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Пример словосочетания

argue against Выступать против
authors argue Авторы утверждают
critics argue Критики утверждают
others argue Другие спорят
scholars argue Ученые утверждают

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The New York Times
· Experiencing War Far From the Battlefield  
She lunches with Anthony Eden, dines with Orde Wingate, chats with Bernard Lewis and argues about politics with Michael Foot.
The New York Times
· 9 New Books We Recommend This Week  
Through this deep dive into the world of crime fiction from Sweden, Norway and Denmark, Lesser argues that the chief moral imperative of our time is the need “to draw a distinction between things that are made up and things that are true.” Our reviewer, Kate Tuttle, calls it a “charming and illuminating” book: “Her engagement with the source material, hundreds of titles’ worth, is rigorous yet playful,” Tuttle writes.
Sports Illustrated
· The Chiefs' Best Use for Rookie RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire? Pass More!  
That being said, just before the NFL Draft in April I argued that the Chiefs shouldn't draft a running back at all in 2020, let alone in the first round.
· Black LGBTQ Americans face 'harsher consequences' of virus-hit economy  
“We can use that data to advocate for candidates, to argue for more resources,” McCants-Pearsall said.
The Guardian
· I Saw the World End review – how a bomb changed life on earth in a flash  
A defender of the decision might argue that the “beast” was the fascistic nationalism of the Japanese army, which had proved in suicidal battles for tiny islands and kamikaze attacks that it would never surrender without some awe-inspiring final defeat.
· Meghan Markle and Prince Harry followed a Diana's footsteps with 'unpopular' path  
The CEO of the Diana Award, Tessy Ojo argued Harry and Meghan may be emulating the late Princess Diana.
Seeking Alpha
· Oaktree’s Marks: There’s an argument stocks ‘have a long way to go’  
When looking at the surge in tech, it “certainly can be argued that the tech champions of today are smarter and stronger and enjoy bigger leads than the big companies of the past, and that they have created virtuous circles for themselves that will bring rapid growth for decades, justifying valuations well above past norms,” he added.
Washington Post
· Egypt, Greece sign maritime deal to counter Libya-Turkey one  
Turkey argues that Greek islands should not be included in calculating maritime zones of economic interest — a position Greece says violates international law.
· Phoenix has become the top individual advertising market in the 2020 White House race  
In a letter to the CPD, the Trump campaign argued an earlier date is needed between the president and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden before early voting in any states started.
Seeking Alpha
· Forget Apple, Intel Is A 3x Better Investment  
As I have argued, I don't see the delay changing Intel's financial prospects by much.