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among other Diğerleri arasında
among other things Diğer şeylerin yanı sıra
among others Diğerleri arasında
among the first Ilkler arasında
among the most En çok

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Liverpool Echo
· Jordan Henderson and Linda Pizzuti lead response as LeBron James poses in Liverpool's Nike shirt  
Boasting 43.7million followers on Twitter and 69.6m on Instagram it is fair to say the three-time NBA champion is among Liverpool's most famous supporters.
The Thaiger
· Police questioned as casino shootout evidence goes missing  
A day earlier he said Hia Tee is an established figure in Thailand’s illegal gambling world and well known among Thai gamblers, adding that “Rama III” gambling became very popular after casinos in neighbouring countries closed because of the Covid-19 pandemic.
The China Post
· Is it safe to reopen schools during the pandemic?  
A sustained decline in cases and a positive case rate of less than 2% are among the signs the virus is under control, some experts say.
The Age
· Alleged rorting reduced but Napoli will still have toupee, court hears  
But a payment for his signature toupee was among the money misappropriated, the County Court heard on Thursday, as a woman was paid $2000 to help Napoli regularly maintain his hairpiece.
BBC Sport
· Champions League: What has happened so far this season?  
Two days later, the Champions League and Premier League were among the many competitions suspended.
· 'Not as bad as we think' ITV GMB's Dr Khan explains how UK coronavirus data has improved  
Among the other significant findings from the report was the average number of people infected with Covid-19 falling from 74,000 in May to 39,000 in June/July and no significant differences being detected in the rates of infection by age.
· Kate Middleton’s face mask sells out as ‘Kate effect’ sparks sales - where to buy  
Kate Middleton has become famous among fashion brands for what’s dubbed “the Kate effect”.
· Singapore Scrutinizing Firms on High Percentage of Foreign Hires  
Among issues found:
The China Post
· LEADING OFF: Hitters slumping, cutdown day, Scherzer’s exit  
Quarantined in Milwaukee earlier this week after 13 positive COVID-19 tests in their traveling party — All-Stars Yadier Molina and Paul DeJong among them — the Cardinals returned to St. Louis on Wednesday and held a light workout.
Financial Express
· 'Over one-third of nearly 40 million MSMEs dissatisfied with performance of family members in business'  
A thorny and complicated challenge among them is to deal with a non-performing family member.