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approach towards Yaklaşmak
closest approach En yakın yaklaşım
different approach Farklı yaklaşım
final approach Son yaklaşım
new approach Yeni yaklaşım

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The Wall Street Journal
· More People Are Taking Drugs for Anxiety and Insomnia, and Doctors Are Worried  
“Changing behavior is usually a healthier approach,” says Dr. Potash.
The Guardian
· Daily Mail demand for Cummings to go poses challenge for UK PM  
Charlie Beckett, a professor of media and communications at the London School of Economics, said while Johnson had not fully adopted the extreme attitudes towards the media of the US president, Donald Trump, “he and his Downing Street team are certainly picking up on the details of the current White House approach” of muddying the waters where possible.
The Guardian
· Explain, apologise, move on: what Johnson should have said about Dominic Cummings  
Even in Sweden, whose approach to the pandemic has been controversial and at odds with its European neighbours, the nightly updates, including admissions of error, by the country’s health chief, Anders Tengell, have been a model of clarity and made him something of a national hero.
Seeking Alpha
· 4 Global Perspectives On The Coronavirus  
Another important element for phase two is coordinated European approach.
The Rio Times
· Coronavirus Crisis Spikes in Brazil and Latin America Concentrates Half of Cases Worldwide  
Experts caution that the curve has escalated and that the peak is approaching.
Seeking Alpha
· SeaChange Warns Of An Abysmal Q1 As Customers Continue To Delay Purchase Decisions  
Historically, the company had sold and licensed its products and services on a standalone basis while the new approach offers customers the ability to license all of SeaChange's products and services, including specified upgrades, for a fixed period of time at a fixed price.
Seeking Alpha
· REITs That Will Soar  
Here we discuss our approach to REIT investments.
· UK PM Boris Johnson defiant as scandal rages over aide accused of breaking coronavirus rules  
Cummings is an enigmatic figure with an unconventional dress style and direct approach that has endeared him to Britons who are fed up with political grandstanding and the ruling elite.
The Independent
· Quarantine: Macron ally hits out at new UK policy amid coronavirus pandemic  
A senior member of France’s ruling party, En Marche!, has criticised Boris Johnson’s approach to the coronavirus pandemic and in particular the UK’s new quarantine policy.
Seeking Alpha
· Natural Gas Bounce - As Expected  
UGAZ and DGAZ require a dynamic approach.