“Apology” in the news

Example collocations

formal apology
issued an apology
letter of apology
official apology
public apology

Publications and example sentences

The Guardian
· Austria's president apologises for Covid-19 curfew breach – as it happened  
Tomorrow's Guardian: No apology, no explanation: PM bets all on CummingsRead the story here: https://t.co/PNPrHaYmKz pic.twitter.com/YDS0vlrkHA
The Guardian
· 'What planet are they on?': the papers on the PM's defence of Dominic Cummings  
The Guardian, which revealed Cummings’s lockdown breaches along with the Daily Mirror, leads with “No apology, no explanation”, highlighting the prime minister’s refusal to back down despite public outcry over the aide’s flouting of lockdown rules.
The China Post
· Spanish league wants to resume with Seville derby on June 11  
All four players published statements in which they apologized, and the club posted images of their apologies on its Twitter account.
The Guardian
· Defending Cummings: questions answered - and skirted over  
And if you have a key adviser flouting those rules and no apology, that is a terrible failure on the part of government.
The Independent
· Boris Johnson says you should be like Dominic Cummings and 'follow your instincts' – so it's your fault if you haven't  
However, you can just apologise to your parents for having not seen them for months and send out cards of apology about the cancelled wedding, the empty funeral
Financial Express
· Invest time and energy in your handwriting—it’s worth the effort.  
People with poor handwriting always find themselves having to make an apology.
The Guardian
· Tory whips apologise for urging MPs to support Dominic Cummings  
Conservative party whips were forced to offer apologies to at least two ministers who were persuaded to tweet their support of Dominic Cummings on Saturday, an insider told the Guardian amid growing Tory frustration over attempts to save the career of the prime minister’s closest aide.
The Independent
· Sorry is the hardest word for Dominic Cummings and Boris Johnson – and it means the public will lose further trust in politicians  
This makes me really sad, not because I want Cummings to have an easy way out, or for politicians to lean for a zero consequences apology every time they mess up like an errant eight-year-old, but because I want politics to change.
The Guardian
· By backing Cummings, Johnson has laid bare his disdain for the British public  
As so often, a humble apology might have killed the story.
· Meet the Press - May 24, 2020  
And before the end of the day he was out with an apology of sorts.