· UK government planning new green investment bank  
The move to rebuild a new green lender comes amid growing calls from climate campaigners, economists and academics to invest in green infrastructure to help revive the UK’s struggling economy and help meet its climate targets.
· Queen of the South blunder: Huge error in key James and Camila scene exposed  
Unfortunately, production on season five was put on hold amid the outbreak of coronavirus.
Washington Post
· Trump’s former doctor wins House GOP nomination in Texas  
AUSTIN, Texas — President Donald Trump’s former White House physician and onetime pick to head the Department of Veterans Affairs won the Republican nomination for a U.S. House seat in Texas on Tuesday in an election that unfolded amid an alarming spread of the coronavirus.
The China Post
· China: US Xinjiang warning ‘bad for the whole world’  
The U.S. warning came amid mounting tension with Beijing over human rights, trade and Hong Kong.
Washington Post
· Live updates: Coronavirus caseloads soar outside of hot spots as states report record numbers of fatalities  
Washington Capitals center Lars Eller thought long and hard about returning to play amid the coronavirus pandemic, weighing the pros and cons with a good chunk of his thoughts concerning family.
Financial Express
· NBFCs face heat of faltering economy; lower borrowing costs can’t save them either  
To arrest the fallout and help firms amid the pandemic, the government in its latest move in May announced a $277 billion virus-relief package, which included a 750-billion-rupee ($10 billion) special credit line for shadow financiers.
The Guardian
· Edward Colston statue replaced by sculpture of Black Lives Matter protester  
In the weeks that followed, and amid growing pressure from the Black Lives Matter movement, Oriel College bowed to a longstanding campaign and backed calls to remove a figure of Victorian imperialist Cecil Rhodes, though it is still in place for now.
Seeking Alpha
· ESSA Bancorp: Credit Costs Likely To Cancel Out First Half's Earnings Growth  
ESSA’s earnings will likely decline in the second half of the year due to a hike in provisions expense amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Guardian
· Race too close to call as North Macedonia holds first poll since name change  
Amid an alarming surge in coronavirus cases, the pandemic is expected to erode turnout, as members of the 2-million strong nation’s large European diaspora are unlikely to be able to return to vote.
Malay Mail
· Over 2,500 games removed from Apple’s China App Store after loophole shuts, says data firm  
In February, video game Plague Inc, which surged in popularity amid the coronavirus outbreak, was removed from Apple’s China app store after regulators said it contained illegal content.