“Argue” in the news

Example collocations

argue against
authors argue
critics argue
others argue
scholars argue

Publications and example sentences

The Guardian
· Love Island in the time of Corona: will an Aussie replacement suffice?  
Over here, meanwhile, it was Noel Edmonds arguing on the phone at teatime in Bristol.
The Age
· CBD Melbourne: Parody tweeting fires up Keating  
Twitter, says Keating’s office, argues the accounts are clearly marked as parodies.
· Police in riot gear clash with protesters defying curfew in Brooklyn  
The federal suit, filed by the ACLU of Southern California, argues the curfews, imposed in the city of Los Angeles since May 30, violate the First Amendment as well as the Constitution’s protection of freedom of movement.
Malay Mail
· No issue of lapsed time in filing gratification charges in SRC trial, prosecution tells Najib’s defence  
Sithambaram argued that the three-year lapse is irrelevant if a nexus between the acts of Najib in chairing the Cabinet meeting as well as the latter’s prior action could be proven.
The Guardian
· Can Joe Biden convince protesters he would be a 'transformational' president?  
Others are more concerned about the candidate’s criminal justice credentials, arguing that prosecutors should not be considered.
The Guardian
· Iowa touted its Covid-19 testing. Now officials are calling for an investigation  
The way the program is constructed, she argued, “could result in or exacerbate inequities”.
The Verge
· What other social networks can learn from Snapchat’s rebuke of Trump  
The Trump administration has argued in court that doctors should be able to deny patients life-saving medical care if it violates their conscience.
The New York Times
· Tiananmen’s Other Children  
We found frequent use of words and phrases like “citizens” and “the right to know,” or “people power” and “court enforcement.” The discourse is somewhat legalistic, but the message is still clear: This is, as the political scientist Lianjiang Li and others have argued, evidence of a “rights consciousness” and an inherent criticism of the C.C.P.